WEC 35: Condit vs. Miura Live Results

We will be going live at 6:30 PM ET tonight with live results of WEC 35: Condit vs. Miura, which will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show’s man card will be televised on Versus starting at 9:00 PM ET.

The event will feature a total of three championship bouts: WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit will make another defense of his belt against tough Japanese veteran Hiromitsu Miura; lightweight title holder Jamie Varner will make his first defense against top contender Marcus Hicks; and former U.S. Marine Brian Stann will put his light heavyweight strap on the line in a rematch against Steve Cantwell.

Be sure to leave comments throughout the night. Detailed live results are after the jump. 

Kenji Osawa vs. Scott Jorgensen

Round 1: The two paw away with the jab to start things off. Jorgensen scores a takedown and works some ground-and-pound. Osawa continually tries to sweep Jorgensen but his attempts are unsuccessful. Jorgensen slows down with his attack, allowing Osawa to slip in a guillotine choke. Jorgensen looks to be in danger but eventually is able to free himself from the hold. He controls Osawa from top position until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Jorgensen.

Round 2: Jorgensen tries a couple of takedowns at the start of the round but Osawa stuffs them. Jorgensen finally takes Osawa down to the mat but Osawa catches him in a crucifix. Osawa works for an omoplata but is unable to get it. Osawa strangely is neglecting to strike a defenseless Jorgensen, who eventually escapes the position. Jorgensen pounds away with elbows and punches from side control until the round’s end. Close round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Jorgensen.

Round 3: Jorgensen scores a takedown in the opening seconds. Again, Osawa’s attempts to get back up to his feet come up short. Jorgensen controls Osawa and prevents the referee from standing them up with the occasional flurry of strikes. Jorgensen transitions to side control and Osawa gives up his back. Jorgensen fights for a rear naked choke but can’t get it. Osawa defends well until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Jorgensen and the fight 30-27 Jorgensen. The judges agree.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen - Unanimous Decision

Greg McIntyre vs. Mike Budnik

Round 1: After a slow start on the feet, McIntyre scores a takedown. He controls Budnik well and prevents him from standing back up with good posture against the cage. McIntyre being aggressive with some effective ground-and-pound that slows up towards the end of the round. Budnik swings for a triangle in the closing moments but isn’t able to fully latch his legs. McIntyre easily escapes the hold just before the round ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 McIntyre.

Round 2: Channeling his inner David Loiseau, Budnik connects with a spinning back kick to start the round. McIntyre is hurt but regains his composure and eventually scores another takedown. Budnik is able to work his way back to his feet this time but McIntyre quickly takes him back down. Budnik pulls guard and McIntyre lands some strikes. They stand back up but McIntyre takes the fight right back to the ground where the fights stays until the round’s end. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 McIntyre.

Round 3: Yet another takedown for McIntyre. More ground-and-pound from McIntyre. Budnik slides up for an armbar but McIntyre shakes it off. Budnik tries another triangle but McIntyre defends well. Budnik suddenly slips in a deeper triangle and McIntyre is in trouble. McIntyre tries to fight it but is forced to tap out midway through the round. Impressive win for the former inline skater.

Winner: Mike Budnik - Submission (Triangle)

Todd Moore vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: A good exchange on the feet starts the fight. Both Moore and Roller each tag each other with a punch. Moore backs Roller up against the cage and surprisingly scores a takedown against the former college standout wrestler. Roller tries a guillotine but Moore gets out. Moore pounds away on Roller until Roller postures up for another guillotine attempt. He latches on the hold and Moore is unable to escape this time as he taps out exactly three minutes into the bout.

Winner: Shane Roller - Submission (Guillotine)

Blas Avena vs. Dave Terrel

Round 1: Avena and Terrel aggressively trade on the feet to start the bout. They clinch against the cage and Avena tries a standing guillotine that Terrel slips out of. They continue to trade bombs. They clinch again and Avena hurts Terrel with a hard knee. Avena fires away at a stunned Terrel and drops him. Avena pounces on Terrel and pounsd away until the referee jumps in just over a minute into the fight. Quick, exciting bout that may make the televised broadcast.

Winner: Blas Avena - TKO (Strikes)

Carlo Prater vs. Brock Larson

Round 1: Larson comes right out of the gate throwing bombs at Prater. Larson catches Prater with a massive straight right that immediately sends Prater to the canvas. Larson jumps on Prater and lands some unanswered punches just before the referee saves Prater. Another lightning quick win for Larson. Official time of the stoppage was only 37 seconds into the bout.

