UFC Fight Night 8 Preview

Here is a preview John and I put together for UFC Fight Night 8 along with a little commercial for everyone…

Televised Fights:
Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon
Heath Herring vs. Jake O’Brien
Hermes Franca vs. Spencer Fisher

Undercard Bouts:
Nate Marquardt vs. Dean Lister
Clay Guida vs. Din Thomas
Chad Reiner vs. Josh Burkman
Ed Herman vs. Chris Price
Ross Pointon vs. Rich Clementi

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night as we’ll be doing one of our patented ‘Live Blogs’ starting at 8 PM EST!

Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon

UFC light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans is wrestler who sports an untarnished record of 9-0. Rashad appeared on season II of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and eventually in the end he was able to win the series being crowned the TUF II champion. Rashad has an excellent wrestling game and solid striking ability.

After appearing on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ at heavyweight Rashad decided that he was better suited at 205 lbs. With the new weight class came a new fighting team. Shortly after making the decision to cut down to 205 lbs, Rashad decided to make the move to Albuquerque, New Mexico to train at Jackson’s Submission Academy. Jackson’s Submission Academy is home to UFC contenders Diego Sanchez, Keith Jardine, and Nate Marquardt.

Last 9 Fights:

Win - Jason Lambert - KO (Punches) - UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn
Win - Stephan Bonnar - Decision (Majority) - UFC Fight Night 5
Win - Sam Hoger - Decision (Split) - UFC Fight Night 4
Win - Brad Imes - Decision (Split) - UFC: Ultimate Fighter Finale 2
Win - Jaime Jara - Decision (Unanimous) - GC 27: FightFest 2
Win - Hector Ramirez - Decision (Unanimous) - GC 27: FightFest 2
Win - Bryan Pardoe - TKO - GC 27: FightFest 1
Win - Danny Anderson - Submission (Strikes) - Dangerzone: Cage Fighting
Win - Dennis Reed - Submission - Dangerzone: Cage Fighting

Strengths: Evans is a very strong wrestler who has solid strikes. I feel he has the edge in every department in this fight. Evans has solid cardio, ever improving submissions and ground-and-pound.

Weaknesses: At times Evans has shown that he lacks the killer instinct squeaking out close decisions. If times get tough, Evans immediately turns to his wrestling and he ends up laying and praying on his opponent. With all that being said, I’d say Evans’ weaknesses will have little effect on his fight.

Sean Salmon is a UFC newcomer who sports a mixed martial arts record of 9-1. Salmon is a strong wrestler who has finished his opponents in eight of his nine fights. Salmon’s only loss came to the hands of UFC veteran David Heath who is currently undefeated.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Matt Hershberger - Submission (Strikes) - FF: FightFest 8
Win - Bobby Martinez - Submission (Keylock) - LOF 9: Legends of Fighting 9
Win - Lucas Lopes - Submission - FF: FightFest 6
Loss - David Heath - Submission - FF: Korea vs. USA
Win - Hans Marrero - Submission (Keylock) - DFC 1: Diesel Fighting Championship 1
Win - Danny Sheehan - TKO - FFP: Untamed 5
Win - Jim Bundy - Submission (Armbar) - FF: FightFest 3
Win - Bryan Zanders - TKO - KOTC: Redemption on the River
Win - Jerry Spiegel - Decision - KOTC: Raging Bull
Win - Ron Wince - Submission (Keylock) - HHCF 24: Thanksgiving Throwdown 2

Strengths: Sean Salmon’s biggest strength is his wrestling besides that I don’t know a great deal about him.

Weaknesses: Salmon is fairly inexperienced and he has yet to experience what it is like to fight in the UFC. His debut will come as a headliner bout on free TV so you can bet he is under alot of pressure.

Hermes Franca (17-5) vs. Spencer Fisher (19-2)

Hermes Franca is a tough resilient veteran who sports a MMA record of 17-5 and a UFC record of 4-2. Franca had an amazing 2006 going 7-0 with victories over the likes of Joe Jordan, Jamie Varner, Nathan Diaz, Gabe Ruediger, and others. Franca has shown fans he is back after he went 0-3 in 2006.

