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Tonight we will be going live at 10 PM EST, covering UFC 73: Stacked with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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UFC 73: Stacked

Main Card:

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans
Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt - UFC Middleweight Title
Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca - UFC Lightweight Title
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring
Kenny Florian vs. Alvin Robinson

Preliminary Bouts:

Stephan Bonnar vs. Mike Nickels
Chris Lytle vs. Jason Gilliam
Frankie Edgar vs. Mark Bocek
Jorge Gurgel vs. Diego Saraiva

- Scott here, taking over, it’s almost that time folks, t-minus one minute!

- We are live, Tito and Rashad are currently talking trash. Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk and Hermes Franca grace the screen to hype up their title fight. Muay Thai badass and current UFC middleweight Anderson Silva and Nate Marquardt provide a few words before we are graced with the typical UFC highlight videos.

- Mike Goldberg graces the broadcast both from the sold out ARCO Arena to hype up the evenings card. The man, the myth and of course the legend, Joe Rogan, joins Goldberg to break down the middleweight title fight.

- Rogan and Goldberg introduce Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to the fans stressing the fact that he is a very well rounded fighter who possesses excellent BJJ and solid striking. Also they discuss the fact that there is some serious bad blood between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz.

- The first bout of the evening is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring

- Coming out first is Heath Herring sporting his trademark trench coat with a cowboy hat featuring a Warrior Wear logo. Herring looks very calm and focused.

- Former PRIDE heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira walking out to “Give Me Shelter” by The Rolling Stones.

- Yves Lavigne is the referee in charge.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Herring coming out and missing with a combo. Nogueira gets the body lock and throws Herring to the canvas. Nogueira begins to work from side control.  Nogueira tossing a few shots from side control. Nogueira almost takes Herrings back but they return to the feet. Nogueira lands a few beautiful rights. High kick from Herring blocked. Nogueira moving forward, hard right from Herring countered by Nogueira. Herring shoots but Nogueira stuffs it. Two left jabs from Herring. Low kicks from Herring. Excellent combo from Nogueira. Herring responds. They clinch, knees from Nogueira and an uppercut from Herring. Excellent right from Nogueira. Hard right from Nogueira. Nogueira rocks Herring and charges forward with a knee. They clinch and then separate. Excellent jab from Nogueira. Good body kick from Herring. Nogueira coming forward with the left jab followed by a good knee. Good uppercut from Herring. Heath lands a nice body kick. Knee from Nogueira. They are swinging. They clinch. Nogueira momentarily has Herrings back. Herring lands a huge kick. Nog goes down.and he is out. Herring pounces and starts landing bombs, Nogueira can’t move. He survives momentarily and for some reason the ref lets him continue. Nogueira takes tons of damage and is saved by the bell.

- Nogueira is ROCKED. Nogueira still wobbling.

- Heath’s eye is very swollen.

Round 2:

The round starts and Herring comes out slow. Herring throws a jab and fakes a high kick. Good low kick from Herring. Nogueira throws a jab. Herring tries another high kick but it’s blocked. Pace very slow to start the round. Nogueira looks like he is recovering. Herring faking jabs. Nogueira lands a straight left. Nogueira now moving forward. Excellent low kick from Herring. Nogueira throws a left-right combo that misses. High kick that misses. Herring tries a body kick and Nogueira shoots in and puts him on the canvas. Nogueira moves to side control and then to the mount. Herring tries bucking, Nogueira takes his back. Herring rolls out and gains top position. Herring backs out his guard and makes him stand. Weak left jab from Herring. Nogueira moving forward, they clinch and then separate. Left right combo blocked by Herring. Good left from Nogueira answered by a leg kick from Herring. High kick from Herring again that almost lands. Hard low kick from Herring. Nogueira charges forward with punches and then they clinch. Herring looks very tired. Good left jab from Nogueira followed by a right that misses. Herring tries a high kick that is blocked. Knee to the body by Nogueira followed by an excellent takedown. Round ends.

- Herring looks very tired, eye is very swollen.

