Zuffa Suing Frank Shamrock?

Photo by Jon Swenson, Sharkspage.

I had no idea about this, neither did Bloody Elbow.

This is from Sam Caplan’s latest piece for CBS Sports, which lists a slew of potential future opponents for Anderson Silva now that he has cleaned out the UFC’s middleweight division. The article is a must-read:

It’s also little known that the UFC has been suing Shamrock for years over a variety of issues, the most notable being that Shamrock uses footage of himself from when he was in the UFC. According to Shamrock, he has legal rights to 30-second clips of some of his fights because they were signed over to him by Bob Meyrowitz before Zuffa obtained ownership of the UFC. Zuffa doesn’t seem to care about the legal documents that Shamrock claims he has and is suing him anyway.

Shamrock is believed to be losing thousands of dollars in legal bills each month in this legal dispute. In talking to him in the past, he’s also not allowed to fight in Nevada. The belief is that the UFC is trying to bleed Shamrock dry in order to force him to come to a settlement with them and fight once more for the UFC. The thing is, while the UFC is burning a hole in Shamrock’s wallet, he’s still making a very healthy living on his own.

For years I’ve just assumed that Shamrock and the UFC’s hatred for one another came from the little pot shots that Frank and Dana White are always throwing at each other through the media. This brings it to a completely different level though.

Caplan goes to mention that he believes despite all of the stuff that has gone on, Shamrock would still fight under the UFC banner if he was made an offer he wouldn’t be able to refuse and I have to say that I definitely agree.

While Shamrock always talks about how he wants to fight to keep the sport of mixed martial arts pure and all that jazz, it’s clear that everything else has taken a back seat to his business side of things in recent years. If Zuffa offered Frank a load of money to come fight for them, there’s no way he would turn it down.


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