Franca trains at The Armory and he is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Franca’s camp is home to the likes of Matt Wiman, Kurt Pellegrino, and Richard Crunkilton. When it comes to fighting Franca can do it all. He has excellent submissions, a vicious right hand, great cardio, and plenty of heart.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Nathan Diaz - WEC 24: Full Force
Win - Jamie Varner - Submission (Armbar) - UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral
Win - Joe Jordan - Submission (Armbar) - UFC 61: Bitter Rivals
Win - Brandon Olsen - Submission (Triangle Choke) - WEC 21: Tapout
Win - Toby Imada - Submission (Armbar) - TC 14: Throwdown
Win - Ryan Schultz - KO - AFC 16
Win - Gabe Ruediger - KO (Punches) - WEC 19: Undisputed
Loss - Koutetsu Boku - Decision (Majority) - K-1: Hero’s 3
Loss - Ray Cooper - KO (Punches) - Shooto Hawaii: Unleashed
Loss - Yves Edwards - Decision (Split) - Euphoria: USA vs. World

Strengths: Hermes Franca is a BJJ black belt who possesses excellent takedowns and striking. He isn’t the most technical striker but he has alot of raw power which poses problems for his opponents. Franca has great cardio and he relishes the opportunity to fight in the UFC.

Weaknesses: Hermes is a very tough, experience veteran who is hard to finish. Looking at his record you’ll see four of his losses have come via a judge’s decision. I’d say the biggest problem in this fight could be the striking game. Fisher is definitely a better striker so if Franca wants to take this fight he needs to put Fisher on the canvas.

Spencer Fisher is a dynamic lightweight who trains with Team Miletich in Davenport, Iowa. This crafty southpaw has excellent stand-up and tons of power in both hands. Fisher introduced himself to UFC fans at UFC Fight Night 2 when he submitted Thiago Alves by triangle choke. Three months later Fisher stepped back into the octagon with Aaron Riley who quickly felt the wrath of Fisher’s strikes. Riley was unable to answer the bell in the second because of a broken jaw.

Fisher has continued his tear winning his last two fights in solid fashion knocking out Matt Wiman via a flying knee and Dan Lauzon via strikes. Fisher will definitely be the superior striker coming into this battle for a UFC lightweight title shot.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Dan Lauzon - TKO (Strikes) - UFC 64: Unstoppable
Win - Matt Wiman - KO (Flying Knee) - UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie
Loss - Sam Stout - Decision (Split) - UFC 58: USA vs. Canada
Win - Randy Hauer - Submission (Triangle Choke) - Battle at the Boardwalk
Win - Aaron Riley - TKO (Doctor Stoppage) - UFC Fight Night 3
Win - Thiago Alves - Submission (Triangle Choke) - UFC Fight Night 2
Win - Henry Matamoros - TKO - SuperBrawl 40
Win - Kyle Watson - KO - Courage Fighting Championship 2
Win - Tim Means - Submission (Triangle Choke) - IFC: Eve of Destruction
Win - John Strawn - Submission (Triangle Choke) - VFC 8: Fallout

Strengths: In this fight Fisher will definitely have the better striking game. If the fight hits the canvas Fisher will be alright as he is versed in submissions and he has an excellent triangle choke.

Weaknesses: Fisher has shown in a few of his fights that he is susceptible to submission while he is on the canvas. He is well versed on the ground but he has given up his back on more then one occasion in the octagon. If he does this with Franca it’ll definitely pose problems.

Heath Herring (26-11) vs. Jake O’Brien (9-0)

Heath Herring is an experience veteran who trains at the Las Vegas Combat Club which is home to fighters such as Frank Mir, Alex Schoenauer, Rick Davis and others. Herring has been fought all over the world but the majority of his time with spent with PRIDE. Standing 6’4 and weighing 250 lbs, Herring fought in Japan for four years amassing a record of 12-5 during that time. During his time in PRIDE he fought the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Filipovic, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Igor Vovchanchyn, and many others.

