WEC 30: McCullough vs Crunkilton Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 6:30 PM EST, covering WEC 30: McCullough vs Crunkilton with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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Main Card:

Rob McCullough vs Richard Crunkilton
Chase Beebe vs Rani Yahya
Brian Stann vs Jeremiah Billington
Jeff Bedard vs Miguel Torres

Preliminary Bouts:

John Alessio vs Marcelo Brito
Marcus Hicks vs Scott McAfee
Jesse Forbes vs Bryan Baker
Donald Cerrone vs Kenneth Alexander
Blas Avena vs Joe Benoit
Ian McCall vs Coty Wheeler

We are live bitches!

The first bout of the night will be a battle of two WEC fighters making their debut with the promotion: Ian McCall vs Coty Wheeler

Ian McCall vs Coty Wheeler

Round 1: McCall starts the fight with an early takedown. McCall then begins a ground and pound assault while Wheeler tries to defend the strikes. One of the punches opens up a bad cut over Wheeler’s left eye. Wheeler is eventually able to get back to his feet and they exchange on the feet for a short moment. McCall then takes Wheeler down once again. McCall finishes out the round by pounding Wheeler with strikes from side control and the mount.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for McCall.

Round 2: The second round started out with a slow stanza on the feet which McCall won by picking Wheeler apart with quick jabs and wide hooks. McCall is able to score his third takedown of the fight. McCall starts pounding away at Wheeler once again. McCall eventually achieves mount, causing Wheeler to roll to his back. McCall takes his back but Wheeler is able to avoid the rear naked choke and works his way back to his feet using the cage as support. They spend the rest of the round on the feet with McCall taking advantage once again.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for McCall.

Round 3: The final round starts with both fighters measuring each other up on the feet and then throwing the occasional strike. After a long while, McCall shoots in and scores yet another takedown, picking Wheeler up and slamming him down to the mat. Wheeler attempts a kneebar but McCall is able to slip out of it. McCall then responds with a flurry of big rights while half standing up and the referee finally decided that Wheeler had enough at the 4:34 mark in the round.

Winner: Ian McCall - TKO (Strikes)

The next fight will feature Hard Rock Hotel and Casino employee Blas Avena looking for his second win in a row against newcomer Joe Benoit.

Blas Avena vs Joe Benoit

Round 1: Avena comes right out of the gate swinging wildly. Benoit is able to avoid the punches and shoots in for a takedown but Avena is able to catch him in a guillotine. Avena holds on and Benoit is eventually forced to tap out 29 seconds into the fight. 

Winner: Blas Avena - Submission (Guillotine)

Tapout reality star Donald Cerrone makes his WEC debut in the next fight along with his opponent, Kenneth Alexander.

I can’t wait for this one. Cerrone seems like he’s the real deal.

Donald Cerrone vs Kenneth Alexander

Round 1: The round starts with both fighters exchanging strikes on the feet. Cerrone catches Alexander with a left hand that sends him stumbling to the mat. Cerrone pounces on him but Alexander is able to recover and then reverse position by taking Cerrone down. Alexander gets side control but Cerrone is able to work his way back to guard. Cerrone then locks in a modified triangle without having either of Alexander’s arm against his neck. Alexander quickly taps out.

Winner: Donald Cerrone - Submission (Modified Triangle)

Ultimate Fighter alumnus Jesse Forbes makes his WEC debut against Bryan Baker next.

Jesse Forbes vs Bryan Baker

Round 1: The fight starts with both fighters throwing bombs. Forbes catches Baker with a left hook and drops him. Baker collected himself and got back to his feet but Forbes continued to rock him with shots. Baker connected with some punches of his own during the exchange. Forbes then picked Baker up and slammed him to the mat. Baker got up and then fell victim to yet another slam from Forbes. Baker was able to reverse position and wound up on top of Forbes. Baker then pounded away with unanswered punches until Forbes gave up his back. Instead of choking him out, Baker opted to swing away with strikes from behind until referee Herb Dean swooped and stopped the bout, saving Forbes from any further damage.

Winner: Bryan Baker - TKO (Strikes)

The bout is a lightweight battle between Marcus Hicks and Scott McAfee

Marcus Hicks vs Scott McAfee

Round 1: Hicks quickly takes McAfee down to begin the fight. Hicks throws some strikes while constantly grappling with McAfee and trying to improve his position. McAfee sweeps Hicks and works his way back to his feett but Hicks lock in a guillotine during a scramble. McAfee tries to hold on but is forced to tap out.

Winner: Marcus Hicks - Submission (Guillotine)

I originally thought that John Alessio and Marcelo Brito were competing in a televised bout but that doesn’t seem to be the case as both fighters are making their way to the cage now.