Round 3:

The third begins with an excellent combo from Nogueira. Nogueira moving forward with the jab. Nogueira misses with a punch and then they clinch. Good leg kick from Herring. Nogueira shoots in and secures an excellent takedown. Nogueira working from side control. Herring gives up his back. Nogueira sinks in the hooks and begins to crank from the choke. Nogueira doesn’t have it under the chin. Lots of blood on Herring’s face. Herring rolls out and gains top position. Body shots from Herring. Nogueira looking for a kimura. Herring spins to get out of it. They begin to scramble. They continue to scramble, they return to the feet as Herring lands a knee. Left jabs from Nogueira. Good left right combo from Nogueira. They clinch along the cage. They separate and Herring tries the high kick again. Good left jab from Nog. Knee to the body from Nogueira. Straight kick from Herring misses. Excellent knee to the body by Nogueira. Good combo by Nogueira along the cage. Two good knees. Excellent low kick from Herring. The round ends.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Winner Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

- Nogueira states that he was very hurt after taking the high kick.

- WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber is in the house.

- I must say the crowd bothered me with the constant booing, that was an excellent fight which didn’t warrant it.

- Up next is Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca.

Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca

- The lights dim and Hermes Franca makes his way out of the back walking to “Crazy Train”. Franca looks very calm as he sports a shirt representing “The Armory” and Sprawl.

- The lights dim again as UFC lightweight champion Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk makes his way from the back. Sherk looks pumped. BodogFight welterweight champion Nick “The Goat” Thompson is in Sherk’s corner.

- “Big” John McCarthy the referee. They meet in the middle for a respectful staredown.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Franca throws a beautiful knee and Sherk shoots in and secures a huge slam. On the way down Franca latches on a deep guillotine. Sherk works hard to get out and begins to work from the half guard. Sherk landing hard shots from the top. Sherk passes and then secures the mount. Short rights by Sherk from the top. Sherk moves to side control. Sherk pins the arm but Franca sits up and gains guard. Franca rolls for the omaplata. Sherk gets out and then they get in north south. Sherk working the body. Sherk puts Franca back onot his back and works from half guard. Good elbows from Sherk. Sherk gains the mount again. Good combo from Sherk. Sherk smothering Franca while firing off constant rights. Franca tries rolling and Sherk takes his back, Franca gets out of trouble and attempts to roll for a leg lock but fails. Sherk ends the round with two good rights.

- Looking at the replay it showed that Franca’s opening knee landing solidly to the face. Also the guillotine was in very tight.

- I scored it 10-9 Sherk.

Round 2:

Good low kick from Franca. Sherk shoots and Franca lands a huge knee. Franca pounces with punches and then attempts a guillotine. Sherk is in trouble. He gets out. Sherk working from the top. Good lefts from Sherk. Sherk working from half guard. Sherk works to gain mount and Franca intelligently reverses him gaining top position. Franca postures up and Sherk pushes him off like nothing. Sherk comes in with a right and then gets him in north-south. Lefts from Sherk. More lefts from Sherk as he looks to better his position. Sherk moves to the back. Rights from Sherk. Franca rolls in to guard. Sherk working from half guard. Big elbow from Sherk. Sherk passes and begins to work from side control. They scramble and Sherk regains side control. Sherk traps Franca’s arm and begins to rain down shots. Franca scrambles and then goes for the guillotine again as Sherk puts him on the canvas. Franca continuing to work for choke. Sherk passes as the round ends.

- I scored it 10-9 Sherk. Sherk’s corner let him know Franca was kneeing on the shot and he needs to fake it and punch.

Round 3:

Sherk begins the round missing with a combo. Hermes misses with a few shots and then Sherk shoots in and picks him up and slams him to the canvas. Sherk working from side control. Crowd booing… Franca trying to scramble as Sherk keeps top position. Sherk gets north-south and goes for the north-south choke. Franca is able to escape. Sherk working from side control as he goes to pin Franca’s arm. Franca throws a knee to the body. Sherk takes Franca’s back and begins to rain down shots. Good knees to the body from Franca. Good shots from Sherk. Sherk keeping top position. Franca takes a few shots and then stands up but seconds late Sherk puts him on the canvas. Sherk working from half guard and then side control. Sherk almost locks on an Americana but Franca escapes. Sherk pins the arm and rains down shots as the round ends.

- I scored it 10-9 Sherk.

