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Nick Ring Fighting Crime in Calgary

Nick Ring: Calgary Assault Was 'One of the Most Cowardly Acts I've Ever Seen'

“It was a group of about ten guys and one girl who were doing the assault, and the girl had the victim girl by the hair and was kneeing her in the face,” Ring told MMA Fighting. “The boyfriend was being held back by some of these other thugs, basically watching his girlfriend get beat up. He was trying his best to protect her, but he was getting beat up too. It was a horrible thing to see.”

According to Ring, this is not the kind of thing one sees in Calgary. It’s not the kind of thing anybody wants to see, either, which is why the 33-year-old Ring resolved to do something about it.

The attackers fled as Ring went across the street to check on the victims, who were both “hysterical” and suffering from obvious injuries, he said. Another man—“a total stranger”—had gotten out of his car to help. He was the one who first suggested the idea of going after the group.