White Thinks ‘TUF 9’ Format is “Dumb”

Dana White. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In a new interview with The Sun UK, UFC President Dana White says that he’s not a fan of the announced format for the upcoming ninth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show, which will pit fighters from the United States against those from the United Kingdom:

“It’s dumb, I don’t like it — it’s not USA v the UK, we’re looking for the best fighter in the world. We put on a card one time, the USA v Canada, it was f***ing retarded.


“You either like the guy’s fighting style or personality — nationality has nothing to do with it. We’re looking for the best fighters in the world — this country versus that country is irrelevant.”

It’s an odd quote because one would think that White would be involved in the production of the show. However a select few believe that it was and remains Spike TV that created and controls the series. White is right though - the concept is stupid and Spike executives shouldn’t be hoping that it’s going to be make ‘TUF’ interesting again, because it’s not going to help. The show has declined rapidly since the fourth season and without Junie Browning causing havoc this season, the ratings would likely have dipped to a record low.

In other Zuffa-related reality show news, World Extreme Cagefighting is currently in talks with Versus concerning a reality show of their own, which may or may not be similar to ‘TUF’ and will likely debut at some point next year.


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