UFC Fight Night 11 Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 7 PM EST, covering UFC Fight Night 11 with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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Main Card:

Din Thomas vs Kenny Florian
Chris Leben vs Terry Martin
Nate Diaz vs Junior Assuncao
Nate Quarry vs Pete Sell

Preliminary Bouts:

Jonathan Goulet vs Dustin Hazelett
Thiago Alves vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka
Leonard Garcia vs Cole Miller
Gray Maynard vs Joe Veres
Luke Cummo vs Edilberto de Oliveira

We are live bitches!

The Pearl Theatre looks to be filled to capacity…

The first fight of the night will feature our boy, “The Road Warrior” Jonathan Goulet going up against replacement opponent Dustin Hazelett. Goulet was originally scheduled to fight Mike Swick, who was set to make his debut at welterweight. However Swick was forced to pull out of the bout after sustaining an injury during training.

Goulet’s fight against Swick was also supposed to be on the televised portion of the event but the UFC decided to swap that fight with the Nate Quarry-Pete Sell rematch. It kind of sucks but it is what it is. If the bout is a quick one, it may end up on TV after all.

Jonathan Goulet vs Dustin Hazelett

Round 1: Hazelett comes out swinging right from the start. Goulet is able to avoid the punches and throw some strikes of his own before the two end up clinching. Goulet sweeps Hazelett and takes him down. Goulet moves to side control for a moment but Hazelett is able to pull guard. Hazelett then locks in an armbar from guard. Goulet tries to work his way out of the position and rolls to his stomach. Hazelett then extends the armbar and Goulet begins to scream in pain. Hazelett releases the armbar just as the referee starts to move in to stop the fight.

Winner: Dustin Hazelett - Submission (Armbar)

It seems that Goulet most likely has some kind of fracture or broken bone in his arm.

The next fight just be end up being the fight of the night according to some out there in the MMA media. Thiago Alves makes his return after a lengthy suspension against Kuniyoshi Hironaka.

The referee for this will be Herb Dean.

Thiago Alves vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka

Round 1: The round starts out pretty slow with both fighters content to just stay on the feet and try and create distance with strikes. Alves continually scores with a constant barrage of leg kicks. The two continue to exchange strikes on the feet until the closing moments of the round. Alves then connects with a right cross that sends Hironaka stumbling to the canvas. Alves pounced on Hironaka and unleashed some vicious ground and pound. Alves continued to pound away, almost forcing Dean to stop the bout. However Hironaka was able to pull guard and held Alves in close quarters until the horn sounded to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Alves.

Round 2: The second round starts out just as slow as the first stanza. Alves continues to work the leg kicks and both fighters eventually start to let their hands go. Alves knocks Hironaka down against with a crisp combination. Alves attempted to capitalize but Hironaka worked his way back to his feet and took Alves down. Alves works his way back up to his feet and the two begin exchanging strikes once again. Alves connects with a big right hand that stuns Hironaka. Alves continues to land leg kick after leg kick and it’s obvious that Hironaka is in pain. Hironaka then signals to the referee that he can’t continue but Alves clinches and lands another right followed by a knee just before Dean can intervene and wave off the bout.

Winner: Thiago Alves - Submission (Strikes)

Alves is now 5-2 in the UFC. I’d like to see him and Marcus Davis matched up in the future. That fight would have some fireworks for sure.

The next prelim bout is going to feature TUF 5 alumnus Gray Maynard going up against UFC newcomer Joe Veres. Hopefully Maynard doesn’t knock himself out this time.

The referee for this one is Mario Yamasaki.

Gray Maynard vs Joe Veres

Round 1: Maynard lands a jumping left hook right off the bat that drops Veres. Maynard jumps on top of Veres and lands two straight rights to an obviously out Veres. Yamasaki rushes in and halts the bout only nine seconds into it.

Winner: Gray Maynard - KO (Punch)

The next fight is a matchup between lightweights Leonard Garcia and Cole Miller..

Because of technical difficulties we will be unable to blog the fight between Garcia and Miller. We will however be able to report the result.

After an entertaining three round bout that went the distance, Miller was awarded an unanimous decision win by all three of the judges.

Winner: Cole Miller - Unanimous Decision

The final prelim bout will feature Luke Cummo versus Edilberto de Oliveira…

The referee for this one is going to be Herbie Dean.

Luke Cummo vs Edilberto de Oliveira

Round 1: The round starts with Cummo throwing heavy leather right off the bat. Cummo continues to throw strikes while Oliveira moves away and taunts Cummo for missing. Cummo continues to throw until he finally lands a right hand that rocks and sends Oliveira to the canvas. Cummo jumps on top of him and lands two more unanswered rights that forces Dean to stop the bout and save Oliveira from any further damage.