Heath Herring has been fairly inactive as of late due to contract troubles with both K-1 and the WFA. When Herring was finally able to leave K-1 he went to the WFA only to have his fight cancelled. Luckily, the UFC scooped up his contract and he’ll be back for the first time in nearly one year.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Gary Goodridge - TKO (Punches) - K-1: Hero’s 4
NC - Yoshihiro Nakao - No Contest - K-1: Premium 2005 Dynamite!!
Loss - Sam Greco - TKO (Knee Injury) - K-1: Hero’s 1
Win - Hirotaka Yokoi - KO (Knees) - PRIDE 28: High Octane
Loss - Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Submission (Anaconda Choke) - PRIDE: Critical Countdown 2004
Win - Yoshiki Takahashi - TKO (Punches) - PRIDE: Total Elimination 2004
Win - Gan McGee - Decision (Split) - PRIDE 27: Inferno
Win - Paulo Cesar Silva - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - PRIDE: Shockwave 2003
Win - Yoshihisa Yamamoto - Submission (Choke) - PRIDE: Final Conflict 2003
Loss - Mirko Filipovic - TKO (Strikes) - PRIDE 26: Bad to the Bone

Strengths: Heath Herring is a fighter who brings tons of experience into the octagon. This will definitely be an asset for him come fight time. Herring is a fairly large individual standing 6’4 and weighing in at about 250 lbs. He has solid striking, wrestling and submission skills. Herring is a very aggressive fighter and he utilizes hard low leg kicks well.

Weaknesses: Herring has been pretty inactive as of late so he may be a little rusty early on. One thing I noticed about Herring when watching footage is he leaves himself open alot when striking. This may not mean much fighting a guy like O’Brien who is a wrestler but it could pose problems for him against a guy like Sylvia. One thing that will be different in this fight is the fact that Herring will not be able to use knees on the ground.

Jake O’Brien is a heavyweight prospect who sports an untarnished mixed martial arts record of 9-0. Jake O’Brien is a wrestler who trains with the Integrated Fighting Academy but as of late O’Brien has spent the majority of his time training with Tito Ortiz and the rest of Team Punishment. O’Brien possesses excellent wrestling skills which he’ll definitely try to put in play so he can utilize his ground-and-pound.

Last 9 Fights:

Win - Josh Shockman - Decision (Unanimous) - UFC 65: Bad Intentions
Win - Kristof Midoux - TKO (Ref Stoppage) - UFC Fight Night 6
Win - Pat Harmon - TKO - United Fight League
Win - Antoine Hayes - TKO - Legends of Fighting 6
Win - Jay White - TKO (Punch) - WEC 19: Undisputed
Win - Johnathan Ivey - TKO - Legends of Fighting 4
Win - Anthony Ferguson - TKO - Legends of Fighting Revolution
Win - Paul Bowers - TKO - Integrated Fighting Classic 3
Win - Chris Clark - TKO (Ref Stoppage) - Madtown Throwdown 3

Strengths: O’Brien is currently undefeated so he’ll enter this fight with a good amount on confidence. He has strong wrestling skills and a solid ground-and-pound game.

Weaknesses: One of the biggest factors in this fight will be experience. O’Brien is a veteran of only 9 professional fights while his opponent Heath Herring has over 37 professional fights and he has faced world class fighters such as Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Filipovic.

Nathan Marquardt (24-6-2) vs Dean Lister (9-4)

Nathan Marquardt is a former 7-Time Middleweight King of Pancrase Champion and has been one of the top contenders in the UFC Middleweight division for almost a year now. Marquardt made his UFC debut at the inaugural Ultimate Fight Night, defeating Ivan Salaverry by unanimous decision. He also owns UFC victories over Joe Doerksen by unanimous decision at UFC 58 and Crafton Wallace by rear naked choke at Ortiz vs Shamrock 3 - The Final Chapter. Marquardt has been training with Greg Jackson’s camp in New Mexico for this fight

