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Tonight we will be going live at 8 PM EST, covering UFC 77: Hostile Territory with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the day and night…

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Main Card:

Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin - UFC Middleweight Title
Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera
Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer
Kalib Starnes vs. Alan Belcher
Jorge Gurgel vs. Alvin Robinson

Preliminary Bouts:

Yushin Okami vs. Jason MacDonald
Demian Maia vs. Ryan Jensen
Josh Burkman vs. Forrest Petz
Jason Black vs. Matt Grice

We are live bitches!

The order of the fights is the reverse order of the matchups listed above, meaning that Jason Black and Matt Grice will start the night off. They are scheduled to begin walking to the Octagon at about 8:15 PM EST.

It’s time to get things started with Jason Black and Matt Grice both trying to win for the first time in the UFC in the first preliminary bout of the night.

Jason Black vs. Matt Grice

Round 1: Grice quickly takes Black down to start the round. Black attempts an array of submissions from the bottom, including a triangle, kimura, and a couple of armbars but is unable to hold any of them. They stood back up and Grice took Black down once again. This happened two more times throughout the round. Grice worked some ground and pound after the final takedown of the round. Black once again attempted a kimura and was able to lock it in this time. He held it until the horn sounded to end the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Black.

Grice had top position for most of the round but I had to give it to Black based on the amount of submission attempts.

Round 2: They start the second round on the feet and Grice quickly knocks Black down with a left hook. Grice pounced on Black and pounded away, nearly causing the referee to stop the fight. Black survived and then surprised Grice with a triangle. Grice got out of it but then found himself fighting out of a kimura. Grice worked his way out of it and was then swept by Black, who ended up on top of Grice. Black achieved mount and began raining down bombs on Grice until the end of the round. Very close and exciting round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-10.

Grice knocked Black down at the start of the round but Black dominated the second half. I came close to giving another round to Black but decided to both award them 10 points each.

Round 3: They decide to stay on the feet for the beginning of the last round. Grice landed a couple of punches that stunned Black. Grice went in for a takedown but Black caught him in a guillotine choke. Grice got out of it and then took Black down to the mat. Grice starts to work some more ground and pound from the top position. Black tries a couple of weak submission attempts but Grice easily fends them off. Black looking weary. Grice continues to land strikes until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Grice and the fight a 29-29 draw. The judges agree with the draw at first scoring it 29-28 for Black, 29-28 for Grice, and 29-29. However it was found afterwards that the scores were added up wrong and it was Grice who won the fight by split decision.

Winner: Matt Grice - Split Decision

The next prelim bout of the night features welterweights Josh Burkman and Forrest Petz

Josh Burkman vs. Forrest Petz

Round 1: They clinch early to start the round and Burkman sweeps Petz to the ground. Petz eventually worked his way back up to his feet but found himself caught in a Burkman guillotine. Petz got out of it and Burkman took him down once again. Burkman controlled Petz on the ground for the remainder of the round, throwing the occasional punch and elbow until the horn sounded.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Burkman.

Round 2: Burkman scored early on the feet to start the second round. Burkman shoots in for a takedown but Petz stuffs it. Petz then scores multiple times with a mix of strikes on the feet. Burkman mounted a mini-comeback in the middle of the round with a nice flurry but Petz continued to score points standing. Petz wins the rest of the exchanges until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Petz.

Round 3: Petz continues to find success on the feet at the beginning of the third round until Burkman dropped Petz with a left. Burkman pounced on him and locked in a guillotine on Petz during a scramble. Petz found his way out of it. Burkman got on top of Petz and Petz pulled guard. Burkman works strikes from top position until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Burkman and the fight 29-28 for Burkman. The judges call it a split decision for Burkman (29-28, 29-28 for Burkman; 29-28 for Petz)

Winner: Josh Burkman - Split Decision

The production crew is going to have to hurry it up. Not much time before the televised event.

Next up is Demian Maia making his UFC debut against Ryan Jensen

Demian Maia vs. Ryan Jensen

Round 1: Maia quickly takes Jensen down to start the bout. Jensen scrambled and Maia was able to take his back, swiftly getting both hooks in pretty easily. Jensen fought off Maia’s rear naked choke attempts for quite a while but finally fell to Maia’s superior ground skills less than three minutes into the bout when he tapped out.

