UFC Silva vs. Irvin Live Results

We will be going live at 7:00 PM ET with live results of tonight’s UFC: Silva vs. Irvin event, (also known as UFC Fight Night 14) which will take place this evening at the Pearl Theatre inside the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show’s main event features reigning UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva moving up to the light heavyweight division to take on fellow heavy-hitter James Irvin. Additional main card bouts include heavyweight convert Brandon Vera against Reese Andy in his debut at 205 lbs and a lightweight clash between former title challenger Hermes Franca and standout wrestler Frankie Edgar.

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Dale Hartt vs. Shannon Gugerty

Round 1: Gugerty starts off well, connecting with numerous leg kicks. Hartt clinches to avoid anymore punishment and trips Gugerty down to the canvas. Hartt controls Gugerty for a brief seconds before a scramble finds Hartt securing a guillotine choke. Gugerty is able to get out of the hold and quickly mounts Hartt. Gugerty pounds away, forcing Hartt to give up his back. Gugerty sinks a rear naked choke and forces a tap after a couple of failed attempts.

Winner: Shannon Gugerty - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Brad Blackburn vs. James Giboo

Round 1: The first round is all Blackburn. He comes out of the gate much quicker than Giboo. His footwork is impressive. Blackburn basically landing punches at will while Giboo has no answer. Blackburn puts Giboo down to a knee twice in the round. Giboo does a good job of absorbing punishment and scores a couple of takedowns but Blackburn does a great job of getting back to his feet. Giboo continues to take a lot of punishment until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-8 Blackburn.

Round 2: The second round is a mirror image of the first. Blackburn continues to tee off on Giboo, who can’t prevent the punches that are flying at his face from landing. Giboo is exhausted. After pawing away with his jab, Blackburn connects with a flying knee that drops Giboo. Blackburn pounces on his opponent and pounds him out for the win. Impressive debut for Brad Blackburn.

Winner: Brad Blackburn - TKO (Strikes)

Nate Loughran vs. Johnny Rees

Round 1: Rees scores a takedown right off the bat but finds himself caught in a triangle. He defends well and works his way out of it. Rees controls Loughran on the ground and works some ground-and-pound. A cut is opened up over Loughran’s eye. Loughran locks in another triangle but yet again, Rees finds his way out of it. Rees continues to pound away on Loughran before he finally finds himself in a triangle that he can’t get out of, tapping out with less than a minute left in the round. Loughran’s face is a mess.

Winner: Nate Loughran - Submission (Triangle)

Rory Markham vs. Brodie Farber

Round 1: Both fighters come out throwing bombs right away in this one. Markham connects with a hard straight right but then gets caught himself and stunned by Farber. Farber rushes Markham and lands two more right hands. Just when it looks like Markham might be on his way to a loss, he recovers and lands a devastating head kick that puts Farber to sleep. Shades of Mirko Cro Cop right there. Farber was out for about a minute but seems fine.

Winner: Rory Markham - KO (Head Kick)

Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough

Round 1: Yarbrough lands two stiff rights to start the fight. Credeur answers with a left-right combination. Surprisingly Credeur isn’t looking for a takedown and is willing to stand up and bang with Yarbrough. They continue to throw at will and each are landing a good amount of punches. Credeur catches Yarbrough with a right hand and sends him stumbling backwards. Credeur closes in and lands an uppercut that drops Yarbrough. Credeur pounces on him and starts landing unanswered punches until referee Mario Yamasaki steps in and waves off the bout.

Winner: Tim Credeur - TKO (Strikes)

Potential sucking coming, I’m taking over recapping - David

C.B. Dollaway vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1: Taylor went for the takedown right away, which Dollaway prevented.  After grappling and punching along the cage, they go down a little after a minute into the fight.  While trying to stand Dollaway illegally kneed a downed Taylor.  Dollaway gets Taylor’s back, but couldn’t close up.  Taylor’s able to wrestle his way out of it and take top position.  After a couple of punches, Taylor pops up, only to have Dollaway take him down fast and take Taylor’s back.  Dollaway is able to setup the Peruvian neck tie and Taylor taps.

