When is Someone Going to Tell Bob Sapp Enough is Enough?

It seems once a month now a video pops up on a Monday of Bob Sapp getting handed another loss over the weekend. It's tough to see. It was fun to watch him maul people over in Japan. He's a reminder of the beloved past. But even though that doesn't seem that long ago, it is. Sapp has now lost eight of his last nine fights, including five in a row recently. None of the fights have lasted more than a round.

Despite showings that continue to get worse and worse every time he puts on the gloves, Sapp will be maintaining a busy schedule over the next couple of months. Today comes word that a crowd-pleasing matchup with former strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski is now official as the main event of KSW 19 on May 12.

Immediately after that, Sapp is slated to face Soa Palelei in Australia a week later. He also has a kickboxing bout on April 22. And remember, Sapp was forced to submit due to a leg injury in a bout against James Thompson only three weeks ago. Take that as you will.

Recipe for disaster?


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