Last 10 Fights

Win – Crafton Wallace – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC: Ortiz vs Shamrock III
Win – Joe Doerksen – Unanimous Decision – UFC 58: USA vs Canada
Win – Ivan Salaverry – Unanimous Decision – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night
Win – Izuru Takeuchi – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Pancrase: Spiral 4
Win – Kazuo Misaki – Unanimous Decision – Pancrase: Brave 10
Draw – Eiji Ishikawa – Technical Draw – Pancrase: Brave 6
Loss – Ricardo Almeida – Submission (Guillotine) – Pancrase: Hybrid 10
Win – Yuji Hisamatsu – Unanimous Decision – Pancrase: Hybrid 8
Win – Steve Gomm – Submission (Strikes) – IFC: Global Domination
Loss – Keiichiro Yamamiya – Unanimous Decision – Pancrase: 2003 Neo-Blood Tournament

Strengths: Marquardt is a well-rounded fighter with superior skills both standing and on the ground. He is a BJJ black belt and has tremendous ground skills as well as excellent submissions to go along with decent wrestling. Marquardt has a wealth of experience, fighting in various promotions all around the world. He has also faced top competition in every promotion he has competed in.

Weaknesses: Marquardt’s UFC debut against Ivan Salaverry has marked him as being a boring fighter. Because of that, Marquardt has been much more aggressive in his last two fights and has left many holes open in his game. Marquardt is often injured, the main reason why he only has fought in the UFC three times in a year and a half. He has also run out of steam in many of his fights - Hopefully that will be a facet of his game that is worked on by Greg Jackson and his team.

Dean Lister is a UFC, Pride, and KOTC veteran who is usually ranked among the best grapplers in the country. Lister made his UFC debut at UFC 60, submitting Alessio Sakara by triangle choke. He also defeated Yuki Sasaki at UFC Fight Night 6, winning by unanimous decision. Lister is a former KOTC Middleweight Champion as well. He trains at City Boxing along with UFC Heavyweight contender Brandon Vera.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Yuki Sasaki - Unanimous Decision - UFC Fight Night 6
Win - Alessio Sakara - Submission (Triangle) - UFC 60: Hughes vs Gracie
Loss - Ricardo Arona - Unanimous Decision - Pride: Total Elimination 2005
Win - Akira Shoji - Submission (Triangle) - Pride: Bushido 6
Loss - Amar Suloev - Split Decision - Pride: Bushido 4
Loss - Jeremy Horn - Majority Decision - KOTC 31: King of the Cage
Win - James Lee - Submission (Armbar) - KOTC 29: Renegades
Win - Brian Sleeman - Submission (Armbar) - KOTC 25: Flaming Fury
Win - Brendan Seguin - Submission (Armbar) - KOTC 16: Double Cross
Win - Jacen Flynn - Submission (Kimura) - KOTC 12: Cold Blood

Strengths: Lister’s biggest strength is obviously his ground game as he is widely considered among the best grapplers in the country right now. He also seems to have a size advantage over a lot of fighters in the middleweight division.

Weaknesses: His striking is decent but needs to vastly improve if he wants to hang with some of the elite guys at 185. Like Marquardt, many fans view Lister as a boring fighter and his last fight against Sasaki certainly didn’t do very much to calm down that claim.

Clay Guida (21-6) vs. Din Thomas (18-6)

Clay Guida is a talented lightweight who is a veteran of both the UFC and Strikeforce. Guida sports a record of 21-6 and he had a strong 2006 racking up wins against Justin James and Josh Thomas. He suffered a split decision loss to Gilbert Melendez who is currently one of the best lightweights in the world.

