White’s Announcement to Employees Comes Tomorrow

Dana White. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After all days and days of waiting, it may finally happen tomorrow…

According to Pramit Mohapatra of FightTicker.com, the UFC has informed him that Dana White’s anticipated announcement to Zuffa employees, you know, the one that is supposed to blow our minds and indicate where the MMA business is going over the next five years, will be made tomorrow and not today as previously planned.

While speculation is running rampant in terms of what the news may involve, White has retracted his since retracted his previous statement originally made to ESPN the Magazine about holding a press conference to inform the general public of the announcement. As of right now, no such plans are said to be in place.

It may not have anything to do with White’s announcement, but the Tourism and Sports Development Department of New York will once again tomorrow vote on a bill concerning the legalization of mixed martial arts in the state. However Michael Rome of Bloody Elbow reminds us that a successful bid tomorrow will only put the bill onto the floor of the two main chambers of the New York state legislature and still has to do through the governor’s office as well.

After all this time, I’m still sticking with my prediction (some sort of television deal with FOX or ESPN that may not involve live events right away but will certainly increase coverage of the UFC and the sport in general). We may find out tomorrow if I’m correct, we may not. Just have to wait and see.


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