Werdum Unaware of UFC Release?

Fabricio Werdum. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Despite various reports of the UFC cutting ties with Fabricio Werdum and his profile no longer being featured on the UFC’s website, the Brazilian heavyweight claims that he hasn’t heard about any such decision and has been told to prepare for a fight in February:

“I’m surprised by the news. My sister is my manager and she’s the one that deals with the UFC and she always contacted me first before making any decision,” said Werdum to Tatame (translation provided by Robert from Betwwx). “From what I know the UFC have not contacted her. I still have four more fights left on my contract that runs until 2010. From what they told me I should fight in February, July, November and April of 2010. In fact, I’m moving to the US to prepare for those fights with Rafael Cordeiro.”

It could actually turn out that the reports are wrong and Werdum is still with the UFC but as of right now, all signs are pointing the other way. Like I said in my other post, it’s an unfortunate situation that should have never happened. With the monopoly the UFC has, they have the ability to re-do a fighter’s contract whenever they want. However if a viable competitor eventually rises up, they should be careful not to piss off the wrong fighter with their methods.


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