Former Strikeforce lightweight champion Clay Guida trains at the Hellhouse and he is a former division 1 wrestling champion. Guida is a very strong fighter who keeps a high pace the whole fight mixing in great takedowns and ground-and-pound.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Justin James - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - UFC 64: Unstoppable
Win - Joe Martin - Decision (Unanimous) - WEC 23: Hot August Fights
Loss - Yusuke Endo - Submission (Armbar) - Shooto 2006: 7/21 in Korakuen Hall
Loss - Gilbert Melendez - Decision (Split) - Strikeforce: Revenge
Win - Josh Thomson - Decision (Unanimous) - Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Gracie
Loss - Tristen Yunker - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - KOTC: Redemption on the River
Win - Joe Jordan - Decision (Unanimous) - XFO 8: Xtreme Fighting Organization 8
Win - Jeff Carsten - TKO (Injury) - IC 9: Purgatory
Win - Dave Cochran - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - KOTC: Xtreme Edge
Win - John Strawn - Submission (Choke) - XFO 7: Xtreme Fighting Organiztion 7

Strengths: Guida possesses excellent cardio and you can expect him to keep a high pace throughout the whole fight. He has good striking and excellent ground-and-pound and submissions. Guida brings lots of experience into the cage and fighting in front of large audiences is nothing new to him.

Weaknesses: I don’t feel that Guida’s striking is quite as good as Thomas’ but I feel he is strong in every other category and this should be an excellent fight.

Din Thomas is an American Top Team member who sports a mixed martial arts record of 18-6. Thomas is an extremely well rounded fight who can finish the fight on the feet or canvas. Thomas also brings alot of experience to the octagon as he has fought in the UFC five times going 3-2. Thomas has faced top notch competition such as B.J. Penn, Jens Pulver, and Caol Uno.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Rich Clementi - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - UFC: Ultimate Fighter 4
Loss - Luciano Azevedo - Decision (Unanimous) - WCFC: No Guts No Glory
Win - Dwayne Shelton - Submission (Armbar) - BP: Pride and Glory
Loss - Tyrone Glover - Decision (Majority) - DEEP: 20th Impact
Win - John Strawn - Submission (Armbar) - AFC 11
Loss - Amar Suloev - TKO (Strikes) - Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003: Inoki Festival
Win - Steve Berger - Decision (Unanimous) - AFC 4
Win - Matt Serra - Decision (Split) - UFC 41: Onslaught
Loss - Caol Uno - Decision (Unanimous): UFC 39: Return of the Warriors
Win - Rob Baer - TKO - RSF 6: Mayhem in Myers

Strengths: Thomas is a BJJ black belt who possesses solid standup and wrestling.

Weaknesses: As I said earlier I feel they are fairly equal but Guida will likely have the edge from the top pounding away but Thomas is always dangerous from the bottom so it’ll be interesting.

Josh Burkman (7-3) vs Chad Reiner (13-1)

Former Team Quest member Josh Burkman will be making his fifth appearance in the Octagon at this event. Burkman was a member of the TUF 2 cast but was forced to leave the competition after breaking his arm in a win over Melvin Guillard. He made his official UFC debut at the series finale, knocking Sam Morgan out with a slam. He continued his winning ways with a submission victory over Drew Fickett but then suffered a setback, being submitted by Jon Fitch in his very next fight. Burkman returned at UFC 60 and got back on track with a decision win over Josh Neer.

Last 10 Fights:

Win - Josh Neer – Unanimous Decision – UFC 61: Bitter Rivals
Loss – Jon Fitch – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 4
Win – Drew Fickett – Submission (Guillotine) – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 3
Win – Sam Morgan – KO (Slam) – UFC: TUF 2 Finale
Loss – Jeremy Horn – Submission (Choke) – XFC: Dome of Destruction 1
Win – Brian Wieber – TKO – IFC: Eve of Destruction
Win – Kyacey Uscola – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – SF 4: Fight for Freedom
Win – Drew Ellisor – Unanimous Decision – CFC 1\
Win – Chilo Gonzalez – Submission (Guillotine) – SF 2: On the Move
Loss – Matt Horwich – Submission (Triangle) – SF 1: Revolution

Strengths: Burkman’s strongest suit is his ground game – He has impressive submissions and his strong wrestling background has helped him control the majority of his opponents on the ground. His striking is decent enough to be able to set up takedowns.

Weaknesses: Burkman has been generally weak in the clinch and is dominated by fighters who really excel in that aspect of the fight game. He has also been known to fold when the fight isn’t going at the pace he wants and he is being pressured.

