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Tonight we will be going live at 8 PM EST, covering UFC Fight Night 9 with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave comments throughout the night…

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Tonight’s lineup for anyone that is wondering…

Televised Bouts:
Joe Stevenson vs Melvin Guillard
Kenny Florian vs Dokojonosuke Mishima
Antoni Hardonk vs Justin McCully

Undercard Bouts:
Drew Fickett vs Keita Nakamura
Wilson Gouveia vs Seth Petruzelli
Rich Clementi vs Roan Carneiro
Kurt Pellegrino vs Nate Mohr
Forrest Petz vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka
Thiago Tavares vs Naoyuki Kotani

- Lets get it started…

- The show opens with Joe Stevenson and Guillard talking some trash followed by the show intro. Interested to see that Justin McCully has decided to go with the cornrows. First fighter to do that since Evan Tanner at UFC 53 I believe…

- Mike Goldberg says that tonight will showcase the lightweights. He also says that this is the first solo lightweight main event since 2002. I’m not sure that’s 100% correct but I’ll make sure to let you know by the end of the night.

- The first fight of the night will be Kenny Florian taking on Dokojonosuke Mishima…

Kenny Florian vs Dokojonosuke Mishima

- I never thought that anyone could be crazier than Jason Miller but I think Mishima might take the cake…

- The referee is ‘Big’ John McCarthy

Round 1

They start things off by measuring each other up and throwing some jabs. They are finding their range in the form of some long rights as well. They clinch and Mishima is able to take Florian down. Mishima gets in some rights through Florian’s guard. Florian attempts a triangle but Mishima is able to get out of it. Florian sweeps and gets on top of Mishima. Mishima pulls guard and Florian connects with some body shots. Florian misses with a big right and then nearly gets in side control but Mishima does a good job of defending. Florian stands up, allowing Mishima to grab a leg but Florian is quick to get out of danger. Florian gets back on top and rains down some rights before they stand back up. Florian lands a hard leg kick. They clinch up against the fence and Florian throws some knees. They exchange some low and high kicks and then the round ends.

Round 2

Florian continues to connect with leg kicks and lands an uppercut as well. Florian lands yet another leg kick and Mishima is forced to back off. Florian connects with a high kick and Mishima responds with one of his own but slips and falls to his back. Florian gets on top and starts throwing lefts, rights, and elbows. Florian stands back up and waits. McCarthy stands Mishima up and restarts the fight. Mishima throws a right hook. They clinch and Florian takes Mishima down. Florian falls into the mount and starts throwing elbows to the face and left leg once Mishima pulls his guard tighter. Florian stands up and once again Mishima is brought to his feet by McCarthy. Florian then lands three consecutive leg kicks. Mishima is now limping. Florian lands a left high kick. Mishima does a cartwheel kick and then a front kick just before the round ends.

Round 3

Florian backs Mishima up to the fence and then connects with a knee. Florian takes him down and starts pounding on Mishima. Mishima tries an omoplata that Florian easily gets out of. Florian lands a right and gets back on top. Florian continues to ground and pound. They stand up and Florian nearly misses with a high kick. Mishima tries a cartwheel kick again but Florian is able to take him down. Mishima quickly gets Florian in a leg lock and then a heel hook. Florian is in pain and puts his hand up to tap. Florian then tries a heel hook of his own but can’t get any leverage. Florian is able to soften Mishima up with punches and then get on top. Florian starts pounding on Mishima with numerous unanswered shots. Florian then takes Mishima’s back and puts him to sleep with a rear naked choke.

Winner: Kenny Florian - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- I’m extremely impressed with Florian’s performance, especially his improved muay thai skills. Mishima was very game and came extremely close to submitting Florian with a heel hook.

- After the fight, Florian puts the lightweight division on notice and lets Sherk know that he’s coming back for another shot at the title…

- They show a preview of a new show on Spike TV called ‘The Wild World of Spike’. They show UFC and WEC veteran Kit Cope as one of the hosts. Sam Tripoli another one of the hosts, takes on Quinton Jackson and gets his ass kicked while Jackson barely even tries.

- It’s time for tonight’s heavyweight bout: Antoni Hardonk and Justin McCully…

Antoni Hardonk vs Justin McCully

- This seems to be a definite contrast of styles. In the pre-fight interviews, McCully stated that he wanted to take it to the ground and pound it out while Hardonk was content to use his striking to win.

- The referee is Herb Dean…

Round 1

They touch gloves and Hardonk lands a high kick right off the bat. They clinch up against the fence and McCully is eventually able to take Hardonk down after some grappling against the fence. McCully starts some ground and pound. McCully continues to lay on Hardonk and throw occasional punches. Herb Dean warns McCully that he’s going to stand the fight up if he doesn’t start to work and take advantage of his position. McCully answers and picks up the pace. Hardonk gets McCully in an armbar but McCully easily gets out of it. McCully gets in side control and continues to pound away while Hardonk gets guard. Hardonk sweeps McCully gets in a second armbar that is much deeper. McCully fights through it and Hardonk eventually lets go. McCully sits up and throws a couple of rights just before the round ends.

