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UFC creates code of conduct for fighters

UFC Code of Conduct announced, fighters now expected to meet 'high standards'

UFC Executive Lawrence Epstein explained the new code of conduct at the beginning of today’s UFC on FOX 6 pre-fight press conference:

“It’s really two announcements….(Hughes’ new job) and the second thing is the implementation of a written code of conduct for UFC athletes. As you think about these two announcements, you have to think about them as one. There’s gonna be a huge connection with what Matt does and our new code of conduct. One comment on the code of conduct just to take care of that, it really isn’t something that’s new, just something that frankly for the first time has been put in writing. We’ve always felt that our athletes need to live up to a high level of conduct and make sure everything they’re doing obviously both inside the Octagon and outside is in compliance with the high standards of the UFC.”

Something like this has been a long time coming for the UFC. From Miguel Torres' controversial tweets, to Rampage Jackson's police chase to the backlash over Ronda Rousey's recent tweet of a Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy video, the UFC has been dealing with issues for a while without any sort of set standard or system to measure insistences by.

Now they do, and it brings them up to par wih the four major professional sports leagues in that regard. It'll help that FOX is likely pleased as well.