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UFC 72: Victory

Main Card:

Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami
Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez
Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida
Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer
Ed Herman vs. Scott Smith

Preliminary Bouts:

Marcus Davis vs. Jason Tan
Eddie Sanchez vs. Colin Robinson
Dustin Hazelett vs. Stevie Lynch

- It’s almost that time folks!

- We are live, Griffin and Ramirez grace the screen to discuss their light heavyweight title. Ramirez states that he is in the best shape of his life and excited for a war.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone to preview the main-event featuring middleweight contenders Rich “Ace” Franklin and Yushin Okami. Joining Goldberg is Joe Rogan. Rogan and Goldberg stress the fact that Okami is known for being an extremely strong, solid fighter.

- Next up is a preview of the Griffin-Ramirez fight. They state that Griffin looks more determined and focus for this fight then he has for any other.

- First up is a middleweight clash between Ed “Short Fuse” Herman and Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith.

Ed Herman vs. Scott Smith

- The Reno, NV native Scott Smith makes his way out first walking to Iron Man. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Juanito in his corner.

- Next out is Team Quest member Ed “Short Fuse” Herman. Herman walks out to Air Tonight (?) by Phil Collins.

- Herman garners a fairly strong reaction from the crowd, Herb Dean the referee.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Herman throws an overhand right and then immediately shoots in and puts Smith on the canvas. Herman throws some excellent shots to the body of Smith. Smith working the closed guard as Herman pins him against the cage. Herman postures up and throws a few shots. Herman tries to take Smith’s back which allows Smith to stand up. They clinch along the cage as Herman continues to apply the pressure. Smith throws a good left and Herman responds with four knees from the clinch. Smith attempts to go for the guillotine and Herman takes the opportunity to slam him to the canvas. Smith gives up the submission and Herman begins to work from the top. Herman trying to land from the top but Smith avoiding well. Good short left elbow from Herman. Follows that up with two big right elbows. Big cut on the bridge of the nose of Smith. Herman begins to atteack with some big elbows. Tons of blood leaking into the eyes of Smith. Fight is stopped so they can check the cut. They fight is restarted in the same position. Smith begins to strike from the bottom attempting to stop any attack from Herman. Herman attempts a few more big elbows as Smith closes his guard. Smith pushes off and as he does Herman tries to pounce and take his back. He gives up top position. Smith goes for a leg lock. Herman gets free and gets on Smith’s back. Herman begins to rain down shots. He goes for the choke, Smith gets out and throws a bomb as the round ends.

Round 2:

The second round begins with a glove touch. Herman fires off a lazy left jab. Herman shoots in and Smith stuffs it and then latches on a guillotine. Herman pins him up against the cage while in the guillotine. Herman trips Smith to the canvas. Smith has the guillotine in tight. Herman feverishly works and finally is able to get free. Herman begins to work from the top posturing up and throwing down lefts. Herman lands two excellent left elbows. Herman continuing to work the elbows. Smith avoiding most of the damage. Smith attempts to reverse and he gives up his back. Herman sinks in the rear naked choke and Smith is forced to tap out.

Ed Herman - Winner Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- Herman states he is very happy with his performance. Says he had an excellent training camp and he came into the fight in excellent shape.

- An advertisement for UFC 73: Stacked hits the screens. Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz, Nathan Marquardt vs. Anderson Silva, Sean Sherk vs. Hermes France and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring, should be good.

- Up next is Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin.

Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin

- Clay Guida comes out first bouncing around looking extremely pumped and ready for action. Sporting Renegade Fight Gear Guida bounces around and embraces the audience as he makes his way to the cage. Guida is extremely pumped, he is going crazy outside of the octagon.

- Out next is Tyson Griffin walking to Eye of the Tiger as he sports a red Affliction shirt. Randy Couture, Mike Pyle and Jay Heiron in Griffin’s corner.

- “Big” John McCarthy the referee, fans give huge reception.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. They circle and then Griffin fires off a jab. Both guys come in with single shots. Both guys faking shots. Low kick from Griffin. Griffin slips and they scramble. Guida grabs Griffin’s leg as they exchange punches. Guida pins Griffin against the cage. He attempts to slam him but Griffin is able to keep his footing. Griffin sinks in a deep guillotine, Guida works feverishly to get free. Guida gets to side position and finally he escapes. Guida throw a knee and gets warned. Griffin gets ahold of Guida’s back. He sinks in one hook. Guida gets ahold of Griffin’s foot and they begin to scramble. They return to the feet and Griffin pins Guida against the cage. A knee fired off from Griffin. Guida reverses him and then throws a knee of his own. Griffin then pins Guida and just misses with a knee. They exchange punches on the cage, both guys land bombs. They return to the center, Griffin throws a big uppercut that misses, Guida shoots and Griffin stuffs it. They begin to exchange punches, great combo from Griffin followed by a high kick. Guida shoots in, Griffin sprawls. Guida lands a big right and then pushes Griffin to the canvas. The round ends as Griffin is trying it get to his feet.

