WVR Announces “Sengoku” for March ‘08

World Victory Road held a press conference yesterday to announce it’s first-ever event, “Sengoku”, which will take place at the Yoyogi First National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on March 5th of next year.

Zach Arnold of Fight Opinon says that the arena can hold 10,000-12,000 people.

The name “Sengoku” was selected from over 10,000 submissions sent in by fans to name the promotion’s inaugural event.

Four fighters were announced to be part of the card and were all in attendance at the press conference. They included Hidehiko Yoshida, Sanae Kikuta, Makoto Takimoto, and Ryo Kawamura. Fight matchups and additional participants will be announced in the near future according to officials.

The weight classes will be as follows: Heavyweight (205 lbs +), Light Heavyweight (205 lbs), Middleweight (183 lbs), Welterweight (167 lbs), Lightweight (149 lbs), and Featherweight (132 lbs). Additional weight classes may be instituted in the future.

In terms of rules, they will be a mix of the Unified Rules of MMA that all organizations in North American currently use and the rule set that was once used by PRIDE. Knees on the ground and stomps will be permitted while soccer kicks and elbows will not. Each non-title fight will consist of three, five-minute rounds. Championship fights will be five rounds of the same time limit.

Other Notes:

Officials stated that they are planning on holding championship bouts for all weight classes next year. There are currently five events scheduled for 2008 and dates and venues for those will be announced in the future. WVR officials are currently in discussions for a TV deal but wouldn’t name any specifics. Contracts will be non-exclusive.

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