UFC Planning November Return for Rampage? Let’s Hope Not

Quinton Jackson. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

If you haven’t read Josh Gross’ latest piece on all of the drama involving Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, I suggest you check it out. Many quotes concerning Rampage’s behavior come from an unidentified source and shed some light on all of the strange thoughts that were apparently going through his head in the days following his now infamous high-speed chase from police in California earlier this month.

The article even mentions that Rampage relieved Juanito Ibarra of his services following the loss of his UFC light heavyweight title to Forrest Griffin on July 5th. The move seems odd considering that it was Ibarra that revamped Jackson’s game and catapulted him to the top of the UFC after floundering during his final years in PRIDE. On the other hand, Gross’ source mentions that the firing has something to do with money, giving current rumors floating around concerning Ibarra possibly stealing from Rampage a bit more validity.

However the most disturbing part is the possibility that the UFC may be planning on rematching Rampage against Wanderlei Silva in November:

As an Aug. 15 court date approaches for the 30-year-old father of four, a search for a new representation is underway. And, though he is only two weeks removed from an incident that allegedly sent pedestrians scurrying for their lives, the UFC is said to be interested in a November return for Rampage with a third fight against Silva.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this kind of makes me angry a little bit.

I understand that in some cases, getting a fighter right back in there following a disappointing loss is the best thing to do. That isn’t the case here. It’s only been two weeks since Rampage not only nearly killed people while running from the cops, but was considering himself God, and undergoing a mental evaluation because of it. Now isn’t the time to think about fighting, it’s about getting Rampage help.

I really hope that this is all hearsay and that we won’t see Rampage back in the cage until sometime next year. (The felony charges levied against him likely won’t result in any jail time, so I’m referring to a plain old break) It’d be the best thing for Rampage and the UFC too, especially for their images.


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