UFC-CBS Deal on Thin Ice?

Adam Swift of MMA Payout has the latest on the discussions between the UFC and CBS on the potential of airing a live event on the network.

According to some sources that Swift has spoken to, there’s a large chance that talks may have fallen apart completely:

For whatever it’s worth, based on conversations between MMA Payout and multiple sources within the industry, there seems to be a growing belief that the UFC-CBS deal has stalled or fallen apart altogether. At the very least there seems to be an emerging consensus that the deal won’t be in place in time for UFC 81 as has been rumored.

I never really understood why so many people were saying that UFC 81 had a great chance of being on CBS. The original press release for UFC 81 that was issued directly after the company announced Brock Lesnar’s debut against Frank Mir already stated that the event was going to be on PPV. Can that type of deal with a PPV carrier be easily changed? I’m not sure.



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