Winner: Demian Maia - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Impressive debut for Maia.

The final preliminary bout of the night is one that should definitely be on the main card as the winner may end up getting a potential shot at the middleweight title.

Please take note that Matt Grice vs Jason Black has been changed from a draw to a split decision win for Grice. It has been fixed at the top

Jason MacDonald vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1: The two are content to start the round on the feet. They spent the early moments measuring the distance between each other and throwing the jab. MacDonald went in for a takedown but Okami stuffed it. Okami connecting well with the jab. The two spent the remainder of the round on the feet, each landing a fair number of shots but Okami getting the better of the exchanges, especially during the final minute.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Okami.

Round 2: Okami continues to land on the feet in the beginning of the second round. MacDonald went in for another takedown but Okami stuffed it once again. Okami swept MacDonald and took him down. Okami working some good ground and pound. MacDonald attempted a knee bar but Okami was able to get out of it. Okami stayed in MacDonald’s guard, pounding away until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Okami.

Round 3: Okami basically dominated the entire round. Okami began picking MacDonald apart on the feet to start things off. MacDonald shot in for a takedown but was once again prevented from taking Okami down to the mat. Okami then took MacDonald down himself. They scrambled and Okami took MacDonald’s back but couldn’t lock it in. Okami flipped MacDonald over and then got on top of him, working some ground and pound until the end of the fight.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Okami and the fight 30-27 for Okami as well. The judges agree.

Winner: Yushin Okami - Unanimous Decision

That’s a wrap for the prelim bouts. The PPV broadcast starts in a few minutes.

The broadcast has started bitches!

It seems that Kalib Starnes and Alan Belcher are going to lead things off…

Belcher looks pretty excited. He walks out to Queen - Under Pressure.

Starnes on the other hand looks rather serious. He comes out to some Rage Against the Machine. Not sure of the name of the song.

The referee for this bout is Yves Lavigne.

Nick Lachey in the house. How gay.

Kalib Starnes vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1: Belcher starts landing early and often on the feet. They clinch up against the cage and Starnes takes Belcher down. They stand back up. Starnes is bleeding. They continue to clinch. Not much happening. Belcher lands some knees against the cage. Belcher lands a flying knee and then an elbow. Starnes lands a right and a leg kick. Starnes throws a flurry. Belcher answers back with a left. Starnes rocking Belcher with another flurry. Starnes continues to land. They are going back and forth with strikes. Belcher lands two knees and an uppercut. Belcher throwing unanswered shots. Starnes has a big cut over his right eye. Starnes’ face is covered in blood. Belcher picks Starnes apart until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Belcher.

Round 2: The round starts with the two exchanging on the feet once again. Starnes picking up the pace. Lavigne stops the bout to have Starnes’ cut checked. Starnes insists that he can fight but the doctor decides that the cut is too severe and stops the bout.

Winner: Alan Belcher - TKO (Cut)

Sucks for Starnes but the cut was pretty bad.

The next fight is Stephan Bonnar trying to continue his winning ways against former training partner Eric Schafer.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer

The referee for this fight is Big John McCarthy.

Round 1: They measure each other up to start things off. Bonnar charging forward with punches. They clinch and exchange knees. They continue to exchange on the feet until Schafer pulls Bonnar to the mat. Bonnar gets side control and lands some elbows. He shifts to the top and lands a left. They scramble and stand up. Schafer picks Bonnar up and slams him down. Bonnar gets Schafer’s arm but nothing comes of it. Schafer takes Bonnar’s back. Schafer tries multiple times to lock in the rear naked choke. Bonnar sweeps Schafer and then controls him until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Schafer

Round 2: Bonnar takes Schafer down to start the round and starts to pound away. Bonnar pounding away with unanswered shots. Schafer gets Bonnar in half guard. Bonnar gets side control and is still landing shots. Bonnar stands up and is unloading. McCarthy is close to stopping it. Schafer flattens out while Bonnar is pounding away and McCarthy has no choice but to stop it.

Winner: Stephan Bonnar - TKO (Strikes)

Due to technical difficulties (the UFC PPV feed I ordered online continually not working for some reason) I’m going to suspend the blog for right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up in a bit. I apologize to those that were following along so far.


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