Round 4:

The round starts with a solid jab from Sherk. Franca lands another knee but again Sherk eats in and puts Franca on his ass. Sherk working from the full guard. Sherk looks to be taking it up another notch this round. Franca gets up and Sherk pins him against the canvas. Sherk secures another takedown and begins to work from side control. Franca stands up and they begin to strike. Franca misses with an overhand right and Sherk shoots but it’s stuffed. Sherk then gets ahold of Franca’s body and secures a big slam. Sherk gets side control and pins the arm. He rains down a few elbows. Sherk working from the back position as he lands hard knees to the body of Franca. Franca stands up and Sherk lands two punches. Franca throwing wild punches that misses. Franca tries a knee and then Sherk shoots. Franca looking from and guillotine. Sherk puts Franca on the canvas and begins to work from side control. After little action they stand up and immediately Sherk puts him back on the canvas. They scramble as Sherk gets back position and lands a couple of strikes and then the round ends.

- 10-9 Sean Sherk. Sean Sherk keeps eating the knees on the shots but they look to have little effect on him.

Round 5:

They round begins with both fighters throwing jabs. Sherk lands a huge leg kick. Franca attempts another knee and Sherk shoots in and secures his patented slam. Franca regains guard. Good left elbow from Sherk. Sherk working hard from the top. Good punches and elbows. Sherk postures up and Franca goes from an armbar. Franca misses and lands an excellent upkick. They stand up and then Sherk secures a beautiful takedown. Sherk gains the mount. Sherk goes to side control and pins the arm. He fires off a few shots and then Franca scrambles. Franca gets up for a moment but Sherk puts him back down. Franca tries rolling for a kneebar but Sherk scrambles and escapes. Knees to the body from Sherk. Again Franca stands up and Sherk secures another big slam. Franca stands up again and down he goes again. Up again and down again. They stand back up and Sherk pins him on the canvas. Down Franca goes. Crowd booing, they stand and Shark has ahold of Franca’s back. Another takedown by Sherk.

- 10-9 Sean Sherk.

- Both fighters embrace one another after the fight.

- Eddie Bravo has it 49-46 for Sherk with the 2nd round going to Franca.

Sean Sherk - Winner Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

- Joe Rogan enters the ring and interviews the champ. Sherk stated that he wanted to finish him and Franca is an excellent BJJ practitioner. Sherk states that now he has the belt he is going to continue to train like a maniac to keep it around his waste.

- Up next is Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans.

- Randy Couture joins the panel to breakdown the Ortiz-Evans match.

- Still showing highlight videos and drama which led up to this fight.

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

- The lights dim as Rashad Evans makes his way out of the back. Leonard Garcia, Keith Jardine, Mike Van Arsdale and Greg Jackson all apart of Evans’ entourage.

- Next out is Tito Ortiz, mixed reaction from the crowd. Tito bouncing around as he walks out sports his Punishment Athletics gear while carrying the USA-Mexico flag. Tito looks pumped.

Round 1:

Both fighters come out quick and Ortiz fires off a high kick that is blocked. Ortiz immediately puts Evans on his back. Ortiz trying to pass as he keeps Evans on the canvas. Evans trying to return to his feet as Tito works to keep him down. Evans is able to get back to this feet. Ortiz tries going for a double again. Ortiz working with Evans against the canvas. Evans throws numerous wild shots, with tons missing. Ortiz puts Evans back onto the canvas. Good uppercut from Ortiz. They are separated as Rashad loses his mouthguard. They restart with Evans faking the jab. Ortiz misses a low kick. Little action. Tito misses wtih a jab and then an overhand right. Good low kick from Ortiz. Another good leg kick. Evans misses with two rights. Tito shoots in and Evans stuffs it. Ortiz knees Evans and then goes for the takedown again. They scramble and Rashad goes for a takedown. Ortiz is cut. Ortiz reverses it and puts Rashad against the cage. They exchange some good punches while clinching. Ortiz working for a takedown again. Evans stuffing it. Knee from Evans to end the round.

Round 2:

The second starts with Evans bouncing around as they circle. Ortiz misses with a high kick. Good right hand from Ortiz, Ortiz misses with a high kick. Evans misses with some wild punches. High kick from Evans blocked. Low kick from Ortiz. Tito throws a punch and Evans shoots off of it and Ortiz stuffs it. Good right from Evans. Overhand from Ortiz. Inside low kick from Ortiz. They clinch and Evans pushes Ortiz against the cage. Tito gets the Thai clinch and lands a knee. Evans throws a right followed by an elbow. Rashad attempts to shoot and Ortiz stuffs it. Good knee to the body from Ortiz. Hard shot from Ortiz as Evans misses with a punch. Good left right combo from Ortiz as they trade. Evans attempts to shoot in but again Ortiz stuffs it. Ortiz shoots in for a double. Evans attempting to stuff it as they’re up against the cage. Ortiz picks him up and puts him on the canvas. Body shots from Evans. Evans trying to stand back up. He does and attempts to transition to the back. Evans secures a takedown and Ortiz loses a point for grabbing the cage. Ortiz ends the round by latching on a very deep guillotine.

