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Joseph Benavidez isn’t in a hurry to get back to flyweight title contention

Benavidez in no rush for second title shot

Benavidez says he’s in no rush to get back to the title, although a win over McCall might solidify his spot as the No. 1 contender, despite his loss to Johnson was just four months ago.

Actually, if given the option, he might even prefer getting at least two fights in before taking another shot at the belt, but he’ll leave that decision to the UFC. Right now, he’s focused on improving and reminding himself to enjoy it. If he does that, there’s still hope everything he had imagined would happen in September isn’t dead yet.

“Talent-wise, he’s right there at the top,” Gifford said. “All the everyday things I see him do—I know he’s the best. I said to him in the gym the other day after his workout, ‘You were only off by one year, bro. You said 2012, you’ll get the belt in 2013.’

It's tough to be in Benavidez's spot, who like his teammate Urijah Faber, is now one of the toughest and most talented fighters in a division in the UFC to not hold a title.

Benavidez was dug in as the number two bantamweight in the world while he was at 135 lbs and with a win over Ian McCall on Saturday night, he'll be right back in the same spot at flyweight. I'm confident though that one day his talent will overcome his shortcomings and have him holding UFC gold. I'm just not sure when that will be.