UFC Fight Night 8 Predictions

Here are our predictions for tonight’s event. The setup is a little different than last time – We are listing the winners and things like that but we’ve added a few thoughts as well as the predictions of the newest member of our team that you already met, Bill Reger.

He won’t be undefeated for long folks, don’t worry…

Scott White (28-15)

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon: I see Rashad Evans taking this fight with relative ease. Sean Salmon is regarded as the better wrestler but Rashad Evans is the better mixed martial artist. It’ll come down to Rashad just having a better all around game.
Winner: Rashad Evans – TKO

Jake O’Brien vs Heath Herring: This is the perfect opportunity for Jake O’Brien to gain some notoriety in the heavyweight division. If he beats Heath Herring he’ll definitely be in the hunt for the title. Unfortunately at this point I don’t see O’Brien beating Herring. Herring is a tough, resilient veteran who has done it all. O’Brien has yet to face top tier competition and Herring has been for the past 7 years. Herring’s aggressive style will pose problems for O’Brien and I see him losing early.
Winner: Heath Herring – TKO

Spencer Fisher vs Hermes Franca: To me this in a very interesting fight. Spencer Fisher has excellent strikes but I don’t know how well he can defend the shot. Dan Lauzon was able to get him to the canvas early in their bout at UFC 64 and Matt Wiman got him down a few times at UFC 60. If Franca is able to get this fight to the canvas like the other two did, I see him eventually snatching a submission. If Fisher is able to stop Franca’s shots he should be able to pick him apart on the feet but I don’t see that happening. In the end I feel Franca will get the fight down and pull off a late submission.
Winner: Hermes Franca – Submission (Armbar)

Nate Marquardt vs Dean Lister: This is a very interesting fight with the winner moving one step closer to a middleweight title shot. I see this being a very technical battle with some excellent ground work being displayed. I feel Marquardt will edge Lister out on the feet and that will be the deciding factor in the end. I see Marquardt taking the decision.
Winner: Nate Marquardt – Unanimous Decision

Josh Burkman vs. Chad Reiner: Both fighters like to push the pace and they are solid both on the feet and ground. I see Burkman getting the better of Reiner on the feet and at some point late in the first I see Reiner getting finished by strikes.
Winner: Josh Burkman – TKO

Clay Guida vs. Din Thomas: This is a very interesting fight. Thomas will have the edge standing but I see that being cancelled out when Guida fends off his strikes and works for takedowns at a frantic pace. Guida is a demon on the top and I see him getting a TKO late in the fight.
Winner: Clay Guida – TKO

Ed Herman vs. Chris Price: Just a quick note, Price did not make weight for this fight as he came in at 192 lbs but it’s still a go. I see Herman taking this one in the second round by submission. I feel he’ll secure the takedown fairly easy and from that point he’ll be able to work some ground-and-pound until Price gives up his back and then it will be bed time for Mr. Price.
Winner: Ed Herman – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Rich Clementi vs. Ross Pointon: Why Ross Pointon is in the UFC is beyond me but with that being said Clementi should get a quick victory. Pointon has tons of heart and he’ll come to fight but Clementi will take the victory in whichever way he wants. This is just a case of the UFC feeding Clementi and opponent to get him a win.
Winner: Rich Clementi – Whatever he wants

Bill Reger (0-0)

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon: Evans is much more well rounded than Salmon and will likely win this one on more effective striking.  But it could get more interesting than many expect as Salmon is simply the better pure wrestler.  What will Evans be able to do from his back, a position he has almost never been before in MMA?
Winner: Rashad Evans – Unanimous Decision

Heath Herring vs Jake O’Brien: O’Brien is a real up and comer. But experience will dictate this one, Herring will really want to show he belongs in the UFC and a fresh re-start to his career.
Winner: Heath Herring - TKO

Hermes Franca vs Spencer Fisher: As many have said, this will likely be the fight of the night.  I love Fisher, but I’m an even bigger fan of Franca.  He’ll find a way to catch Fisher, but will really have to work hard for it.  Don’t be surprised if Fisher wins the first two rounds comfortably before falling victim to an armbar. 
Winner: Hermes Franca – Submission (Armbar)

Nate Marquardt vs Dean Lister: This one is easily the most difficult to pick.  Which Lister or Marquardt shows up?  Both can be great, yet each has also shown some underwhelming performances.  Whoever steps up wins this one.  For some reason, I think Nate will be the one this time. 
Winner: Nate Marquardt – Unanimous Decision

