YAMMA Pit Fighting Weigh-In Results

Photo property of PRIDE FC Worldwide.

The official weigh-in results for tonight’s YAMMA Pit Fighting debut show are below. All fighters successfully made weight.

The event will be highlighted by two bouts in YAMMA’s “Master’s Division”. Infamous professional boxer Eric “Butterbean” Esch will take on replacement opponent Patrick Smith. Former UFC tournament champions Oleg Taktarov and Mark Kerr will also collide.

A one-night, eight-man heavyweight tournament featuring veterans Ricco Rodriguez and Travis Wiuff is also scheduled.

There were only a couple of minor hitches at the weigh-ins. Ricco Rodriguez and Bryan Vetell both originally failed to make weight but each came in under the heavyweight tournament limit one-hour later.

Main Card:

Oleg Taktarov (221 lbs) vs. Mark Kerr (266 lbs)
Patrick Smith (240 lbs) vs. Eric ” Butterbean” Esch (416 lbs)

Tournament Fights:

Ricco Rodriguez (264 lbs) vs. George Bush (231 lbs)
Travis Wiuff (Pictures) (242 lbs) vs. Marcelo Pereira (219 lbs)
Chris Tuscherer (264 lbs) vs. Tony Sylvester (262 lbs)
Sherman Pendergarst (264 lbs) vs. Alexey Oleinik (220 lbs)
Antwain Britt (228 lbs) vs. Bryan Vetell (266 lbs)*
Lamont Lister (212 lbs) vs. Oleg Savitsky (199 lbs)*

* - Britt-Vetell and Lister-Savitsky will serve as alternate bouts for the tournament. Ron Waterman will standby as an injury replacement. He weighed-in at 264 lbs.


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