UFC Releases Ken Shamrock

The UFC and it’s own hall of fame member Ken Shamrock have come to terms on the termination of the remainder of his contract according to a statement by Shamrock yesterday on The Fight Network’s radio show.

Shamrock had one fight left on his current contract with the UFC.

Shamrock’s manager and lawyer Rod Donohoo stated that the termination was most likely because of Shamrock’s involvement with the IFL and Shamrock agrees:

“He [White] doesn’t want competition, and then when I went over there [to the IFL], he got completely upset with me—which had nothing to do with the UFC—and tried to ban me from the UFC because of his personal conflicts with the IFL,” a heated Shamrock said.

“Dana White didn’t build this [UFC] organization,” said Shamrock. “Dana White is not God when it comes to this. Dana White is a promoter that took an event that was already created by Bob Meyrowitz and by Rorian Gracie. This guy did not create this. Therefore, he needs to stop playing God, trying to squash people who try to go out and do other adventures.”

While the Shamrock vs Michael Bisping rumors didn’t pan out, Donohoo says that the UFC was Shamrock’s first choice for his next fight. Now that the UFC no longer wants Shamrock on their roster, he will be fielding all offers from rival promotions:

“The truth is we had an agreement with the UFC and we requested another bout and they were our choice because that was our agreement,” said Donohoo. “Since they’ve released Ken, I think they’re going to be very sorry they did that. I’m now going to be considering all other avenues to get Ken another fight since the UFC is not going to use him.”


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