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Tonight we will be going live at 9 PM EST, covering UFC Fight Night 10 with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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UFC Fight Night 10

Televised Bouts:

Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout
Jon Fitch vs Roan Carneiro
Drew McFedries vs Jordan Radev

Preliminary Bouts:

Jason Black vs Thiago Tavares
Pete Spratt vs Tamdan McCrory
Luigi Fioravanti vs Forrest Petz
Gleison Tibau vs Jeff Cox
Nate Mohr vs Luke Caudillo
Chad Reiner vs Anthony Johnson

Here we go…

Joe Rogan as always is giving a good analysis of the bouts. His feature one seems to be Fitch and Carneiro. Rogan says that Fitch is one of the hottest stars at 170 lbs and that he hasn’t been seen by a lot of people because his fights haven’t made it to some of the main cards on events yet.

He also states that he’s the most exciting fighter at welterweight. I would disagree with him and say that St. Pierre is still the most exciting fighter in the division but I guess everyone can have their own opinion of things. He’s also really high on Carneiro’s overall game, especially his skills on the ground. It’s looking to be a very close fight between those two tonight.

The first bout of the night will be Drew McFedries going up against Jordan Radaev.

Drew McFedries vs Jordan Radev

This is going to be an interesting fight because it can either stay on the feet or go to the ground. Of course it’s up to the fighters - McFedries would excel on the feet; Radaev on the ground as he comes in as a very established wrestler. Who gets to impose their will on the other? Let’s find out…

Holy reach advantage McFedries!

The referee for this bout is Jorge Alonso.

Round 1: They start the round by measuring each other up on the feet. McFedries starts throwing punches and connecting while Radaev backs up against the cage. McFedries continues his assault while Radaev tries to move away from the shots. McFedries misses with a high kick. McFedries then throws a left straight, right uppercut combo that knocks Radaev down. McFedries pounces on him and connects with a right that puts Radaev to sleep. McFedries gets in two more shots for good measure before Alonso steps in and stops the bout.

Winner: Drew McFedries - KO (Punch)

Impressive victory by McFedries. Bruce Buffer said that Radaev was a kickboxer during the introductions but he really didn’t look like he was comfortable on the feet.

One of the undercard bouts is now being televised - Chad Reiner taking on last minute replacement Anthony Johnson.

Chad Reiner vs Anthony Johnson

The referee is Troy Waugh.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Reiner attempts a front kick that comes up short. They exchange a couple of left and right hooks that miss. Reiner then chases after Johnson with wild shots. Johnson catches Reiner with a right that stuns him. Reiner responds by connecting with a solid right to Johnson. Johnson continues to throw bombs, catching Reiner with a left hook that puts him to sleep.

Winner: Anthony Johnson - KO (Punch)

The next fight is rising star Jon Fitch attempting to stay undefeated in the UFC against Roan Carneiro.

Jon Fitch vs Roan Carneiro

Troy Waugh is once again the referee.

Round 1: They start off by trying to find their range. Carneiro steps in and connects with a left. Carneiro picks Fitch up and takes him down. They exchange from the bottom and Fitch gets out when Carneiro stands up. Carneiro gets control of Fitch’s head and attempts an anaconda choke. Carneiro rolls and locks in the choke but Fitch gets out of it. Fitch gets on top and then stands up. Fitch throws some knees to a bent over Carneiro and the two then back into the cage. Fitch throws weak shots up against the cage while Carneiro tries to take him down mulitple times. Carneiro takes Fitch down for a moment but Fitch stands back up. Carneiro then takes Fitch down and keeps him there. Carneiro works his way back to the north position. Carneiro tries another anaconda choke up until the round ends.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Carneiro.

Round 2: Fitch is more aggressive on the feet to start the round. Fitch knocks Carneiro back into the cage with punches. Carnerio falls down and Fitch continues to ground and pound, landing unanswered shots. Fitch takes Carneiro’s back and continues to pound away. Fitch locks in a rear naked choke and Carneiro taps out seconds later.

Winner: Jon Fitch - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Scott says that he wasn’t impressed with Fitch’s performance and I agree. In past fights, he’s looked great on the ground. Why he was just letting Carneiro try and sink in the anaconda choke is beyond me. Either way, Fitch should probably be matched up with Karo in his next fight. It would make sense since Koscheck is facing St. Pierre in August and Serra and Hughes aren’t fighting until late this year.

