UFC 80: Rapid Fire Live Results

We will be going live at 1:00 PM EST with live results of UFC 80: Rapid Fire, which will take place live from the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England.

UFC 80 features a lightweight championship bout between former welterweight title holder B.J. Penn and top contender and Ultimate Fighter 2 winner Joe Stevenson. Also on the card is a rematch between Gabriel Gonzaga and Fabricio Werdum and a welterweight clash between Marcus Davis and Jess Liaudin.

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Sam Stout vs Per Eklund

Round 1: Eklund starts with a takedown attempt right off the bat but Stout is able to stuff it. Stout throws combinations at Eklund who tries multiple times throughout the round to score a takedown. Stout stuffs every one of them, putting Eklund on his back and then standing up again to exchange on the feet. This is repeated a few times throughout the round. They clinch up against the fence and Eklund lands a knee. Stout trips up him and takes him to the canvas. Stout stays in Eklund’s half guard and works some ground and pound until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 2: Once again, Eklund tries again and again to take Stout down but can’t get him to the ground. Eklund caused a scramble during a stuffed takedown by Stout but Stout ends up on top. Stout lands some punches and elbows just before Eklund attempts an armbar. Stout gets out of it easily and then stands back up. They exchange on the feet until the end of the round. The crowd isn’t very happy with the fight so far. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 3: The third round is a mirror image of the first two. Stout continues to stuff Eklund’s takedown attempts and connects with crisp punches on the feet. It’s obvious that Eklund just does not want to stand with Stout, period. The same thing is repeated throughout the round until the final bell. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Stout and the fight 30-27 for Stout as well. The judges score it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for Stout.

Winner: Sam Stout - Unanimous Decision

Alessio Sakara vs James Lee

Round 1: Lee shoots in for a takedown during the first few moments and gets Sakara up against the fence. Lee then muscles Sakara to the canvas. Sakara stands up but is quickly taken back down. Sakara stands up once again and Lee grabs ahold of a leg. Sakara throws right hands at the side of Lee’s head while he works for the takedown. Lee lets go and Sakara continues to pound away. Lee isn’t responding and referee Dan Miragliotta steps in and stops the fight just over three minutes into it. After the fight Lee complains that he may have injured his back.

Winner: Alessio Sakara - TKO (Strikes)

Paul Taylor vs Paul Kelly

Round 1: They exchange on the feet to start the round. They clinch and Taylor pulls Kelly down to the ground, locking in a guillotine in doing so. Kelly is able to get out of it. Kelly controls Taylor from the top position while Taylor stays busy on the bottom, working some sharp elbows. Taylor sits up and tries for another guillotine but Kelly gets out of it once again. Kelly is controlling Taylor on the ground while Taylor is trying to stand back up. Kelly works some ground and pound until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Kelly.

Round 2: Taylor takes Kelly down to start the round. They scramble and Taylor ends up taking Kelly’s back. Taylor tries for a rear naked choke but Kelly does a nice job of defending it. Kelly reverses position and winds up on top. Kelly works some ground and pound. Taylor continues to throw elbows from the bottom in hopes of cutting Kelly. Taylor twice tries for a kimura but Kelly gets out of it. Kelly continues to control Taylor and lands punches and elbows from the top until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Kelly.

Round 3: Kelly scores another takedown of Kelly to start the round and immediately starts to work some ground and pound from the top. Taylor stays busy from the bottom and continues to throw elbows at Kelly. Taylor tries to stand back up but Kelly is able to keep him on the ground. Kelly controls Taylor from the top and pounds on him until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Kelly and the fight 30-27 for Kelly as well. The judges agree.

Winner: Paul Kelly - Unanimous Decision

Antoni Hardonk vs Colin Robinson

Round 1: They clinch right off the bat. Hardonk throws some knees at Robinson. Hardonk pushes Robinson away and tags him with two leg kicks. Hardonk then follows up with a left jab that stuns Robinson. Another jab sends Robinson to the canvas and referee Mario Yamasaki running in to stop the fight only 17 seconds into it.

Winner: Antoni Hardonk - TKO (Strikes)

PPV time!

Kendall Grove vs Jorge Rivera

Round 1: Rivera catches Grove with a right and then takes him down right away. Grove tries to get up but Rivera muscles him against the cage. Rivera is landing solid rights on Grove. Rivera flips Grove to his back and starts pounding away. Grove stands up and Rivera is landing unanswered right hands from behind. Grove is wobbly. Grove turns around and Rivera puts him down for good with a left hand. Referee Dan Miragliotta steps in and stops the fight. Rivera is back baby.

