UFC/PRIDE Conference Call Transcript

After purchasing PRIDE Fighting Championship, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White, and former owner Nobuyuki Sakakibara fielded questions from the press concerning the future of PRIDE, the rules and more.

Question: Can you explain what will Pride and the UFC look like after this?

Dana White: They are going to be completely separated. The UFC will run separately from Pride. Most of the employees are still in place at Pride and we are going to continue to run them as competitors and two separate entities.

Question: But there will be mega-fights and fighters and champions (from the UFC and Pride) going against each other at some point?

White: That’s what we are talking about. Obviously, there is a lot that needs to be worked out. What we would like to see, finally, is the Super Bowl of mixed martial arts where we could, finally, line up all the guys in all the different weight classes to fight each other and see who the best in the world is. We’d do that once a year. We don’t know exactly how that will be done, yet. But that’s what we are thinking about doing.

The full transcript can be found at ocregister.com.


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