Chad Reiner is the current VFC Welterweight Champion and will be making his UFC debut against Burkman. Reiner fights out of MidAmerica Martial Arts, a gym that includes Seattle Tiger Sharks member Jake Ellenberger. Reiner is a well-rounded fighter who is versed in both striking and submissions and has finished his opponents using both methods.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Victor Moreno – Submission (Armbar) – VFC 16: Predators
Loss – Dustin Hazelett – KO – Extreme Challenge 70
Win – Justin Wilcox – Submission (Armbar) – Extreme Challenge 68
Win – Edward O’Daniel – KO – Extreme Challenge 68
Win – Jay Jack – Unanimous Decision – ROF 24: Integrity
Win – Danny Anderson – Unanimous Decision – VFC 14: Aggression
Win – Yancy Cuellar – TKO – The Cage Inc.
Win – Joey Clark – Unanimous Decision – EFX: Fury
Win – Aaron Romero – Unanimous Decision – ROF 21: Full Blast
Win – Geno Roderick – Submission (Armbar) – XFO 9

Strengths: Reiner is impressive both standing and on the ground. He pushes a fast pace, fast action fight and catches many of his opponents off guard by jumping right into the fight once it begins. His ground game allows him to be able to counter many wrestling maneuvers, something that may come in handy against an opponent like Burkman.

Weaknesses: Reiner is fairly inexperienced compared to Burkman – He has never fought in the UFC and hasn’t fought anything close to the caliber of opponents that Burkman has as well. His striking still needs to be cleaned up as he leaves himself open to get hit many times throughout the course of a fight.

Ed Herman (10-5) vs Chris Price (8-1)

Ed Herman is a TUF 3 alumnus who will be trying to keep himself in the UFC with a win against Chris Price. Herman lost a controversial unanimous decision to Kendall Grove in the TUF 3 Middleweight finals. Herman was then defeated once again, being submitted by Jason MacDonald at UFC: Ortiz vs Shamrock III. Even though many former members of the team have left, Herman still trains with Team Quest. He is four-time former champion in four different MMA promotions across the country.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Jason MacDonald – Submission (Triangle) – UFC: Ortiz vs Shamrock III
Loss – Kendall Grove – Unanimous Decision – UFC: TUF 3 Finale
Win – Dave Menne – TKO (Corner Stoppage) – Extreme Challenge 63
Win – Nick Thompson – TKO (Injury) – Hand 2 Hand Combat
Win – Rhomez Brower – Submission (Armbar) – IFC: Mayhem in Montana
Win – Glover Texixeira – Unanimous Decision – SF 9: Respect
Loss – Joe Doersken – Submission (Triangle) – SF 7: Fright Night
Win – Brian Ebersole – Submission (Triangle) – SF 5: Stadium
Loss – Kazuo Misaki – Submission (Arm Triangle) – Pancrase: 2004 Neo-Blood Tournament
Win – Shane Davis – Submission (Armbar) – SF 4: Fight for Freedom

Strengths: Herman is a ground and pound specialist, something that may give him a distinct advantage since that is how his opponent lost his UFC debut. He is a scrappy striker and has a lot of heart, so don’t expect him to give up too easily. Herman’s triangle is also very impressive.

Weaknesses: Herman has a lot of heart but sometimes it can put him in a bad position when he goes for things he shouldn’t be instead of being patient and waiting. While he is good on the ground, his defense isn’t as great. When he is taken out of his element and starts to get dominated on the ground, he doesn’t know how to handle himself at times and makes stupid mistakes.

Chris Price is a respectable striker who trains out of the Damage Incorporated camp. His fellow teammate, Sean Salmon will also be fighting on this card. Price made his UFC debut at UFC: Ortiz vs Shamrock III and was stopped by Kendall Grove in the first round with strikes on the ground. Like Herman, Price most likely needs a win in order to stay in the UFC.