Winner: Luke Cummo - TKO (Strikes)

The televised portion of the event has started. However the microphones for both Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan aren’t working. It doesn’t even seem like the production team realizes it.

The referee for this one is Mario Yamasaki.

Nate Quarry vs Pete Sell

Round 1: Sell starts off the bout rocking Sell with two big rights. Quarry comes back with some shots of his own and the two go back and forth with strikes. They clinch and Sell tries to take Quarry down but is unable to. Quarry delivers and elbow and Sell muscles him up against the cage. Sell throwing elbows and punches in tight. Sell is able to pick Quarry up and take him down to the mat. Quarry works his way back up before Sell can do anything to improve his position. Sell throws some foot stomps but Yamasaki steps in and seperates the two, restarting the bout at the center of the cage. Quarry rocks Sell with a nice right. They continue to go back and forth on the feet. Quarry lands a wide left. Sell gets in a jab. The pace slows down and picks up as both land hard punches. Sell lands a left flush to Quarry’s face. They clinch again and Quarry throws some knees. They separate and continues to each land punches. Quarry attempts a flying knee but misses. Quarry is walking right into Sell’s punches. Sell starts to land unanswered shots on Quarry. Quarry looks tired. Sell continues to throw until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Sell.

Round 2: Sell starts the second stanza landing strikes once again at will. Quarry can’t seem to find his range. Sell lands two more rights flush to Quarry’s face and Quarry responds with three straight leg kicks. Quarry bleeding out of his nose. Sell pumps away with the jab. Sell knocks Quarry down a right but Quarry is able quickly stand back up. Quarry connects with another leg kick. Sell comes back with another right. Sell lands a stiff jab and nearly misses with a right. Quarry lands a left, right combination but Sell is able to take him down. Sell locks in a guillotine for a moment but then lets go. Quarry stands up and takes a knee from Sell. Quarry lands an elbow and the two separate. Sell lands a superman punch. Quarry is cut on his cheek now. Sell lands two straight rights. Quarry lands a right that doesn’t faze Sell. The two go back and forth but the majority of their punches miss. Quarry’s left side of his face is covered in blood. Sell lands two lefts that knock Quarry off balance. Quarry lands a right that connects with two more leg kicks. Sell lands an uppercut just before the horn sounds to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Sell.

Round 3: Quarry connects with more leg kicks to start the round. Sell lands some more lefts. They clinch for a moment and then separate. They go toe-to-toe with punches, each missing until Quarry lands a right cross that sends Sell to the mat. Quarry is hesitant at first but then bends down and lands a right that shows Sell is down for the count. Yamasaki waves off the bout and Quarry has knocked out Sell for the second time in his career.

Winner: Nate Quarry - KO (Punch)

I knew Quarry had to be saving his power for something. Either that or he caught Sell with a lucky shot. It looks like Quarry might need to knock off some more rust in his next fight.

It’s time for Nate Diaz to take on Junior Assuncao. We might be seeing both Diaz brothers here since Nick is permitted to corner fighters again.

Stockton represent mofos!

Nate Diaz vs Junior Assuncao

Round 1: Assuncao trips up Diaz with a leg kick to start the bout. They clinch up against the cage and grapple for a bit. Assuncao tries to take Diaz down but is unable to sweep him. Diaz locks in a kimura while standing up and then sweeps Assuncao to the canvas. He maintains the kimura but gives it up as Assuncao took his back. Diaz works his way out of it and the two stand up. They clinch again and Diaz locks in yet another kimura as they fall to the ground. Assuncao tries to spin out of it but Diaz is still able to hold on. Assuncao rolls and takes Diaz’s back but Diaz is able to reverse position and stand up. They clinch up against the cage once again but quickly separate. Diaz then rocks Assuncao with a flurry of lefts and rights, causing Assuncao to go down to his knees. Diaz takes advantage and locks in a guillotine that eventually forces Assuncao to tap out.

Winner: Nate Diaz - Submission (Guillotine)

Impressive win for Nate right there. I’m feeling a preliminary bout coming on next.

Nevermind about that prelim, it seems that Rogan is going to interview Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. The crowd as always give Chuck a nice cheer.

Chuck says that he’s not underestimating Jardine. He says that Jardine has heavy hands and is a good striker. Liddell also says that he won’t be worrying about any future fights until after the Jardine fight.

Forrest gets an even bigger applause than Chuck. Surprising and not surprising at the same time. Griffin says that he wants everyone to know that he was in the UFC first. He says that there isn’t anyone easy to fight anymore in the light heayweight division. Says that a win over Shogun will get him in line for a title shot.