- They show a clip of Franklin and Okami arriving at the arena.

- I scored the first 10-9 for Tyson Griffin.

Round 2:

The second starts with a big left-right combo from Griffin that misses. Guida tries to work his strikes but misses. Guida throws a body kick and then shoots in. Griffin does an excellent job of defending. Guida continues to work as he pins Griffin against the cage. Guida gets him down but immediately Griffin scrambles. They return to the feet. Griffin utilizing the straight jab, followed by an inside leg kick. Griffin with a sloppy combo. Guida then comes forward with a combination followed by a shot. Griffin then goes for a takedown and as he does Guida goes for his back. Griffin gets out and then suplexs Guida. They hit the canvas and Griffin tries to get Griffin’s back. They scramble, Guida gets in a knee bar. Griffin begins to throw huge bombs to the body of Guida. Griffin then rolls for a heel hook. Guida then takes Griffin’s back. Guida working for the rear naked choke as Griffin stands. Griffin pounces forward and slams Guida’s head off the canvas. Guida keeps the back position and throws some good punches. Guida gets the body triangle. Griffin attempts to get top position. Griffin attempting to turn as the round ends.

- I scored the round 10-9 Clay Guida.

Round 3:

The third round starts with a left-right combo that misses. Good jab fired off from Guida. Griffin misses with an uppercut. Both fighters exchanging jabs. Excellent knee and body kick from Griffin. Guida shoots in and again Griffin stuffs it. Good uppercut from Griffin. Good right from Guida. Guida shoots in and Griffin sprawls. Guida pins him against the cage and then finally he gets him down. Immediately they begin to scramble. Griffin throwing elbows to the top of the head. Couple of hard hammerfists. Guida with a few huge backfists. Guida gets top position and then moves to half guard. Griffin moves looking to stand up. They scramble, Guida gets top position and then momentarily mounts. Guida throwing some shoulder shots. Griffin regains guard. Guida working the body. Guida posturing up. Griffin throwing some excellent shots from the bottom. Great upkick from Griffin. Hammerfists from Guida. Guida looking to pass. Short elbows from Griffin on the boddy. They scramble and finally Guida gets half guard. Guida working the body and head. Griffin trying to roll. Guida holding his position on top. Knee to the body, Guida ends the round huge throwing some bombs as the bell rings.

- I scored it 10-9 Clay Guida.

Tyson Griffin - Winner Decision (Split, 29-28 Griffin, 29-28 Guida, 29-28 Griffin)

- Crowd booing, questionable decision. Eddie Bravo had it 29-28 Guida as did Rogan and Goldberg.

- Michael Bisping in the crowd. Rogan interviews Guida, crowd gives him a huge reception. Guida says he should have learned his lesson from his last fight with Din Thomas. Guida dedicates the fight to Jeremy Williams who recently passed away. Guida very humble in defeat.

- I definitely disagree with the decision. In my opinion Guida took the final two rounds.

- UFC 74: Respect will take place August 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga and Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck. UFC 75 will feature Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Michael Bisping and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

- Up next is Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer.

Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer

- Rory Singer walks out first to Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas. Singer looks very focused and determined.

- Next out is Canadian middleweight Jason “The TUF Hunter” MacDonald. MacDonald makes his way to the octagon walking to Turn the Page by Metallica.

- Yves Lavinge the referee in charge of the action.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Low kick by MacDonald followed by a shot. Singer defends as MacDonald pins him against the cage. MacDonald working hard for the takedown as he knees Singer’s legs and utilizes the foot stomps. Singer defending well. MacDonald working the foot stomps. MacDonald switches to a single and Singer stuffs it. They reverse position, good knee from Singer. Excellent combo from Singer followed by two knees. Singer falls throwing the second one while allows MacDonald to get top position. Singer working a high guard. MacDonald tosses a few shoulder shots. Good elbow and punch landed from MacDonald. Excellent upkicks from Singer. They return to the feet. MacDonald goes for a sloppy shot and misses. MacDonald continues to work. Singer stuffs is and lands a good combo. Singer then takes MacDonald to the canvas and lands in the mount. He takes MacDonald’s back. MacDonald rolls over and gains top position. Two good lefts from MacDonald. Little action as MacDonald throws a left. Singer goes for a triangle. He locks it in as MacDonald throws some hammerfists. Round ends with MacDonald in the triangle choke.

- I scored the round 10-9 Rory Singer.

Round 2:

The second begins with a glove touch. Good inside leg kick from MacDonald. MacDonald fakes a punch and shoots in. He pins Singer against the cage and then secures the takedown. MacDonald begins to work from the top as he has Singer pinned against the cage. Singer tries using the cage to push off. MacDonald landing some short lefts. Two short lefts from MacDonald. Good right elbow. Right to the body from MacDonald. A few more weak body shots from MacDonald. MacDonald beginning to land with the left. Some good body shots. MacDonald uses the can opener to force Singer to open his guard. MacDonald mounts Singer and begins to rain down hard shots from the top. Lefts and Rights from MacDonald followed by a few elbows, Yves Lavinge decides to step in and stop the fight.