Last 9 Fights:

Loss – Kendall Grove – Submission (Strikes) – UFC: Ortiz vs Shamrock III
Win – Troy King – Unanimous Decision – LOF 8
Win – Mando Rosales – Unanimous Decision – DFC 1
Win – Matt Masterson – Unanimous Decision – LOF 7
Win – Mitch Whitesel – Submission (Strikes) – LOF 5
Win – Mike Merriman – TKO – LOF 4
Win – Jack O’Neil – TKO – LOF: Revolution
Win – Corey Abbott – TKO – LOF 3
Win – Jon Miller – TKO – LOF 2

Strengths: Price has decent striking as well as good ability on the ground. Like Herman, he looks to end the fight by striking, whether on the ground or standing. He has a lot of heart and will give it everything he has in order to win the fight.

Weaknesses: He doesn’t have much experience – He’s only had 9 professional fights and with the exception of Grove, hasn’t really faced any decent competition, which is why he was able to run through the Legends of Fighting promotion with ease. He also has sub-par defense on the ground, he needs to improve his guards and learn how to keep a fighter from continually striking and going for submissions while he is on his back.

Rich Clementi (23-11-1) vs Ross Pointon (4-7)

Rich Clementi is a UFC veteran with a ton of experience, fighting all around the world in his 7-year career. Clementi made his UFC debut at UFC 41, losing to Yves Edwards by rear naked choke. He was chosen to compete in the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter and did. He lost however in the first fight of the show to Shonie Carter by unanimous decision. Clementi was given another chance at the show finale but lost again, getting choked out by Din Thomas.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Din Thomas – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC: TUF 4 Finale
Loss – Caol Uno – Unanimous Decision – K-1: Hero’s 4
Win – Brian Dunn – TKO – Battle at the Boardwalk
Win – Fabio Holanda – TKO (Strikes) – TKO 24: Eruption
Win – Ryan Schultz – Submission (Armbar) – AFC 14
Win – Chris Mickle – TKO – Extreme Challenge 64
Win – Daisuke Hanazawa – Unanimous Decision – Euphoria: USA vs The World
Win – Henry Matamoros – Unanimous Decision – Euphoria: Road to the Titles
Win – Tom Kirk – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) RCF: Showdown
Win – Eddie Yagin – TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) – PXC 2: Chaos

Strengths: Clementi is a well-rounded fighter with potent skills standing and on the ground. He has a wealth of experience, fighting in various different promotions throughout this career. He is also a decent wrestler. Clementi is very mentally tough and even a bit crazy at times. He wants to go to war with his opponent every time out.

Weaknesses: Clementi is very inconsistent as shown by his record. He tends to hang on in fights until the very last round and then ultimately ends up losing the fight somehow. He looks very impressive in some fights and then down right horrible in others.

Ross Pointon is a scrappy British fighter who sports a record of 4-7. He was a member of the TUF 3 cast and made his UFC debut at the show’s finale, losing to Rory Singer by triangle choke. Despite his record, Pointon has given everything he has in every one of his fights, something that obviously impressed the UFC when they decided to sign him.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Rory Singer – Submission (Triangle) – UFC: TUF 3 Finale
Loss – Michael Bisping – Submission (Armbar) – CWFC: Strike Force 4
Win – Jerome Laulan – Submission (Guillotine) – CWFC: Strike Force 3
Loss – Thomas Valentin – Submission (Kimura) – CWFC: Strike Force 2
Loss – Przemyslaw Mysiala – KO (Knee) – Extreme Brawl 9
Loss – Gregory Bouchelaghem – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – CWFC Strike Force
Loss – Valentijn Overeem – TKO – Anarchy Fight Night
Win – Francis Carmont – TKO – UKMMAC 9: Smackdown
Win – Charlie Francis – Submission (Strikes) – Extreme Brawl 8

Strengths: Pointon has the heart of a lion and is willing to fight anybody, anywhere, at anytime, just like the cliché says. He is a hard puncher with knockout power and isn’t afraid to stand with anyone. His small stature gives him the ability to take opponents down rather easily.

Weaknesses: Pointon’s ground game is lacking severely, that was exploited by Rory Singer in front of the world last summer. He is a scrappy guy with a lot of heart but that’s about it sadly. He needs to have improved a whole lot overall to be able to hang with Clementi in this one.


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