Winner: C.B. Dollaway - Submission (Peruvian neck tie)

Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns

Round 1: Burns lets Johnson know he’s willing to swing, but they quickly get locked up and walk around the octagon.  About a minute in they start trading shots, at a medium pace, for a full minute before Johnson catches Burns in the groin with a kick.  After a brief break, they get back to it and Johnson quickly takes Burns down.  Johnson never takes advantage of the top position and they remain like that until they’re stood up with 30 seconds.  They trade a couple of shots, lock up and the round is over.

Round 2: Burns takes the same strategy, coming out swinging with Johnson, but this time it’s a bad move as Johnson starts landing much heavier strikes.  Burns doesn’t go down, and Johnson tires as Burns starts to counter well.  Some decent action.  With a little under two minutes they finally see the mat again, but there isn’t much action before they’re back on their feet.  Some stalking, and Johnson takes Burns down hard as the bell rings to end the round.

Round 3: They’re on their feet for the first minute again, before Johnson takes Burns down.  Like before, Johnson can’t take advantage of the position.  With little action, they’re stood up.  A few moments later, we go through the same process.  On their feet they trade a couple of shots before Burns catches Johnson in the eye.  Johnson goes to the ground and screams.  It’s stopped, and a ruling is coming.

Somehow Burns is declared winner by TKO, and all seem surprised, even Burns.

Winner: Kevin Burns - TKO

Cain Velasquez vs. Jake O’Brien

Round 1: It doesn’t take long for Velasquez to get Irish Jake against the cage, and in a position where he can start to land punches.  Velasquez continues to punch and improve his position.  Velasquez soon has solid position over O’Brien landing shot after shot before the fight is stopped.

Winner: Cain Velasquez - TKO (Strikes)

Hermes Franca vs. Frankie Edgar

Round 1: Not long into the fight Edgar gets top position on Franca.  Edgar lands some punches, but Franca is able to defend the majority of it.  Franca waits, then gets Edgar in an armbar, but Edgar was able to pull out of it after some struggle.  They eventually wind up in the same position, with Edgar on top and Franca defending well.

Round 2: The second round starts off similarly to the first, with Edgar starting to land more strikes.  It’s a cat and mouse ground game for the majority of the first four minutes.  Edgar throwing shots, sometimes getting on his feet and kicking, and Franca defending.  Franca’s face is starting to swell all over.  With 40 seconds left they’re back on their feet, but after a few kicks, they’re down again, same position, same results.

Round 3: Franca comes out knowing he’s in the hole, throwing some big shots.  After a minute though, they’re playing the same game we’ve seen the in first two rounds: Edgar taking Franca to the mat and wearing him down.  Standing up or on the ground, it’s mostly all Edgar.  With about 30 seconds left Franca lands a big knee.  Despite opening up, Edgar’s able to absorb the punishment and wait out the last few seconds in top position.

Winner: Frankie Edgar - Unanimous decision

Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

Round 1: Vera lands a high kick to start things off. Andy scores a takedown but Vera is quickly up to his feet. Vera lands a knee and just misses with another high kick. Andy misses with a leg kick and Vera sends him to the mat with one of his own. Andy stands up and they clinch against the cage. Vera scores a takedown of his own and lands in side control. Vera doesn’t mount much offense before standing up. They exchange leg kicks before the bell.

Round 2: They clinch against the cage and Vera throws Andy to the mat. Vera takes his back and throws some punches before Andy flips around. Vera stands back up and Andy follows. Andy throws some leg kicks. Andy rushes in but Vera hits him with a right. Andy muscles Vera up against the cage. Vera connects with a head kick. They exchange jabs and Vera hits a body kick. More measuring each other up until the end of the round.

Round 3: The slow pace continues. They exchange leg kicks and clinch up against the cage. Steve Mazzagatti moves them to the center. Andy scores with the jab and Vera responds with an uppercut. Both fighters look tired. More clinching up against the cage. They separate and Andy lands a left hook. Vera gets the clinch and lands two good knees. Both guys are completely drained. Vera lands another knee. Andy blocks a head kick. Vera stuffs a takedown and clinches against the cage until the end of the fight.

Winner: Brandon Vera - Unanimous Decision

Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin

Round 1: They come out testing with kicks.  Irvin looks a little awkward with the southpaw.  About a minute in Irvin goes for a right kick.  Silva catches his leg and throws a hard, straight right, connecting and sending Irvin down.  Silva pounces on him, throwing punches until it’s stopped.  Irvin has a big cut on his cheek.

Winner: Anderson Silva - KO (Punches)


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