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UFC Fight Night 8 Preview

UFC Fight Night 8 Predictions

Tonight’s lineup for those who are wondering -

Televised Fights:
Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon
Heath Herring vs Jake O’Brien
Hermes Franca vs Spencer Fisher

Swing Bout:
Nate Marquardt vs Dean Lister (will be televised if there is TV time remaining)

Undercard Bouts:
Clay Guida vs Din Thomas
Chad Reiner vs Josh Burkman
Ed Herman vs Chris Price
Ross Pointon vs Rich Clementi

- Let’s do this…

- Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan start the show analyzing the showdown between Rashad Evans and Sean Salmon. Apparently Salmon has been doing a lot of trash-talking leading up to the fight, one of the main reasons why Evans got in his face at the weigh-ins yesterday.

- Rogan talks about how excited he is for Heath Herring’s debut in the UFC. He goes over his card which is certainly impressive to say the least.

- The first fight of the night will be Hermes Franca vs Spencer Fisher in the lightweight division…

Hermes Franca vs Spencer Fisher

- This fight is unofficially for the number one contender spot to Sean Sherk’s lightweight belt.

- Franca’s purple hair is fantastic…

- The referee is Jorge Alonso.

Round 1:

The two start off the round by sizing each other up. Franca tries a huge uppercut that misses. Both fighters look very relaxed, neither one is very tense. Franca is throwing some wild punches and putting his head down while Fisher backs away. Franca takes Fisher down and starts pounding on him until Fisher gets him in his guard. Franca goes for a heel hook but Fisher is able to get out of it. They stand back up and Franca continues to miss with wild bombs. Fisher connects with a jumping knee. Both connect with simultaneous rights. They exchange punches and leg kicks throughout the round. Franca takes Fisher down again and stands up back up before throwing a diving right. They exchange strikes on the ground until the round ends.

- Solid first round for both fighters, Fisher was effective with his stand-up landing a few good body shots and low kicks. Franca looked a little wild but he still snuck in a few and got a couple solid takedowns. On the canvas Franca utilized some solid ground and pound. Good first round.

Round 2:

Fisher starts the round off landing a good amount of unanswered strikes. Franca falls down and catches Fisher in a leg hook just as Fisher is attempting to engage. Fisher is able to get out of it but Franca is quick to get on top of him. Franca gets into side control and lands a few elbows before Fisher is able to get him back in his guard. They exchange punches on the ground until Jorge Alonso decides that they are doing enough and stands them back up. They continue to trade strikes, each landing their fair share. Franca tries to take Fisher down again but Fisher stuffs the takedown this time around. Franca connects with a wild right that stuns Fisher. Franca then continues to throw punches as Fisher fights to stay on his feet. Franca continues to unload unanswered shots until Alonso steps in and ends the fight.

Winner: Hermes Franca - TKO

- Very impressive win by Hermes Franca! Not a technical striker but man he throws hard!

- After the fight, Hermes pulls a Georges St. Pierre, getting down on his knees and begging Dana White for a title shot…

Heath Herring vs Jake O’Brien

- I wonder if O’Brien will fake kiss Herring for the fun of it…

- Who doesn’t love the outfit that Herring wears to the ring?

- Look how focused Herring looks. Gives me chills seeing him walk to the Octagon…

- Finally Herring is in the UFC! What an entrance, if that isn’t a look of pure determination and focus then I don’t know what is!

Round 1:

The two start things off by shadow boxing. Herring is staying very low while he strikes, probably trying to prevent a takedown. They continue to shadow box and connect with the occasional strike while the crowd voices their displeasure. Herring connects with a left hook and drops O’Brien. Herring goes for an anaconda choke but O’Brien gets out of it and gets on top, pounding O’Brien. O’Brien gets Herring’s back and tries a rear naked choke but Herring is able to get out of it. Thye stand back up but O’Brien quickly takes the fight to the ground once again. Herring rolls to his back and defends well until he ends up on his back again. They exchange strikes on the ground until the round ends.

- Interesting first round, O’Brien proved that he definitely belongs in the octagon with the big boys. Herring seemed quite tentative and whenever he tried to do something O’Brien put him on the canvas and neutralized his game. Very impressive first round by Jake O’Brien.