It’s time for the one fight that I’m most looking forward to tonight…

Intense staredown. The referee is Herb Dean.

Chris Leben vs Terry Martin

Round 1: The two come out throwing bombs from the start, just as expected. Leben is keeping his distance from Martin. Martin misses with a right cross and then takes down Leben. Leben does a good job of controlling Martin, keeping him tight in his guard. Leben throwing small shots from the bottom. Leben looks for an armbar before standing back up. They start to bang again. Martin lands a couple of lefts that stun Leben. They clinch and Leben lands three straight knees. They separate and throw some more. Martin lands another left. They clinch again and switch positions up against the cage. Leben throwing some shots in close quarters. Leben throwing some knees in tight. Martin picks Leben up high in the air. Leben intentionally grabs the fence and Dean takes a point away from him. Martin takes Leben down but lets him up after a couple of seconds. They continue to go toe-to-toe. Leben lands a couple combinations in a row and follows up with some knees. They clinch up against the cage and Leben lands some nice foot stomps. Martin looks to be losing stamina. They circle each other as the round ends.

MMA on Tap scores the round as a draw, 9-9 after the point deduction.

Round 2: They clinch to start the round and Leben lands some nice knees to the body. They go up against the cage and Leben stomps away at Martin’s feet some more. They separate and Martin lands a left, right combination. Leben lands a hard leg kick and Martin misses with a big uppercut. They clinch and then separate. Martin lands a nice body shot. Leben lands two straight rights and Martin misses with a big right of his own. Leben connects with some more leg kicks and short punches. Martin chases after Leben and misses with another uppercut. Martin trips Leben up and takes him down. Leben kicks at Martin’s ribs from the bottom. Leben lands an elbow from the bottom. Martin starts to land some rights but Leben locks in a triangle. Leben tightens it up but Martin continues to hold on. Leben holds it but he runs out of time as the horn sounds to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Leben.

Round 3: Martin lands a heavy uppercut to start the round. They clinch up against the cage and Leben steps away. Leben lands a left hook and Martin follows with a left, right combination. Leben tries to take Martin down but Martin stuffs it. They get back up and Martin throws some knees to a bent over Leben. Leben stands up straight and Martin lands a right and a body shot. Martin starting to land solid shots. Leben comes back with some lefts of his own. Both guys look tired, especially Leben now. Martin takes Leben down. Martin lands some big rights from the top position. Leben staying busy from the bottom. Martin stands up and lets Leben get back to his feet. Leben lands a left hook. They clinch and Martin throws a knee. They step off and continue to bang. Leben gets in a knee. Martin lands a right. Good pace. Both are exhausted. Both landing shots. Leben takes Martin down but Martin rolls Leben over. Leben busy on the bottom once again. They stand back up and Martin lets Leben get up. Martin rocks Leben with a left. Martin hurts him even more with a right. Martin taunts Leben to come forward and connects with another right. Leben looks done but connects with a left that sends Martin straight to the mat. Leben gets in one more for good measure and Dean stops it as Martin is out.

Winner: Chris Leben - KO (Punch)

I can’t say anything else but holy shit!

Leben is pretty emotional after the win. Leben said that he was thankful that his stamina stayed up against Martin and I agree, that was a hell of a war as expected.

The main event is next people. Kenny Florian challenging Din Thomas.

Florian comes out to some Juelz Santana. Thomas comes out to a song I don’t know.

Din Thomas vs Kenny Florian

Round 1: Thomas throws a leg kick to start things off. Florian throws a high kick that is blocked. They continue to exchange kicks. Thomas backs Florian up against the cage and lands a short right. Florian kicks Thomas right in the balls. Thomas goes down. Yamasaki gives him time to recover. Thomas wants to continue. They restart and Florian throws another high kick. Florian attempts a roundhouse leg kick that misses. Florian tries a body kick and slips. He falls to the ground and Thomas pounces on him landing some lefts and rights. Thomas lands some elbows and then stands up, allowing Florian to stand back up too. Thomas taunts Florian by running away. Florian takes Thomas down and starts going at him at a furious pace. Thomas kicks Florian off but Florian takes him down once again. Thomas shoots in but Florian stuffs it. Florian turns to the side and starts hammering away at Thomas. Thomas is covering up. Florian continues to pound away. Florian still punching and telling Yamasaki that Thomas isn’t defending himself. Florian keeps on punching and then takes Thomas’ back. Florian throws some more punches from behind and then locks in a rear naked choke that forces Thomas to tap out.

Winner: Kenny Florian - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

The replay shows that Thomas blew his knee out.

Great event but I want to go watch The Ultimate Fighter. End of blog. Thanks for staying along for the ride.


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