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Contract talks between Josh Barnett, UFC at a stalemate

Negotiations between Josh Barnett and UFC hit a sticking point

Josh Barnett (32-6) and UFC parent Zuffa still haven’t reached a deal.

The top free agent’s rep said the two sides have reached “a sticking point” despite agreeing on guaranteed compensation.

“Once we have an acceptable deal with someone, we will close, sign and hopefully fight within a few months,” manager Leland LaBarre today told MMAjunkie.com.

Sources close to the promotion confirmed that Barnett’s offer was still on the table, though talks had recently deteriorated.

Another quote from Barnett's manager here telling Ariel Helwani that money is not the issue.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read this was professional wrestling. Barnett has been wrestling over in Japan for a decade now and has become a top draw over in Japan, performing for Antonio Inoki's IGF for the last few years. 

I know Barnett has said that his ability to work has been limited by Zuffa in the past, but I honestly don't see any good reason to not let him compete. He's a trained professional. Injuries happen, but they can also occur in BJJ meets too.

Whatever it may be, I hope Barnett and the UFC work it out because I know I'm not the only one who would love to see him back in there.

Things are getting heated between Alistair Overeem and Antonio Silva

With title shot dangling for Overeem, tension builds between Dutch star and 'Bigfoot'

Silva had just spent the better part of an hour convincing reporters that he wasn’t bothered by Overeem’s words, but when the Brazilian got within speaking distance of his opponent, that all changed. The two met for a photo opportunity on Thursday and Silva wasted no time warning Overeem that he had crossed the line.

In a tense moment, Silva and Overeem neared each other and Silva appeared to make contact, with his massive left hand covering most of Overeem’s face. Silva then began to jaw at him. As Dana White attempted to step in between the massive heavyweights, Overeem responded and the two exchanged words and glares even as they backed away from each other to give way to the next pairing of fighters.

According to White, the exchange went like this:

Silva: “You better start showing respect.”

Overeem: “I’m going to f———destroy you.”

The only negative thing that Overeem has had to say about Silva this entire time was the same thing he said to him yesterday, that he's going to destroy him.

I think there is more to Bigfoot's anger than just that. He's likely upset that Overeem will be granted a shot at Cain Velasquez with a win and he will not after the bloody beating Velasquez gave him last spring.

Overeem also essentially took Bigfoot's spot with the Blackzillians after joining the camp, and Silva abruptly leaving and joining ATT, believing that he and Overeem would be fighting in the near future.

He was right.

UFC veteran Assuerio Silva shot five times in Brazil, in serious condition

Report: UFC Veteran Assuerio Silva in Serious Condition After Shooting in Brazil

UFC veteran Assuerio Silva was shot Tuesday evening outside his gym in Curitiba, Brazil, according to a report from Brazilian news outlet Parana Online.

Silva, 38, was allegedly shot five times by a former associate, whom Silva reportedly identified as Robson Freitas. The Brazilian was reportedly taken to a local hospital and remains in serious condition.

The heavyweight made his MMA debut in 1997 and won eight of his first 10 fights, joining Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships in 2001. The former Chute Boxe standout then made his Octagon foray in 2006 at UFC Fight Night 3, falling to former champion Tim Sylvia via unanimous decision. Silva competed twice more in the UFC and recorded two more losses, submitting to a Brandon Vera guillotine choke at UFC 60 before dropping a majority decision to Cheick Kongo at UFC 70.

Our best wishes to Silva for a full recovery and his family at this obviously tough time.

Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko in the UFC almost happened… seriously

White says UFC was close to Fedor Emelianenko-Brock Lesnar stadium fight

“We were in deep talks with him,” White said following the post-fight news conference for UFC on FOX 6 in Chicago. “We were that close to signing him recently. Right before his dad died. We were right there. When I was talking about doing the big Dallas Texas stadium show? It was going to be Brock Lesnar vs. (Fedor).

“Remember when I met with him and said it didn’t go well? It actually went well. It went well, and Brock wanted to fight Fedor. Then (Fedor’s) dad died, and he was done.”


“He said, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with my family,’” White said. “(UFC CEO) Lorenzo (Fertitta met with him). We were negotiating for months. After his dad died and he said he was done or whatever, Brock said, ‘I’m done, too.”’

And here we all thought that a trip to Cowboys Stadium would only have involved Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva.

Another Possible Opponent for Fedor Emelianenko Could be Rolles Gracie

Rolles Gracie In Consideration to Face Fedor Emelianenko in Russia

Fedor Emelianenko will next compete in June in his home country of Russia against an as of yet unnamed opponent, but a new contender has entered the fray.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and student of legendary trainer Renzo Gracie, Rolles Gracie is now under consideration for the bout with Emelianenko on June 21 in St. Petersburg.

While there is no deal in place at this time, Gracie is one of the leading candidates to potentially land the spot against the former pound-for-pound king later this year.