Zuffa Unable to Secure Japan TV Deal for PRIDE

It seems that PRIDE is dead again.

UFC President Dana White stated at the UFC 74 post-fight press conference that Zuffa has been unable to secure a Japanese television deal for PRIDE. You know, the former MMA mega power that White and company purchased back in March. Whatever happened to that?

Many thought that the revamped promotion would be holding a show in October when Nobuhiko Takada announced future plans in June. Apparently the report was false.

Now White believes that no one over in Japan wants Zuffa to attempt to resurrect PRIDE:

“I’ve pulled everything out of the trick box that I can and I can’t get a TV deal over there with PRIDE. I don’t think they want us there,” said White. “I don’t think they want me there. PRIDE is a very powerful brand, and we want to keep it alive, but I’ll tell you what, the brand is very tainted, not only over there but over here.”

White also stated that Zuffa would not be shelling out the money to bring the brand to the US for a trial run.


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