UFC Interested in Upstate NY Event

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Mixed martial arts fans in upstate New York may have reason to rejoice if the sport is legalized in their state soon.

UFC President Dana White was quoted as saying that he would love to bring an event to upstate New York in a recent article in the Times Herald-Record:

“Our events have brought millions of dollars in tax and tourist revenue to nearly every city we have held an event in,” said White. “Once New York joins New Jersey, Pennsylvania and 30 other states in regulating mixed martial arts, we will be thrilled to offer a UFC event this year to an upstate city and replicate its success all over the state.”

Just one minor adjustment: MMA still hasn’t been fully set up in my home state of PA yet Dana. Give them a kick in the ass please!

Anyway, Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse are all big-enough markets in upstate NY that would easily be able to host a UFC event.

The UFC started a campaign last month to potentially legalize the sport in the state. MMAFacts.com, is a website devoted to showing New York lawmakers that the sport has completely transformed itself from a spectacle that was banned just about everywhere in the mid-1990’s to a full-fledged legitimate sport with the potential for serious monetary gain for the state.

According to UFC vice president Marc Ratner, who previously served as chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission before joining the organization in 2006, Zuffa’s sole focus these days in terms of pushing for the legalization of the sport in various states will now be on New York.

Ratner also mentioned that he is in the process of working with lawmakers to create a bill in hopes of having the governor’s office pass it. He hopes to hold an event in New York later this year or in early 2009.

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