Round 3:

The round starts with both fighters looking tentative. They clinch in the middle and momentarily separate. Evans throws a combo and then they separate. Evans misses with a punch and then Ortiz attempts a high kick that is blocked. Ortiz shoots in and puts Evans on the canvas. Ortiz unable to do anything as Evans is trying to return to his feet. Ortiz keeping him pinned against the fence. Ortiz momentarily mounts Evans and then they stand. Ortiz throws a knee and then shoots in again going for a high single. Ortiz continuing to work for the takedown as Evans misses with shots. They are separated. Fight restarts and Evans misses with a combo. Ortiz misses with a head kick. Hard combo from Evans blocked. Tito looking very tired. Good body kick from Ortiz. Evans trying to land at will be Ortiz blocking. Good low kick from Ortiz. Ortiz shoots and Evans sprawls. They clinch along the cage. Evans begins to work from the takedown. Knee from Ortiz, Evans lands two rights followed by a good takedown. The round ends with Evans on top.

- Fight should be a draw.

Draw - Unanimous (28-28 X3)

- Rogan enters the cage and interviews Ortiz. Tito says it wasn’t his best performance but tells Rashad they can do it again.

- Rashad is interviewed next and he says he thought he had the fight. Evans says at the end he felt him break and he would have finished it at the end there.

- Up next is Nathan Marquardt vs. Anderson Silva.

Nathan Marquardt vs. Anderson Silva

- Marquardt comes out first walking to “Eye of the Tiger”.

- Out next is the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Silva bouncing around as he makes his way through the crowd. Silva pumping up the crowd.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Silva coming out in a southpaw stance. Good low kick from Marquardt. Both fighters tentative. Low kick from Marquardt. Silva moving forward. Marquardt misses with shot and Silva lands a punch. Silva jumps up for the knee and Marquardt grabs his leg and is able to secure the takedown. Good shots to the body from Silva. Marquardt doing a solid job of keeping top position. Marquardt attempts to pass and Silva regains guard. Silva utilizing a high guard. Marquardt backs out but gets back into Silva’s guard. Silva lands a big upkick as Marquardt stands over him. Marquardt sets back into Silva’s guard. The fight is stood back up. Marquardt misses with a right. High kick from Silva blocked. Straight left from Silva rocks Marquardt. Marquardt trying to put Silva on the canvas as Silva elbows him to the body. Silva secures the switch and puts him on his back. Silva gets top position and lands a huge bomb. He rocks Marquardt and follows it up with a few more hard shots as Marquardt turns over in pain. “Big” John jumps in to call a halt to the action.

Anderson Silva - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Up next is Florian vs. Robinson.

- Rogan enters the cage to interview Anderson Silva. Silva thanks his family and thanks Nate for taking the fight.

- Hayato “Mach” Sakurai is in the house folks!

- Up next is Kenny Florian vs. Alvin Robinson.

Kenny Florian vs. Alvin Robinson

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Robinson looking for the takedown as he misses early. Both guys miss with punches and then Robinson gets Florian pinned against the cage. Beautiful throw. They clinch again and hit the cage. Robinson lands two knees and then Florian secures a beautiful hip toss. Robinson regains full guard. They fight is stood up. Good low kick from Florian. Robinson lands some good knees and then an excellent left. They continue to clinch. Beautiful trip takedown by Florian. Elbows from Florian from the top. Florian passes to side control. Florian transitions to the mount but Robinson bucks out. Florian lands a few shots and then falls back into his guard. Some good shots from the top courtesy of Florian. Florian passes to side control. Florian regains mount but against Robinson gets out and stands up. The fighters exchange knees and then clinch. Florian secures a good double. Florian goes to the mount again and starts raining down hard bombs from the top. Hard elbows and punches force the referee to jump in and call a halt to the action.

Kenny Florian - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Chris Lytle was awarded with the TapouT Submission of the Night.


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