WEC 36: Faber vs. Brown Live Results

We will be going live at 5:30 PM ET with complete results from tonight’s WEC 36: Faber vs. Brown event, which will take place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The show’s televised main card will air on Versus starting at 8 PM ET.

WEC 36 is headlined by Urijah Faber once again defending his featherweight title against gritty top contender Mike Thomas Brown. In addition, WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho will meet Chael Sonnen in a non-title rematch of their December 2007 fight and former UFC lightweight title holder Jens Pulver will look to get back on track against rising featherweight Leonard Garcia.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments throughout the evening. Detailed live results are after the jump. 

Rani Yahya vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Round 1: Maeda lands a right hand after some early circling between the two to start the bout. The blow causes Yahya to shoot in for a takedown but but Maeda is able to stuff it. They clinch against the cage and Maeda jumps up and sinks in a deep guillotine choke, the hold looking to get deeper once the two hit the mat. Maeda squeezes but Yahya remains calm and eventually escapes after almost a minute. Yahya starts to unleash some ground-and-pound on Maeda until Maeda is able to push him away with his feet. Maeda quickly stands but Yahya pushes him into the cage. Yahya drags Maeda down to the canvas and locks in a guillotine choke of his own that forces Maeda to tap out at the 3:30 mark of the first round.

Winner: Rani Yahya - Submission (Guillotine)

Danny Castillo vs. Rafael Dias

Round 1: Both Castillo and Dias come out throwing bombs to star their lightweight attraction. Castillo starts to swing away with wild shots, allowing Dias to pick him apart with straight combinations. Dias tags Castillo with another combo and sends him reeling into the cage. Castillo responds with a takedown attempt but Dias is able to prevent it. They separate and another Castillo takedown is stuffed. They continue to exchange and Castillo lands an uppercut that knocks Dias down. Castillo stands over Dias and kicks at his legs until referee Jorge Alonso restarts the fight on the feet. They exchange once more before clinching up against the cage, where Castillo tries a guillotine. They break and go back and forth with strikes until Dias shoots for a takedown as time expires. MMA on Tap scores the round 19-9 Dias.

Round 2: They bang on the feet to start the second round. Castillo pumps away with his jab and keeps Dias at a distance. Dias quickly shoots and scores his first takedown of the fight. Castillo pulls guard and Dias is able to land some punches that do minimal damage. Castillo rises up for an armbar but Dias easily escapes. They scramble and Dias momentarily takes Castillo’s back until Castillo reverses position and lands on top of his opponent. Dias sweeps Castillo and they end up standing once again. Dias shoots again but Castillo moves away from the shot. Castillo turns Dias onto his back and rains down punches until referee Jorge Alonso steps in to halt the action at the 2:54 mark of round two.

Winner: Danny Castillo - TKO (Strikes)

Carmelo Marrero vs. Steve Steinbeiss

Round 1: Steinbeiss comes out quickly and lands a combination only to be taken down by Marrero in the opening moments of the round. Marrero drags Steinbeiss to the fence but the WEC newcomer uses the cage to stand back up. Marrero scores another takedown after a few moments and Steinbeiss pulls guard. Steinbeiss postures up for a triangle choke but Marrero escapes the attempted submission. Steinbeiss stands back up only to be taken down once again. Marrero works some ground-and-pound in Steinbeiss’ guard. Steinbeiss tries another triangle but Marrero muscles his way out of it and punishes Steinbeiss with strikes until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Marrero.

Round 2: Marrero and Steinbeiss exchange body kicks to start the second frame. Marrero then scores yet another takedown. Marrero lands some punches in half-guard but Steinbeiss tightens things up after switching to butterfly guard. Marrero eventually passes Steinbeiss’ guard and works for a kimura but is unable to get it. Marrero moves to mount but Steinbeiss is able to quickly get back to his feet. Steinbeiss throws some punches, which lead to another Marrero takedown attempt, but Steinbeiss is able to prevent it this time around. Marrero slips and falls after a push kick and Steinbeiss gets on top of him and controls him until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Marrero.

Round 3: Marrero looks pretty fatigued before the round even starts. When the referee begins the final stanza, Steinbeiss quickly connects with a combination and then stuffs a Marrero takedown attempt. Steinbeiss then rocks Marrero with a combination. Marrero crumples to the mat and waits for Steinbeiss to pounce on him but Steinbeiss elects to allow Marrero back up to his feet. Marrero shoots again but his attempt is stuffed and the two wrestle on the ground before standing back up. Marrero takes Steinbeiss down and quickly transitions to mount where he locks in a guillotine choke. Steinbeiss eventually escapes and then tries to get back up to his feet until the round ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Steinbeiss but the fight 29-28 Marrero. Two of the judges see the fight 29-28 for Marrero and the other 29-28 for Steinbeiss.