Winner: Brock Larson - TKO (Strikes)

Micah Miller vs. Josh Grispi

Round 1: Grispi connects with leg kicks early and often to start the fight. Grispi then knocks Miller down with a leg kick. He continues the assault on Miller’s legs on the ground but eventually lets him up. Grispi counters Miller with an overhand right and knocks him down. Grispi follows and lands some more strikes. The referee stops the fight and Miller immediately jumps up to protest his decision. Questionable stoppage as Miller didn’t look like he was hurt but took unanswered punches.

Winner: Josh Grispi - TKO (Strikes)

Damacio Page vs. Brian Bowles

Round 1: They come out firing early. Page slips and falls, allowing Bowles to jump into top position. They lean up against the cage and Bowles slips in a guillotine. It’s deep but Page gets out. Bowles gets on top again but they are stood up. Both are going back and forth with bombs, each landing. Bowles jumps on Page and sinks in another guillotine. It’s extremely deep and not even a slam can allow Page to escape as he’s forced to tap out.

Winner: Brian Bowles - Submission (Guillotine)

Jamie Varner vs. Marcus Hicks

Round 1: They clinch early. Hicks goes for a guillotine but Varner gets out. Hicks slams Varner but Varner immediately stands up. Varner gets the Muay Thai plumb and drills Hicks with knees. Hicks is rocked. Varner is teeing off with punches and knees but Hicks will not go down. Varner drops Hicks but Hicks grabs a leg. They separate and Varner continues to bomb away with unanswered punches. He finally puts Hicks down for good with a right hand. Hicks has one hell of a chin.

Winner: Jamie Varner - TKO (Strikes)

Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell

Round 1: They go in and out with flurries to start the bout. Each keeping active with their footwork. Cantwell catches Stann with two hard rights during a big-time exchange between the two. Cantwell shoots in for a takedown but Stann stuffs it. Stann is cut below is right eye. Cantwell catches Stann again with a left hook during another exchange. Cantwell lands a body kick. Cantwell slips and Stann gets on top of him, raining down bombs. Cantwell gives up his back and they stand before the round ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Cantwell.

Round 2: Cantwell lands a jumping leg kick to start things off. Stann kicks Cantwell in the groin and a timeout is called. Cantwell recovers and the bout is restarted. Cantwell stuns Stann with a body shot and a right hand. Stann lands a left and then stuffs another Cantwell takedown attempt. Cantwell backs Stann up with a left. Stann covers up while Cantwell pounds away. Stann can barely stand up any longer and finally collapses to the canvas after another right hand. Cantwell gets in a few shots and referee Herb Dean stops the fight. Cantwell is the new WEC light heavyweight champion.

Winner: Steve Cantwell - TKO (Strikes)

Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura

Round 1: Condit concentrating on the kicks at the start of the fight. Condit prevents a judo throw. Miura catches Condit with a left hook. Miura hits a throw that slams Condit onto the canvas. They stand up and Miura trips Condit to the canvas. Condit gets up and lands a straight right. Condit blasts Miura with another right and knocks him down. Condit jumps into side mount and lands some elbows. He moves for an armbar but Miura escapes. Miura hits another judo throw and stays in Condit’s guard until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Condit.

Round 2: Condit lands a heavy push kick to start the round. Miura slips and Condit jumps on top of him. Miura goes for an armbar and then connects with an upkick as Condit falls back into his guard. Not much action. Condit moves to side control but Miura gets half-guard. Condit lands in mount after a scramble and starts pounding away. Miura gives up his back and Condit rolled for an armbar that Miura escapes. They stand and Condit takes Miura down. Condit controls Miura from top position until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Condit.

Round 3: Miura lands a right hand in the third round’s opening exchange. Condit gets a takedown. Condit tries a guillotine but Miura gets out. Condit mounts Miura and lands some punches. Miura sweeps Condit and lands on top. Miura starts landing unanswered punches. Miura stuns Condit with a flurry. Condit stands and connects with a jumping knee while Miura bombs away with hooks. Condit takes Miura down and mounts him again. Miura gives up his back and Condit sinks in a rear naked choke but Miura survives the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Condit.

Round 4: Both land punches to start the round. Miura rocks Condit with a left hand. Miura hits another judo throw but Condit lands on top. Miura tries a guillotine but Condit gets out. Miura sweeps Condit again. Condit rolls for a kneebar but Miura escapes. Referee Josh Rosenthal stands them up. They flurry again and Condit takes Miura down. Miura reverses position again. Miura starts pounding away but Condit survives. They stand and Condit drops Miura with a knee. Condit strikes a covering-up Miura until Rosenthal steps in and ends the bout. Epic battle between the two.

Winner: Carlos Condit - TKO (Strikes)


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