Round 2:

Herring looks frustrated as the round begins. Herring throws a high kick that O’Brien is able to block. O’Brien takes Herring down and quickly mounts him. O’Brien takes his back once again but Herring scrambles and ends up on his back, still not the best position. O’Brien pounds on Herring and opens up a cut over his left eye. Herring tries to get up but he can’t reverse the wrestling skill that O’Brien has. They get back to their feet but O’Brien takes Herring down again in less than five seconds. O’Brien holds Herring down, throwing the occasional strike until the horn sounds to end the round.

- O’Brien is putting on a fricken clinic in the octagon tonight, Herring looks terrible. He is showing no submission defense and he has no answer for O’Brien’s superior wrestling ability.

Round 3:

O’Brien quickly takes Herring down again to start the round. Herring attempts a kimura but O’Brien easily squirms out of it. Big John McCarthy stands the two back up to keep the action going. Herring connects with a right but O’Brien again takes him down to the mat. They stand back up and the same exact thing happens again. Herring gets O’Brien in a kimura but he is unable to hold it for long. Herring complains to McCarthy that O’Brien is just holding him down and not advancing his position but McCarthy doesn’t budge. O’Brien gets Herring in a rear naked choke but Herring gets out of it and gets back up to his feet. Herring drops O’Brien for a second time with a right cross and gets O’Brien in an anaconda choke but can’t finish him off. McCarthy stands them back up again and Herring swings wildly, connecting with lefts and rights but O’Brien escapes and takes Herring’s back, holding that position until the rounds ends.

Winner: Jake O’Brien - Unanimous Decision

- Very disappointing UFC debut for “The Texas Crazy Horse”. He can complain all he wants about being held down but O’Brien implemented a great gameplan and he was clearly the better fight. Solid showing by O’Brien!

- Rogan interviews Randy Couture in the crowd where he says that he will beat Tim Sylvia and be UFC Heavyweight Champion once again…

Ed Herman vs Chris Price

- Seems like we won’t be seeing Marquardt-Lister after all…

- This fight is big for both fighters - The winner will get another shot in the UFC; the loser probably won’t come back…

Round 1:

The two exchange strikes and clinch up early, winding up against the cage. Herman goes for the takedown and Price stuffs it only to give in to the second attempt. They wrestle around and Price locks in a kimura that Herman is able to get out of. Price gets it once again but again Herman is able to escape. Herman lands some punches and elbows from the top while Price tries to get up. Price rolls to his back and Herman takes it, attempting a rear naked choke before transitioning to an armbar and immediately causing Price to tap out.

Winner: Ed Herman - Submission (Armbar)

- Impressive submission win for Herman against an opponent that needs some more work on his overall game before he becomes a mainstay in the UFC.

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon

- Goldberg and Rogan bring Randy Couture in to help call the main event. Couture says that he has helped train Evans for this fight.

- Salmon comes out jumping up and down in excitement for his debut…

- 10 bucks says that Rashad can’t hear his ipod…

Round 1:

They size each other up with small strikes to start the round. Salmon tries a jumping high kick that misses. They exchange some strikes with each fighter landing a couple. Salmon misses with a big uppercut. They clinch and Salmon takes Evans down. Salmon gets in side control and lands some elbows before they stand back up. They clinch and Salmon pushes him against the cage, landing a left-right combo. Evans misses a high kick and follows it up with another that Salmon catches. Salmon uses the awkward position to take Evans down again and pounds on him until they stand back up. Both fighters look tired already. They shadow box for a little and Evans attempts another high kick just before the horn sounds to end the round.

- Salmon looked great in the first landing some excellent punches and securing a few solid takedowns. I’d say he took the first round 10-9.

Round 2:

The round starts and already the two are exchanging strikes. Evans connects with a right hand that stuns Salmon and follows it up with a flurry of lefts and rights that Salmon is able to survive. Evans backs Salmon up towards the cage and then lands a high kick that knocks Salmon out cold. Evans adds two rights for good measure but Salmon is already unconscious. The referee runs over and stops the fight.

Winner: Rashad Evans - KO

- WOW what a finish! Hopefully Salmon is alright…

- Impressive showing for Salmon, hopefully he is alright and we can see him in the UFC again in the near future…

Well that about wraps things up. Thanks to everyone who followed our little play-by-play. Hopefully we can continue the conversation in the comments section for the next few days…


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