Round 2

Hardonk lands another high kick early and McCully responds with a right. They clinch and Hardonk lands a knee. They break and McCully gets Hardonk up against the fence. McCully quickly takes him down and starts grounding and pounding once again. McCully’s pace is much better than last round. McCully’s left arm is also being left out in the open like Joe Rogan points out multiple times. McCully stands up but decides to go back into Hardonk’s guard. McCully continues to pound away. Hardonk is cut over his eye. McCully continues his ground and pound assault but at a slower pace. Both guys are exhausted. McCully covers Hardonk’s mouth up, trying to disrupt his breathing. McCully continues to pound away until the round ends.

Round 3

Hardonk starts the round with a right cross and high kick. McCully connects with a right and then clinches. Thye continue to grapple in the clinch and Hardonk starts connecting with knees and lefts. Hardonk continues landing heavy knees and punches. Hardonk throws a knee but McCully catches it and then takes him down. McCully continues to ground and pound throughout the round and gets in side control. Herb Dean continually tells McCully to pick up the pace and work. Hardonk basically does nothing, just laying there and not even attempting to get up. McCully throws punches and elbows in Hardonk’s guard until the round ends.

Winner: Justin McCully (Unanimous Decision)

- Stevenson-Guillard will be much more exciting than that fight, believe me. That’s what happened when you get such a clash of styles - one style reigns supreme and tonight it was the ground work of McCully. Frank Mir would have easily submitted Hardonk if he wasn’t injured in training.

- Interesting things of note - Mike Goldberg said that both Ernesto Hoost and Rickson Gracie were in Hardonk’s corner. Tito Ortiz was obviously in McCully’s corner…

- Joe Rogan interviews both Jens Pulver and B.J. Penn on opposite sides of him. Pulver says that he dislikes Penn because of the lack of respect he receives from him. He also says that the show has made him just want to punch B.J. in the face. Penn says that he is going to break Pulver’s left shoulder. Penn says that Pulver is too insecure and that he never said anything to insult his coaching during the show. When asked about coaching, Pulver said that he loved it while Penn said he wouldn’t do it again because of all of the work and responsibility.

- Coming up next will be one of the undercard fights - Kurt Pellegrino vs Nate Mohr

Kurt Pellegrino vs Nate Mohr

- The referee is Herb Dean…

Round 1

Mohr starts things off with a leg kick. Mohr knocks Pellegrino down to his knees with a right hand. Pellegrino gets back up and Mohr throws some more shots before they clinch. Pellegrino takes Mohr down. Pellegrino quickly gets side control and then shifts to the mount. Pellegrino gets in some rights and Mohr scrambles to half guard. Pellegrino then lands some elbows. Pellegrino stands up and grabs Mohr’s right leg. Pellegrino snaps back for a leg lock and forces Mohr to tap.

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino - Submission (Leg Lock)

- Pellegrino does some break dancing after Herb Dean stops the fight…

- Rogan comments that he thought he saw Mohr’s ankle explode on the inside. Pellegrino confirms this in the post-fight interview, saying that Mohr’s ankle popped at least three or four times before he finally tapped. Pellegrino says that break dancing will also be what he does after he retires from fighting. He states that he and Hermes Franca are going to run the UFC - Franca will be the lightweight champion and Pellegrino will stay as the gate keeper for those trying to become the number one contender.

- Next up is the mainnnnnn event….

- Spike TV shows a commercial for the Dana White vs Tito Ortiz documentary that will air next Thursday at 11 PM.

Joe Stevenson vs Melvin Guillard

- Both Guillard and Stevenson are pretty straight forward with their strategies - Guillard wants to knock Stevenson out; Stevenson wants to submit Guillard.

- Guillard comes out to MIMS - This is Why I’m Hot. Awesome. Guillard is accompanied by his mother who he kisses before entering the Octagon. Guillard dances a bit and plays the crowd.

- Stevenson comes out to a song that I’ve heard before but don’t know the name of, I’ll find that out before the night is over.

- The referee is Steve Mazzagatti…

- Guillard walks away when asked to touch gloves with Stevenson…

Round 1

Guillard starts off by pumping with the left jab. They throws a left and right combination that causes Stevenson to back up. Stevenson connects with a left and then charges in while Guillard misses with a right. Stevenson takes Guillard down and Guillard pulls guard. Guillard then scrambles to try and get back up to his feet but Stevenson catches him in a guillotine and then falls back. Guillard taps out and the fight is quickly stopped. Guillard buries his head in Stevenson’s chest right after. Stevenson consoles Guillard and they exchange words along with Mazzagatti.

Winner: Joe Stevenson - Submission (Guillotine)

- I picked Stevenson to win by submission but not that quick…

- I thought that Stevenson was going to ask for a title shot when he got down to his knees not thank the troops and wish his kids a Happy Easter. Oh well…

- Be sure to stay tuned for the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 5 next…


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