Another one of the preliminary bouts have made it to the broadcast - Jason Black makes his long awaited UFC debut against Thiago Tavares.

Jason Black vs Thiago Tavares

The referee for this bout is Big John McCarthy.

Round 1: Tavares attempts an early take down but Black is able to stuff it. Black rolls Tavares but after a scramble they make it back up to their feet. Tavares tries to take Black down again and fails. Tavares then switches to Black’s back. Black is able to get out of that position and then pulls half guard on Tavares. Black locks in an arm triangle on Tavares but Tavares gets out. Tavares mounts Black but Black is able to stand up. Tavares gets Black in a guillotine but Black rolls out of it once they hit the ground. Tavares pounds on Black until Black tries to stand back up. Tavares pushes Black back on the ground and attempts another guillotine but once again Black gets out of the submission. Tavares is pounding on Black. Black’s right eye begins to swell. Tavares continues to pound on Black until the round ends. Total domination by Tavares.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-8 for Tavares.

Round 2: Tavares throws a high kick to start the round. Black backs Tavares up with punches. Black catches a Tavares’ high kick and pushes him down. Black allows Tavares to stand back up but Tavares picks Black up and slams him down. Tavares gets side control. Black reverses and gets on top. Black tries a kimura but is unable to get it. Tavares then locks in a triangle and Black quickly taps out.

Winner: Thiago Tavares - Submission (Triangle)

Very impressive performance by Tavares, especially to defeat a fighter with a wealth of experience in Black that easily. Goldberg and Rogan made a few comments about how much weight Black cut for this fight and how sickly he looked during the weigh-in’s yesterday. His stomach was gross to say the least.

It’s time for the main event of the evening - Sam Stout vs Spencer Fisher in a rematch of last year’s fight of the year

Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout

Fisher walks to the Octagon with Johnny Cash - God’s Going to Cut You Down playing in the background.

The referee for this bout will be Big John McCarthy.

Sam Stout comes out to some great entrance music: Rage Against the Machine - Guerilla Radio.

Round 1: They both come out swinging. Both are letting their hands go with wild shots. Fisher catches Stout with two nice combinations. Stout responds with a right cross. Both are landing bombs. Stout connects with a nice shot to the body. Fisher connects with a left hook. Fisher pushes Stout up against the cage. Fisher throws a kick. Both continue to throw without hesitation. Fisher connects with another hard shot. Fisher is landing at will. Fisher connects with a hard left hook. Stout responds with a left hook of his own. Both continue to slug away. Fisher is bleeding from his right eye. Stout lands a right that stuns Fisher. The two keep battling until the round ends. Tremendous first round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Fisher.

Round 2: The second round starts just like the first, with both swinging. Fisher lands a knee. Fisher continuing to be the faster striker than Stout. Fisher lands a left that pushes Stout back a couple of steps. Stout misses with an uppercut. Both are still landing bombs. Fisher lands a leg kick and Stout responds with one of his own. Fisher lands a superman punch. Stout lands a body shot in response. Fisher gets Stout up against the cage and lands a knee. Stout lands a straight right. Fisher lands a straight kick. Both connect with rights. They exchange leg kicks. Fisher throws a knee and nearly slips. Fisher throws a high kick that Stout blocks. Fisher lands a glancing right. Stout lands a front kick. Fisher lands a hard right. Fisher grabs Stout’s leg and backs him up into the cage. They continue to exchange until the round ends.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Fisher.
Round 3: Stout coming out aggressive in the last stanza. Both giving it all they have. Stout still missing with shots from a distance. He needs to pick it up if he wants to win this fight. Fisher lands a right that knocks Stout backwards. Both connects with rights. Fisher lands a snapping left followed by another. Fisher lands a straight left. They exchange leg kicks. Fisher lands a right that puts Stout down to a knee. Stout lands a solid body kick. Fisher continues to out strike Stout. Fisher’s face is a bloody mess. Stout’s face showing signs of the fight as well. Stout is more aggressive during the closing moments. Fisher lands yet another straight right. Stout tries a leg kick that is blocked. Stout throws a leg kick and slips but gets back up. They continue to swing away until the final horn sounds. Fight of the year so far.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Fisher and the fight 30-27 for Fisher. The judges at the event agree.

Winner: Spencer Fisher - Unanimous Decision

Great event overall. It’s just another example that just because there aren’t that many popular or well known fighters on a card, it doesn’t mean that it’s still not going to be a great event.


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