WEC 29: Condit vs Larson Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 9 PM EST, covering WEC 29: Condit vs Larson with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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Main Card:

Carlos Condit vs Brock Larson - WEC Welterweight Title
Paulo Filho vs Joe Doerksen - WEC Middleweight Title
Jeff Curran vs Stephen Ledbetter
Jamie Varner vs Sherron Leggett

Preliminary Bouts:

Eric Schambari vs Logan Clark
Tiki Ghosn vs Blas Avena
Hiromitsu Miura vs Fernando Gonzalez
Antonio Banuelos vs Justin Robbins
Steven Cantwell vs Justin McElfresh

We’re live bitches!

Pretty nice intro to the program right there. Frank Mir is looking in decent shape. That little mini-seizure he had while discussing Condit-Larson makes me wonder if he had anything to drink tonight…

The first televised bout of the night is going to be Jamie Varner vs Sherron Leggett.

Jamie Varner vs Sherron Leggett

The staredown between the two at the weigh-ins was pretty intense. I haven’t seen one like that where officials actually let them go nose-to-nose like that in a while.

The TapouT crew is in attendance as always.

The referee for this bout is Steve Mazzagatti. Did Varner just try to punch Leggett in the face during the staredown?

Round 1: The two start the bout by measuring each other up. They circle each other and measure the distance until Varner shoots and slams Leggett down to the mat. They scramble on the ground and Leggett is able to stand up. Leggett reverses position and takes down Varner. Varner picks Leggett up and slams him down head first on the mat. Leggett’s neck bends an awkward way. Varner punches Leggett in the back of the head and Mazzagatti stops the bout so Leggett can recover. Varner is cut on his forehead. The bout restarts and Leggett takes a high kick to the side of the head. Varner slams Leggett down once again. Varner takes Leggett’s back and pounds away. Varner attempts a rear naked choke but Leggett gets out of it. Varner continues to pound away and Leggett rolls on his back again. Varner pounds away with unanswered shots until Mazzagatti is forced to step in and stop the bout.

Winner: Jamie Varner - TKO (Strikes)

Frank Mir really needs to take some tips from Joe Rogan on how to do a post-fight interview.

The next bout is going to be one of the preliminary fights - Tiki Ghosn vs Blas Avena

Tiki Ghosn vs Blas Avena

Avena is apparently an employee of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The amount of supporters he has in the arena makes it obvious.

Round 1: Avena quickly takes Ghosn down to start the fight. Avena pounds away on Ghosn and forces Ghosn to roll, giving up his back. Avena locks in a rear naked choke but Ghosn is able to squeeze out of it. Avena turns Ghosn over and continues to throw punches and elbows. Ghosn turns away from the flurry again and Avena quickly gets a rear naked choke on Ghosn. Ghosn taps out and the fight is over.

Winner: Blas Avena - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Pretty decent fight sequence for War featuring Jet Li and Jason Statham. The movie comes out August 24th in case anyone is wondering or already forgot.

The next bout will feature the newly signed Jeff Curran going up against Stephen Ledbetter.

Jeff Curran vs Stephen Ledbetter

Round 1: Ledbetter starts the fight off throwing strikes while Curran blocks them and backs away. Curran tries a couple of high kicks. Curran faints with the jab a few times before connecting with a huge right hand that puts Ledbetter down to his knees. Ledbetter gets back up and the two tie up against the cage. Ledbetter sweeps Curran and takes him down. Ledbetter isn’t doing much on top. Referee Yves Lavigne stands them up because of a lack of action. Curran throws a superman punch but misses. Ledbetter shoots in but Curran is able to stuff the takedown. Ledbetter then takes Curran down for a second time. Curran attempts a flying triangle but isn’t able to hold him. Ledbetter then unleashes some ground and pound. Curran is able to stand up and the two grapple until the round ends.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Curran.

Round 2: Curran throws a flurry to start the round and Ledbetter takes Curran down to get away from the strikes. Curran locks Ledbetter’s arms up and works his way back to his feet. They grapple some more up against the cage. Each fighter is having trouble taking the other down. They separate and Curran throws some kicks to Ledbetter’s stomach. They exchange some jabs. Curran lands a hard leg kick that causes Ledbetter to jump up. Ledbetter then takes Curran down once again. Curran works for position on the bottom and then locks in a triangle. Curran holds it for over 30 seconds but Ledbetter refuses to tap and survives the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Curran.

Round 3: They start the round throwing the occasional jab while circling each other. Curran misses with a wild right. Curran lands a couple of jabs in a row. Ledbetter throws a jab that is countered by a solid left hook by Curran. Curran is picking Ledbetter apart on the feet. Ledbetter then opts to take Curran down once again. Not much action on the ground. Curran is trying to find a way to sweep Ledbetter and get back up to his feet but it’s not working so far. Lavigne stops the bout and stands them up once again. Curran shoots but Ledbetter is able to stuff his attempt. Curran then locks in a reverse triangle. Curran pounds away at Ledbetter’s ribs while holding the submission. Ledbetter gives up his left arm and Curran attempts a kimura but is unsuccessful. Ledbetter rolls over and gets out of the triangle. Curran locks yet another triangle as time expires.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Curran and the bout 30-27 for Curran.

Winner: Jeff Curran - Unanimous Decision

The announcer reads the results of the scores and then realizes that he has the wrong card, hilarious. The camera shows UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson is cageside.

The main card of WEC 30 on September 5th will be announced later tonight apparently.

They show a clip of WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber on the Howard Stern Show…

It’s time to see who will become the new WEC Middleweight Champion…

Paulo Filho vs Joe Doerksen

The referee for this bout will be Big John McCarthy.

Round 1: Doerksen starts the bout throwing a mix of kicks and punches. Filho backs Doersken up to the cage and tries to take him down but is unsuccessful. Doerksen then gets Filho in a guillotine but Filho is able to slip his way out of it. Filho picks Doersken up and slams him down but Doerksen quickly works his way up to his feet. They exchange strikes and Filho tries to sweep Doerksen but Doerksen is able to keep his balance. Filho opens up with strikes and knocks Doerksen down. Filho continues to pound away at Doerksen with unanswered blows. Doerksen stands up but is clearly out on his feet. Filho knocks him down once again and McCarthy steps in to stop the bout.

Winner: Paulo Filho - TKO (Strikes)

The camera moves to the crowd and shows Michael Bisping, Stephan Bonnar, and WEC Light Heavyweight Doug Marshall.

Todd Harris interviews WEC Lightweight Champion Rob McCullough as well as a new transfer, former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver who will now be competing in the featherweight division.

It’s time for the main event - Carlos Condit defending his WEC Welterweight Title against top contender Brock Larson.

Carlos Condit vs Brock Larson

Condit comes out to Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name…

Both Condit and Larson look very intense. This is going to be crazy…

The crowd seems to be behind Larson according to the chants.

Round 1: The fight starts with both of them sizing each other up. Condit throws a high kick that Larson is able to back away from. Larson shoots but Condit stuffs his attempt. Larson tries again and takes Condit down. Larson starts pounding away at Condit and then locks in an arm triangle choke. Condit works his way out of it but Larson continues to reign down bombs. Condit connects with an upkick and then attempts a triangle. Condit switches to an armbar but Larson gets out of it. Condit locks in another armbar and Larson is forced to tap.

Winner: Carlos Condit - Submission (Armbar)

The replay shows that Larson’s arm popped towards the end, possibly the reason that Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight. Surprisingly Larson is showing no signs of being injured.


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