John Alessio vs Marcelo Brito

Round 1: The round started with both fighters measuring each other up and trying to find the right distance. Alessio is picking Brito apart with jabs. They clinched up against the cage and Brito fell to the mat, attempting to get Alessio to jump into his guard but Alessio didn’t bite. Alessio stood there and kicked at his legs until he allowed Brito to return to his feet. They clinched once again and Alessio was able to take Brito down. Alessio then stood up and once again started kicking Brito’s legs. This lasted until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Alessio.

Round 2: The second round was very similar to the first. They started out striking on the feet and Brito once again tried to trick Alessio into jumping into his guard. For the third time in his fight, Alessio stood there and kicked at Brito’s legs until the referee finally restarted the fight on the feet. Brito finally mounted some offense with a flurry of punches, causing Alessio to clinch up. Brito for the fourth time falls to his back and Alessio stands over him throwing kicks just before the round ends.

This fight sucks.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Alessio.

Round 3: Just like the first and second rounds, the third round starts out slow as hell. They finally clinch up after a minute or so and Alessio slams him to the mat.  They end up back on their feet eventually and Alessio scores a second takedown during the closing moments. I don’t even have to tell you how the round ends because it already happened twice. Terrible showing by both fighters. The WEC should be thankful that this fight wasn’t televised.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Alessio and the fight 30-27 for Alessio. The judges agree.

Winner: John Alessio - Unanimous Decision

I think that was one of the worst fights I’ve ever seen. It made Gabriel Gonzaga-Kevin Jordan exciting.

The Versus broadcast is now live…

Once again, Frank Mir starts the show hyped up as hell.

The first fight of the night will be Jeff Bedard vs Miguel Torres.

Jeff Bedard vs Miguel Torres

Jeff Bedard - You need a new nickname brother.

The referee for this bout is Herb Dean.

Round 1: They start out measuring each other up. Bedard quickly takes Brito down and starts throwing short shots. Torres is keeping a tight guard. They scramble and Torres attempts an armbar. Bedard gets out of it and then Torres’ finger gets stuck in Bedard’s glove, weird. Dean stops and then restarts the bout. Bedard is controlling Torres on the ground and throwing solid elbows. Torres is attempting to get out from under Bedard but can’t do it. Torres locks in an armbar and then switches to a triangle. Bedard is forced to tap out.

Winner: Miguel Torres - Submission (Triangle)


<3 Torres' hair.

During the post-fight interview with Mir, Torres asks for a title shot against the winner of tonight's WEC Bantamweight Championship bout between Chase Beebe and Rani Yahya.

The next fight being shown is one of the prelim bouts - Jesse Forbes vs Bryan Baker. We already blogged the fight so scroll up if you want to read the results.

Was that a headbutt that Baker got away with?

The next fight is going to be the undefeated Brian Stann trying to continue his winning ways against Jeremiah Billington.

Brian Stann vs Jeremiah Billington

Even George W. Bush loves Brian Stann.

I’m praying for Billington in this one people…

The referee for this one will be Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Billington starts things off with a leg kick. They clinch up against the cage and Stann throws some heavy knees. They break apart and Billington connects with an uppercut. Stann answers with a straight right. They clinch once again against the cage and exchange knees. Stann pulled ahead with some dirty boxing. Stann connects with some more knees. Billington connects with two more uppercuts and Stann answers with a flurry of punches. Stann takes Billington down to the ground. Stann then pounds away while standing up in between the ground and pound. Stann unloads with several unanswered shots while standing, forcing the referee to stop the bout.

Winner: Brian Stann - TKO (Strikes)

Another impressive showing by Stann. Now the question is - Will the WEC grant him a title shot or will they use him like the UFC uses Roger Huerta and gradually build him up?

Congrats to Stann and his wife who will be having a baby next month.

The camera scrolls around the arena and shows former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver, Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson, and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.

Todd Harris and Mir go over tonight’s championship bouts.

The camera goes around the arena once more and shows WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit as well as Alex Karalexis.

Harris interviews WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber and talks to him about his scheduled bout against Jeff Curran on December 12. Faber says that Curran has already said he’s going to knock him out. Faber says that he doesn’t think Curran has been knocking anyone out but that he has gone the distance with UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and Kid Yamamoto.

The next fight will be another prelim bout - Blas Avena vs Joe Benoit. Similar to the Forbes-Baker bout we already blogged it so just scroll up to see what took place.

It’s time for the first of tonight’s championship bouts: Chase Beebe makes his first title defense against submission artist Rani Yahya.

Chase Beebe vs Rani Yahya

Yahya runs to the cage during his entrance and seems ready to go. Beebe on the other hand looks calm and collected during his walk in.

