Vinicius Queiroz’s Management Files Complaint Following Bellator 80 Loss

Vinicius Queiroz in white battling Rob Broughton. Photo courtesy of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

MMA Junkie is reporting that Vinicius Queiroz's manager has filed a complaint with the Florida State Boxing Commission on behalf of his client following his loss to Alexander Volkov at Bellator 80.

According to the report, Queiroz’s management felt that referee James Warring played a role in the outcome of the fight. "[Referee James] Warring could have contributed to [and] altered the result of the fight after he ordered the fighters to rise up with [after] only 15 seconds [on the ground] … in a moment that was favorable for Vincius. MMA means also fighting on the ground. Getting a takedown and dominating the ground also adds points to the fight."

Issues began in the first round when Queiroz’s scored a takedown following a flurry from Volkov. While working from the closed guard, Queiroz tried to create separation by grinding his head into the chin/chest of Volkov. Moments later the fight was stood up and Warring warned Queiroz not to use his head in that manner.

The controversy then came towards the end of the second round when Volkov swarmed Queiroz with a flurry that left him dazed. In an attempt to survive, Queiroz shot in and took Volkov to the canvas. No more than 15 seconds later, Warring circled the fighters and ordered a stand up. Moments later, Volkov fired off a combination that resulted in a TKO with just mere seconds left in the round.

Manager Josef Borges closed out his statement by saying, “I hope that Mr. James Warring will update his knowledge of the rules of MMA.”

Volkov is now set to face Richard Hale at Bellator 84 in the Bellator Season 7 heavyweight finals.


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