Vera Agrees to Contract Extension with UFC

Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network has reported that UFC heavyweight title contender Brandon Vera has signed a contract extension with the UFC with plans to negotiate a new deal after legal issues with Vera’s former manager are resolved.

Vera also plans on completing the last fight on his original contract with the UFC as soon as possible.

“I want to stay with the UFC,” the Virginia native said today. “They have some of the best fighters in the world. It’s an amazing stable of fighters and the who’s who of the MMA world. ‘Cro Cop’ [Mirko Filipovic] is a big factor for me wanting to stay. He’s the number-two guy in the world.”

Update 3/29 6:00 PM: There seems to be some confusion as what exactly Vera and the UFC agreed to. It’s partly because it’s such an odd situation because it isn’t exactly your normal contract extension. Vera and the UFC didn’t agree to add more fights to his contract. They only agreed to push the date back for his final fight to allow Vera to settle other matters at hand outside of the UFC. The agreement was also made with the stipulation that Vera would participate in talks for a brand new deal afterwards.

You can call it a contract extension, you can call it an extension, whatever. MMA contracts are set up completely different compared to those in other sports, thus the confusion…


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