What’s Going on With Jeremy Horn?

Jeremy Horn throws a left hand at Matt Lindland during an IFL event in 2006. Photo courtesy of the International Fight League.

Following two consecutive surprising losses, one has to ask the question - What’s going on with Jeremy Horn these days?

Every fighter loses to someone that they aren’t necessarily supposed to every now and then, thus was the case when Horn was upset Jorge Santiago at an Art of War show this past September. Granted Horn was submitted for the first time since losing to Elvis Sinosic in 2001, but then again we can’t expect things to last forever.

Now came Horn’s submission loss to Nate Marquardt this past weekend at UFC 81: Breaking Point. Marquardt is one of the top middleweights in the world and a savvy ground specialist, there’s no shame in losing to him at all. What concerns me is the fashion in which Horn fell to him.

I noticed during the weigh-ins on Friday afternoon that Horn looked extremely uninterested and didn’t even look like he wanted to be at the event. Although he hasn’t never quite had the best physique, Horn still looked a bit out of shape in my opinion as well.

Then came the fight. Not only did Horn lose, but he was dominated in the process. Marquardt handled him during a first round where Horn mounted very little offense spare a few entertaining omaplata and gogoplata attempts towards the end of the round. Horn then got caught in a basic guillotine choke while attempting get back to his feet and was forced to tap out, a classic rookie mistake.

So what’s the deal? Off the top of my head I can only think of two possibilities…

1. Horn is burned out - After competing in over 100 career fights, a number that has only been toppled by Travis Fulton and Shonie Carter, Horn is finally burned out. If anything, Horn’s temperament over the weekend supports this theory, which would answer the question as to why he looked so uninterested. While Horn isn’t fighting at the pace that he used to, he’s still managed to fight eleven times since the start of 2005. After losing two straight, a little time off might be all Horn needs to get back on track.

2. Horn is putting his fighters before himself - Anyone who has followed Horn over the course of his career knows that he is one of the most generous fighters in the game. It’s been well-documented that he has fought for free in order to help friend’s boost their promotion. He also runs his own gym out of Salt Lake City and also works with Miletich Fighting Systems and Jorge Gurgel’s camp in Cincinnati as well.

The issue of whether or not Horn is putting too much attention towards his fighters rather than himself has been discussed before and may only start to pick up steam after this weekend. The mistakes he is making in these fights can definitely be attributed towards a lack of preparation and training without a doubt.

Whatever the answer is I’m sure we will find out sooner rather than later. Then again, I hate to get so down on Horn. He did take this fight on short notice after Thales Leites was forced to pull out due to injury. Maybe I’m just over-analyzing here. Anyway, I’d hate for Horn to not show up in the UFC again based on this performance. There is a rumor floating around that he signed a new four-fight deal with the UFC prior to this weekend’s event so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him really soon.


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