UFC May Not Reach Canada in ‘07

The UFC has been trying to hold an event in Canada for most likely about a year now. However each time they are close to finalizing a deal, it always seems that something is standing in their way and the deal falls apart.

UFC President Dana White seemed confident when he stated that the UFC was finally going to make it up to Montreal in late 2007 during a June interview with the Canadian Press. A projected October event probably wouldn’t include Georges St. Pierre but at least the UFC would have made it to Canada.

Now let’s fast forward one month…

Rogers Sportsnet’s RJ Broadhead talked to White yesterday about the prospect of the UFC holding an event in the Bell Centre later this year. It seems that the Montreal Canadiens’ schedule is going to be quite the problem for White and company.

Video of Broadhead’s interview with White can be found here. White also discusses the debut of Canadian Mark Boeck at tonight’s UFC 73 and the amount of talent that is coming out of the country these days.


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