UFC Attempting to Go North Once Again

So once again, the UFC is attempting to go north of the border and put on an event in Canada.

Previous tries to book a show at the Bell Centre in April and November both failed earlier this year because of scheduling conflicts with the NHL. Yet UFC President Dana White is content to try again, quite possibly being fuled by Georges St. Pierre’s post-fight remark Saturday night, letting White know that an event in his hometown of Montreal would drive the fans crazy.

White made his intent to try again known at the post-fight press conference for UFC 74. There he stated that he would like to try and book an event in Montreal as early as February or March. He also said that the show would feature Georges St. Pierre challenging the winner of a December bout between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra for the UFC Welterweight Title.

Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network has mentioned a pretty good alternative solution for White’s Montreal arena troubles - the Colisée Pepsi, the former home of the now-defunct Quebec Nordiques:

An alternate location could be the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City. The arena hosted the province’s other NHL team, the Quebec Nordiques, up until 1995 until they moved to Colorado. Colisée holds 15,750 spectators, not including floor seating. A popular concert location, the venue now plays host to some junior and senior hockey teams that have yet to finalize their home schedule, leaving a window of opportunity for White and company to lock in a date for 2008.

The capacity is certainly large enough to be a number that White is looking for and while it may not be the Bell Centre, it’s at least an opportunity to build a good foundation with the city of Quebec for future events.


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