Clay Guida vs Din Thomas: Another potentially spectacular fight.  Guida is a real buzzsaw and for some reason I see him walking right through some of the crisp striking that Thomas possesses.  I’m a big fan of Din’s, but this is a very tough fight for him.
Winner: Clay Guida - TKO

Chad Reiner vs Josh Burkman: Burkman is the sexy pick, but Reiner has only tasted defeat once in 14 fights.  His fight card is full of basically nobodies except his one loss, but he will still be dangerous.
Winner: Josh Burkman - TKO

Ed Herman vs Chris Price: Big fight for both of these guys to remain in the good graces of the UFC brass.  Herman will be the hungrier one and has a more complete game. 
Winner: Ed Herman – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Ross Pointon vs Rich Clementi: These two are extremely lucky to have a spot on the very bottom of this card.  Clementi is obviously the more well rounded of the two and he’ll get his first UFC win here.  Pointon is simply a brawler who is not very good at that even. 
Winner: Rich Clementi – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


John Chandler (27-16)

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon: The UFC is attempting to feed Evans a fighter that isn’t quite ready for the challenge he will bring forth tonight. I think many aren’t giving Salmon quite a chance but they are certainly going to find out when Salmon is shown to be the better wrestler of the two, something that Evans hasn’t experienced yet. In the end, I think that experience is going to be the key here and Evans will be able to inch out a victory in a fight that will be a lot closer than most people think.
Winner: Rashad Evans – Unanimous Decision

Heath Herring vs Jake O’Brien: Finally Herring has made it to the UFC and he’s going to show everyone what an awesome addition he is. O’Brien is a heavy-handed prospect that is looking to make some noise in the heavyweight division. He eventually will but not now when Herring and Cro Cop are at the same rung of the divisional ladder as he is. I’m thinking that Herring will end this one quickly and early.
Winner: Heath Herring – TKO

Hermes Franca vs Spencer Fisher: The predicted fight of the night by many is most likely going to be exactly as advertised. Expect a fast-paced bout where both fighters pull out all of the stops. In reality, it’s probably going to come down to which fighter accidentally makes a mistake first that the other is able to capitalize on. However I could also see it easily going the distance.
Winner: Hermes Franca – Unanimous Decision

Nate Marquardt vs Dean Lister: Let me start out by saying that I will be praying that there is enough time for this bout to be televised. This fight is unofficially for the number one contender spot in the middleweight division so expect both fighters to come out guns blazing. The winner is going to be the fighter that is able to impose their will on the other. Lister will want to take the fight to the ground while Marquardt may try to keep it standing. Either way, it’s going to be interesting fight to follow.
Winner: Nate Marquardt – Unanimous Decision

Clay Guida vs Din Thomas: While I’d assume many would pick Thomas in this one because he’s Din Thomas, UFC Veteran, I think Guida is the obvious choice here. He’s one of the most underrated lightweights out there and moves at a pace that rivals the likes of Karo Parisyan and Diego Sanchez. I’m seeing a fast and furious victory for ‘The Carpenter’
Winner: Clay Guida: TKO

Chad Reiner vs Josh Burkman: I think Burkman is the obvious choice in this one. Reiner may have the more impressive record but the level of competition he has faced isn’t even close to Burkman. Burkman will have the advantage standing and of course with experience but I’d have to give the edge to Reiner on the ground. With that being said, I think that Reiner will go the way most UFC newcomers do their first time out.
Winner: Josh Burkman – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Ed Herman vs Chris Price: This fight is do or die for the two of them – The winner will most likely get another fight in the UFC, the loser will have to work his way back in by fighting in smaller promotions. Herman certainly has the advantage in this fight in terms of heart, intensity, skill, basically anything you can think of. Price looked lost against Kendall Grove and I’m seeing something similar against Herman.
Winner: Ed Herman – Submission (Triangle)

Ross Pointon vs Rich Clementi: Pointon has a lot of heart. Unfortunately that’s about all he has. He’s a scrappy striker but Clementi’s strikes are much more precise and he will be able to pick Pointon apart if the fight stays standing, which it will. I see a stoppage in the second round of this fight because I’m psychic.
Winner: Rich Clementi – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


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