UFC PPV Titles

There is no doubt that the UFC has came up with some interesting names for their pay-per-view events, they are infamous for it. No matter how many times they are praised or ridiculed for it, Dana White and crew still decide to keep using unique event titles.

What is your favorite name that the UFC has used?

What is the worst one they ever used?

If you could name an event yourself, what would you name it?

My choices:

Favorite Name: UFC 44 - Undisputed - The perfect name for the perfect main event, a bout between the heavyweight and light-heavyweight champions.

My Worst: UFC 47 - It’s On - It’s awesome that Liddell-Ortiz was finally on, but couldn’t there have been a better name?

My Event: Ultimate Ultimate 2007 - Yes, I’m bringing it back. It would be an open-weight tournament, similar to what Pride does. One of the requirements is that all of the champions must participate.

The participants:
Chuck Liddell
Matt Hughes
Sean Sherk
Tim Sylvia
Anderson Silva
Tito Ortiz
Andrei Arlovski
BJ Penn



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