Winner: Jorge Rivera - TKO (Strikes)

Jason Lambert vs Wilson Gouveia

Round 1: Lambert stalks Gouveia to start the fight. They exchange jabs before Lambert takes Gouveia down. Gouveia gets Lambert in a guillotine but Lambert gets out of it. Lambert starts pounding away at Gouveia. Gouveia tries an armbar but Lambert stands up and pulls out of it. Lambert controlling Gouveia against the cage and landing punches. Lambert continues to work some ground and pound. Gouveia trips Lambert up and then stands up. Lambert slams Gouveia down but Gouveia catches him in an omoplata. Lambert eventually works his way out of it and gets on top of Gouveia. He pounds away until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Lambert.

Round 2: They exchange on the feet to start the round. They clinch up against the cage and Lambert stays busy with the left hand. Gouveia lands a nice inside right. They move apart and go toe-to-toe. Gouveia lands a right hand right on Lambert’s chin. Lambert crumples to the ground and is visibly out. Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight. Right hand out of nowhere.

Winner: Wilson Gouveia - KO (Punch)

Marcus Davis vs Jess Liaudin

Round 1: Liaudin works the leg kicks to start the round. Davis throws a combination and eats another kick. Liaudin goes in to throw another leg kick and Davis nails him with a left right behind the ear. Liaudin drops and Davis pounces on him. Davis connects with unanswered bombs that put Liaudin to sleep. Mario Yamasaki jumps in and waves off the fight. Three quick stoppages in a row. What the heck is going on.

Winner: Marcus Davis - KO (Punches)

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabricio Werdum

Round 1: Werdum throws a flurry of lefts and rights before clinching with Gonzaga. Gonzaga then takes him down. Gonzaga works some ground and pound while Werdum keeps a tight guard. Werdum tries to stand up but Gonzaga keeps him down. Gonzaga then stands up and allows Werdum to stand as well. Gonzaga connects with a couple hard leg kicks. Gonzaga knocks Werdum down with a leg kick and then lets him stand up again. Werdum misses with a high kick and Gonzaga responds with a leg kick. Gonzaga buckles Werdum down with another leg kick. Gonzaga lands a body kick but Werdum pushes him to the ground while he’s off-balance and takes his back. Gonzaga pulls half guard. Werdum working some strikes. Werdum lands three straight elbows. Gonzaga rolls for a kneebar and stays there until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Gonzaga.

Round 2: Werdum rocks Gonzaga with a combination in the beginning of the round. Gonzaga falls down to the ground, baiting Werdum to come in but Werdum doesn’t bite so Gonzaga is forced to stand back up. Nice exchanges on the feet with a mix of punches and kicks. Gonzaga catches a Werdum body kick and lands a body kick of his own. Gonzaga with a leg kick and Werdum lands a combination. Gonzaga catches another body kick and throws Werdum to the ground. The referee stands Werdum back up. Gonzaga takes Werdum down again but allows him to stand up. Werdum lands a knee and follows up a combination. Werdum with three straight knees. Werdum is picking Gonzaga apart. They clinch up against the cage and Werdum continues to work the knees. Gonzaga goes to his knees. Werdum gets warned for almost kneeing Gonzaga while he’s down. Werdum flattens Gonzaga out and then pounds away for nearly a minute with unanswered punches until the referee steps in and stops it. Big victory and an impressive performance by Werdum.

Winner: Fabricio Werdum - TKO (Strikes)

Time for the main event…

B.J. Penn vs Joe Stevenson - UFC Lightweight Title

Round 1: Penn knocks Stevenson down with an uppercut right from the start. Penn pounces on him but Stevenson keeps his composure and slows the pace. Penn working some ground pound while Stevenson maintains a tight guard. Penn moves Stevenson up against the fence. Stevenson tries a guillotine but Penn easily gets out of it. Penn stands up but then goes back on top of Stevenson. Penn transitions to mount but they scramble and Stevenson sits up against the cage. Penn hits Stevenson with a left and a right and then gets back on top of Stevenson. Penn moves to side control. Stevenson landing punches from the bottom after getting back into guard. Penn lands a heavy elbow. Stevenson has a huge cut, bleeding all over. Penn controls Stevenson until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9.

Round 2: Exchanging on the feet to start the round. Stevenson lands a nice standing elbow. Each landing jabs. Penn lands a left hook and then a right cross. Both staying with the jab. Penn lands another uppercut. Penn backs Stevenson up against the cage and lands a combination. Herb Dean stops the fight in order to have the doctor check the cut. Stevenson is allowed to continue. Penn cracks Stevenson with another uppercut and knocks him down. Penn pounces on Stevenson. Penn pounding away. Stevenson tries to stand up and Penn takes his back. Stevenson rolls back but Penn mounts him. Penn takes Stevenson’s back again. So much blood. Penn locks in a rear naked choke and forces Stevenson to tap. B.J. Penn is the new UFC lightweight champion.

Winner: B.J. Penn - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


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