The referee for the bout will be Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: They exchange punches to start the fight and Yahya falls to the ground, tempting Beebe to fall into his guard. Beebe bites and Yahya locks in a deep kneebar. Beebe grimaces in pain. Beebe gets out of it and stands back up. They once again go to the ground and scramble around. Beebe nearly finds himself in trouble with another kneebar but slips out. Yahya sits up and sinks in a guillotine but Beebe gets out of yet another submission. Yahya works his way into a north-south choke but Beebe again gets out of it. Beebe tries to scramble to his feet but Yahya sinks in a guillotine. Beebe squeezes out of it and tries to stand up but Yahya pulls him down to the mat. Beebe starts throwing some strikes and Yahya rolls to his back. Beebe takes it but is unable to capitalize. Beebe then regains top control, throwing the occasional punch. Yahya shoots up for an omoplata but Beebe gets out of it. Yahya then locks in a D’Arce choke and holds it but the horn sounds to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the bout 10-9 for Yahya.

Round 2: Beebe takes Yahya down to start the round and sinks in a guillotine. It’s tight but Yahya is able to get out. They scramble and Beebe ends up on top. Yahya sweeps Beebe but Beebe ends up sitting on Yahya and lands two short punches that cause Yahya to flinch. They scramble again and Beebe takes Yahya’s back. Beebe pounds away from behind and then sinks in a rear naked choke. He can’t hold it and continues to throw strikes. Beebe flips Yahya around and goes for another rear naked choke. Beebe is unable to catch him in the submission and flips Yahya to his back. Beebe continues to throw occasional strikes. Yahya looks tired. They grapple on the ground and Yahya attempts an armbar. Beebe gets out of it and then sits on Yahya until the round ends.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 3: Yahya goes for a superman punch to start the round and misses. They clinch and Yahya pulls Beebe to the ground. They grapple and Beebe ends up on top. Yahya locks Beebe’s legs together and holds him there. Beebe starts to pound away on Yahya. Yahya tries a weak triangle but Beebe pushes his legs away and takes his back. Beebe pounds away from behind. Beebe gets Yahya in a body lock and continues to pound away. Beebe sinks in the rear naked choke but Yahya gets out of it. Beebe continues to wear down Yahya. Beebe pounds away on Yahya until the horn sounds to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 4: They clinch to start the round and Beebe gets Yahya in a standing guillotine. Mazzagatti warns Yahya twice to not grab Beebe’s shorts. They go down to the ground and grapple. Beebe takes Yahya’s back again. Beebe switches to side control and starts throwing elbows. Yahya pulls guard and tries to prevent Beebe from doing anything by controlling his wrists. They scramble and Beebe takes Yahya’s back once again. They scramble and Beebe ends up with a wizard on top of Yahya. He throws down punches and elbows until the horn sounds to end the round. Yet another round that is all Beebe. It seems like this one is going to go the distance.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 5: A quick exchange on the feet to start round ends when both go down to the ground. Beebe ends up on top of Yahya and starts pounding away. Yahya is too tried to stop the strikes. Beebe is throwing a nice mix of punches and elbows to the face and body of Yahya. Blood is now coming out of Yahya’s mouth. Beebe is picking up the pace and throwing unanswered punches. Yahya grabs Beebe’s wrists and tries an armbar but is unable to catch him in anything. Beebe continues to pound away. The lower half of Yahya’s face is covered in blood. Beebe unleashes an assault of ground and pound until the end of the fight.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Beebe and the fight 49-46 for Beebe as well. Two judges score it 49-46 and one 48-45 for Beebe who retains his title.

Winner: Chase Beebe - Unanimous Decision

Rob McCullough vs Rich Crunkilton

Round 1: Both fighters come out in and meet in the middle of the cage. Crunkilton attempts to land a hard body kick but McCullough catches it and fires off a few hard rights. Crunkilton backs away and recomposes himself. Crunkilton misses with a few kicks as they circle around the cage. Crunkilton moves forward and lands a hard left but McCullough quickly answers with a flurry of hard crisp rights and lefts. Crunkilton ends the exchange with a kick to the body. Crunkilton attempts another body kick followed by a left, both miss. McCullough moves forward and lands three hard rights sending Crunkilton to the canvas. McCullough follows him down and fires off but Crunkilton is able to return to his feet. Moments after standing Crunkilton eats another huge right which sends him to the canvas. Crunkilton attempts to survive as they stand again. They clinch along the cage and McCullough lands some knees to the body followed by two hard rights. They exchange a few shots and then McCullough fires off a huge right bomb that sends Crunkilton to the canvas and ends the fight.

Winner: Rob McCullough - TKO (Punches)


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