Winner: Carmelo Marrero - Split Decision

Jose Aldo vs. Jonathan Brookins

Round 1: Aldo comes out extremely active to start the fight, landing leg kicks at will and firing away with combinations. Aldo lands a handful of leg kicks before tagging Brookins with a left-right combination that looks to have hurt him a bit. Aldo continues to land strikes at a defenseless Brookins until they clinch up against the cage. Aldo scores a takedown but Brookins quickly reverses position and winds up on top. Brookins throws some punches on the ground but Aldo pushes Brookins away with his feet and stands back up, where he goes right back to picking Brookins apart with strikes until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Aldo.

Round 2: Aldo comes out a bit slower to start the second round and Brookins takes advantage, aggressively stalking Aldo and pawing away with the jab. After a few moments, Aldo settles in to his routine of landing strikes at all once again, connecting with devastating leg kicks. Brookins clinches with Aldo to stop the punishment but they quickly separate. Brookins throws a combination but Aldo responds with another leg kick. Aldo continues to land punches and leg kicks on the feet until the end of the round, where he attempts a flying knee that misses just as the horn is sounding. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Aldo.

Round 3: Brookins comes out aggressive once again to start the final round, connecting with a series of jabs on Aldo. Aldo answers with yet another leg kick and Brookins retreats. The two exchange at a fast paced in the center of the cage. Aldo rocks Brookins with a left hand and then drops him with a straight right. Aldo rushes in to jump on top of Brookins but Brookins smartly grabs Aldo’s leg and tries for a takedown. However referee Troy Waugh moves in and waves off the bout, ending Brookins’ rough night. The stoppage comes at the 0:45 mark of the third round.

Winner: Jose Aldo - TKO (Strikes)

David Avellan vs. Aaron Simpson

Round 1: Avellan and Simpson shadow box in the center of the cage to start the round. Simpson connects with a quick left hook to the body and then follows up with a right hand that knocks Avellan right out. Avellan crashes to the canvas and Simpson follows him down, landing a few more punches before the referee jumps in to save Avellan. The highlight-reel stoppage comes just 18 seconds into the fight.

Winner: Aaron Simpson - KO (Punch)

Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone

Round 1: The two come out exchanging kicks to start the fight. Cerrone misses with a high kick early. Cerrone lands a leg kick and McCullough follows with a leg kick of his own and a combination that lands. McCullough puts Cerrone to a knee with a right hand but Cerrone quickly recovers. McCullough rocks Cerrone with another right hand. Cerrone pushes forward and then puts McCullough down with a right hand. Cerrone jumps on top of the former champion and starts to pound away with punches and elbows. Cerrone cuts McCullough with an elbow and McCullough sweeps Cerrone and gets back to his feet. The referee stops the fight to check McCullough’s cut and the fight is restarted. Cerrone drops McCullough twice more during the closing moments of the round but McCullough survives and the round ends with McCullough pulling guard on the ground. MMA on Tap scores the crazy first round 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 2: McCullough and Cerrone start the round exchanging punches and kicks on the feet once again. Cerrone cracks McCullough with a right hand and then sends him to the mat with a left hook. Cerrone pounces on McCullough, who gives his back, and fights for a choke from behind. McCullough defends well and they scramble with McCullough ending up on top of Cerrone. Cerrone postures up for a triangle and nearly locks it in but McCullough gets out. Cerrone tries for an armbar and locks it in but McCullough somehow gets out of that too. They stand up and McCullough stuns Cerrone with a combination. Cerrone responds with punches of his own and they trade back and forth until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 3: They start to exchange once again to start the final round and do so until Cerrone takes McCullough down. McCullough pulls guard but Cerrone is eventually able to get into side control before McCullough scrambles and gets back to his feet. McCullough lands a combination and Cerrone responds with a leg kick. Cerrone lands a jumping knee but McCullough is unfazed and continues to fire away. Cerrone lands a combination and the two go back and forth. Cerrone lands another jumping knee and then scores his second takedown of the round. McCullough quickly stands back up and the two exchange again. Cerrone hurts McCullough with another set of punches and McCullough backs into the cage just as the fight ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Cerrone and the fight 30-27 for Cerrone as well. The judges agree and Cerrone wins an epic battle.

