UFC Fight Night 12 Thoughts and Notes

Some thoughts and notes from last night’s UFC Fight Night 12…

Swick-Burkman A Draw

Just like Luke Thomas and Adam Morgan, I too thought that this fight was a draw. I gave the first round to Burkman, the second round was even, and the third round went to Swick. I think Burkman really cost himself the fight in the third round. He was aggressive all throughout until he decided to stay back and let Swick come to him in the third. It was almost as if he actually thought that he had won the first two rounds.

I was surprised that Burkman didn’t go for a takedown in the middle of the cage instead of against the fence. Swick said after the fight that he cut too much weight leading up to the fight so he obviously didn’t come in as strong as he could have. Swick was obviously able to prevent Burkman from taking the bout to the mat on the feet but I wonder how it would have been if Swick had to go down and stuff the attempts.

The scoring of Swick-Burkman went like this: Glenn Trowbridge and Adelaide Bird scored 29-28 for Swick. Doc Hamilton had it even at 29-29, showing us that you can score a round 10-10. Swick’s win was the first majority decision awarded in the UFC since Cheick Kongo’s over Assuerio Silva at UFC 70.

McFedries Underestimated Cote?

Either McFedries underestimated Cote way too much or he just wasn’t prepared to get back in there and fight after everything that happened in his personal life over the past six months. I’m guessing the latter. It had to be extremely tough to get in there and throw down after losing his mother and being sick for months. Hopefully he can bounce back.

He was just way too relaxed in there and it ended up costing him as he got tagged after taunting Cote. Unfortunate for him that he showed no respect for Cote’s skills.

It’s nice to see Cote keep winning after such a rough start to his UFC career.

Tavares-Omigawa Should Have Been Closer

I thought that this fight was going to be a quick, first-round submission win for Tavares. I mean come on, Omigawa is a fantastic judo practitioner but was 4-5 going into the fight. Well that train of thought definitely shit the bed in this one. Omigawa was much better on the ground than I think everyone expected.

I actually was surprised that two of the judges scored it 30-27 for Tavares. I thought it was going to be a lot closer on the cards. I actually gave Omigawa the second round but that’s just me.

Does Robinson Fear Good Grapplers?

Now I know what you’re saying. The above doesn’t make any sense because Gurgel is a great jiu-jitsu guy and Robinson ate him alive. However if you have followed Gurgel’s fights in the UFC, he’s more focused on putting on a show and making his fights exciting then executing his ground attack and I think Robinson knew this going into it.

However against Diaz and Florian, Robinson has folded like a piece of paper. In any event, beautiful transition to a triangle by Diaz.

Crane Can’t Cut It

Let’s be frank here. The UFC is looking like its not the place for Alberto Crane. I realize that he’s game and has sick ground skills but this is the second straight fight where he was dominated and embarrassed. I give him props for nearly ending the fight in the first round but Pellegrino survived and was picking him apart by the end of the round.

Crane had no chance in the second. I agree with Herb Dean’s stoppage of the fight. I realize that he may have caught a finger in the eye from Pellegrino’s right hand but you have to tell the referee that you got poked in the eye. You can’t close your eyes and curl up in a ball like Tum-Tum from 3 Ninjas is about to whack you with a stick. That’s just asking for the fight to be stopped.

Random Thoughts

Gray Maynard and Dennis Siver are most likely going to receive fight of the night honors from how it sounded like their fight went. I was expecting Corey Hill and Jeremy Stephens to overwhelm both of their opponents and that is exactly what happened. Matt Wiman is looking like the real deal.



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