Winner: Donald Cerrone - Unanimous Decision

Jake Rosholt vs. Nissen Osterneck

Round 1: Osterneck rushes Rosholt with punches and tags with him a couple before Rosholt ducks down for a takedown and gets it to start the fight. Osterneck rolls between Rosholt legs and pulls guard where he attempts an armbar that Rosholt escapes. They stand up and Osterneck continues to tag Rosholt with punches. Rosholt lands a right hand of his own before they clinch. Osterneck is still battering Rosholt with punches. Rosholt takes Osterneck down and quickly ends up in side control. He drops a few right hands that force Osterneck to roll. The referee pauses the fight for a potential illegal punch to the back of Osterneck’s head. The fight is restarted and Osterneck winds up on his back again. Rosholt controls him in side control for over a minute before mounting Osterneck and taking his back. He pounds away with unanswered shots but Osterneck rolls to his back just before the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Rosholt.

Round 2: Osterneck tries to stuff a Rosholt takedown attempt early against the cage. Rosholt takes him down but Osterneck flips him and nearly catches him in an armbar. Rosholt gets on top and Osterneck triangles his right arm for a moment. Rosholt gets out and stands up before jumping back into Osterneck’s guard. Rosholt moves to side control and Osterneck tries to flip and take Rosholt’s back but fails. Osterneck rolls and gets back to his feet after being controlled on the ground. Osterneck rocks Rosholt with combinations. Osterneck tries to finish Rosholt but slips and falls. Osterneck gets back up and and tries a spinning back fist before Rosholt takes him down. Both guys are exhausted. Rosholt takes Osterneck’s bout and pounds away until referee Troy Waugh steps in and stops the fight at the 3:48 mark.

Winner: Jake Rosholt - TKO (Strikes)

Jens Pulver vs. Leonard Garcia

Round 1: Garcia opens with a leg kick and Pulver pumps with the jab to start things off. Pulver backs Garcia up with a combination to the body. They exchange with wild punches against the cage. Garcia lands a left hook. Garcia connects with another left and follows it up with a combination that stuns Pulver. Pulver backs up into the cage and Garcia bombs away with lefts and rights on a knelt-down Pulver until referee Jorge Alonso steps in and stops the fight only 1:12 into the opening frame.

Winner: Leonard Garcia - TKO (Strikes)

Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen

Round 1: Filho immediately shoots in for a takedown at the start of the fight but Sonnen stuffs it. Sonnen then drops Filho left hook. He pounces on Filho but opts to stand shortly after. Sonnen rushes Filho with punches and then takes him down against the cage. Sonnen stands up and kicks at Filho’s legs until he dives down into his half-guard. They grapple on the ground until Sonnen decides to stand back up again. They goes back on the ground and Filho nearly gets him in an armbar but Sonnen is able to pull out. Sonnen stands again and Filho rolls into a kneebar but Sonnen twists out of it. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Sonnen.

Round 2: They paw away with punches to star tthe round. Filho misses with a spinning body kick. Sonnen tags Filho with a straight left. Filho attempts a takedown but Sonnen easily stuffs it and takes Filho down himself. Sonnen stands and forces the referee to stand Filho up. Filho shoots down and Sonnen connects with a body kick. Filho attempts a high kick that Sonnen moves away from. Filho jumps on Sonnen and bear hugs him until Sonnen slams him to the canvas and forces him to stand up again. Sonnen moves in and out with punches. Sonnen stuffs another Filho takedown and allows him to stand up again. Filho throws a high kick and two looping rights. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Sonnen.

Round 3: Sonnen in and out with punches again to start the round. Filho slides onto the ground and Sonnen opts to kick him in the legs while standing before forcing Filho back to his feet. Sonnen continues to throw jabs and right hands at Filho, who refuses to even throw a punch. The crowd is booing widely. Sonnen connects with a right jab and an elbow inside. Sonnen follows with a left hook and a straight jab. Filho tries a spinning high kick that misses. Sonnen lands a knee to the body and continues to move in and out with punches until the round ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Sonnen and the disappointing fight 30-27 Sonnen. The judges concur.

Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown

Round 1: Faber misses with a front kick to start things. Faber lands a left-right combination. Brown backs Faber up against the cage before they clinch. Faber aldsna jumping knee and Brown responds with one of his own. Faber tries another knee but loses his balance and falls down before getting back up. Brown misses with an uppercut. Faber tries a standing elbow and Brown connects with a huge right hand that floors Faber. Brown jumps on a face-down Faber and pounds away until referee Troy Waugh steps in and stops the fight at 2:23 of round one. Mike Brown is the new WEC featherweight champion.

Winner: Mike Brown - TKO (Strikes)


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