- Singer is very upset afterwards but referee Yves Lavinge tells him that he would not have escaped from the position.

- MacDonald states that Singer was being a wise guy during the press conference so he was smacking the humor out of him.

Jason MacDonald - Winner TKO (Ref Stoppage)

- Martin Kampmann is in the house, he was originally scheduled to face Rich Franklin before he was forced to withdraw after suffering an injury.

- They show a clip of Forrest Griffin jumping rope in his room and Hector Ramirez warming up with Quinton Jackson.

- Up next is Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez.

Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez

- Coming out first is “Sick Dog” Hector Ramirez. The East Los Angeles, CA native makes his way out with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Juanito in his corner.

- The lights in the arena dim as Forrest Griffin makes his way out from the back. The arena is lit with green lights as Forrest walks out to a little Dropkick Murphys, the crowd going crazy.

- Both fighters very pumped, Herb Dean the referee.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Griffin throwing a quick combo that misses. Griffin lands a few low kicks. Overhand right followed by a left from Griffin. Ramirez shoots in and takes Griffin to the canvas. Ramirez passes and gets side control. Griffin regains guard. Ramirez stands up so Forrest follows suit. Griffin with a left high kick that is blocked. Excellent low kick by Forrest. Two left jabs by Forrest. Big overhand right misses by Ramirez. Both guys lands a shot. Good low kick from Forrest followed by an outside leg kick. Ramirez tries moving forward with a combo but Forrest avoids it. Ramirez lands a good left-right combo. Griffin moves forward with some excellent knees. Griffin is cut. Good body kick by Forrest. Ramirez moves forward with a wild combo that misses. Forrest continuing to use the low kicks. Both guys swinging. Head kick blocked by Ramirez. Excellent right by Griffin. Ramirez attempts a high kick but it’s blocked. Good low kick from Forrest. Uppercut from Griffin. Ramirez tries a big uppercut that is blocked. Griffin comes forward with a combo that is blocked. Griffin starts firing off and Ramirez chases him, Griffin retreats. Griffin landing good leg kicks. Ramirez tries another high kick but it’s blocked.

- Crowd very loud during the first round.

- I scored it 10-9 Forrest Griffin.

Round 2:

The second round starts with Griffin attempting a low kick. Ramirez comes forward with some hard shots that Griffin blocks. Griffin begins to work the knees and they clinch. They fight for position then separate. Griffin gets in a good low kick. Continuing to work the kicks Griffin moves forward with some hard combos. Ramirez tries the uppercut but it’s blocked. Low kick from Griffin. Left, left and right from Griffin. Excellent leg kick by Forrest. Excellent right by Ramirez as he moves forward. Griffin throws a head kick that is blocked followed by a body kick. Ramirez attempts a kick to the body but misses. Griffin moving forward with straight punches that misses. Excellent combo by Griffin. High kick by Griffin blocked. Both fighters exchange some punches. Ramirez attempts to clinch but fails. Good punches by Forrest. Low kicks by Griffin but Ramirez checks them. Forrest charges forward landing excellent uppercuts and punches that look to hurt Ramirez. Forrest lands a shot that gets below the belt and the fight is stopped for Ramirez. Ramirez takes some time to recover. The fight resumes with a glove touch. Overhand right from Griffin. Left high kick misses. Ramirez comes forward with an overhand right that misses. Ramirez catches a kick and attempts to counter but Griffin avoids it. Left-right combo from Griffin. Ramirez continuing to move forward with one shot combos. Low kicks from Griffin. High kick blocked by Ramirez.

- I scored it 10-9 Forrest Griffin.

- Ramirez tells his corner he can’t feel his leg.

Round 3:

The final stanza begins with both fighters throwing. Forrest with some hard kicks and punches, Ramirez missing with an uppercut. Griffin gets Ramirez against the cage where he throws a knee and a few punches. Griffin continues to pick him apart with punches and kicks. Ramirez shoots in and takes Griffin down. On the way up he lands a few rights. They clinch and Griffin throws some knees to the body before separating. Griffin continuing to work the low kicks. Griffin with a good left right combo. Body kick followed by a leg kick, Griffin working excellent kicks. Knees from Griffin, Ramirez comes forward with a right and a jab. Missed low kicks from Griffin. Good jab followed by a hard leg kick. Body kick followed by a leg kick. Both guys missing with punches. Griffin lands an excellent uppercut, Ramirez misses with a big overhand right. Jabs from Griffin. Forrest attacks landing some hard punches and knees. Jab, jab from Griffin. Excellent combination from Griffin ending with a low kick. High kick blocked by Ramirez. Griffin comes forward with a hard uppercut followed by some hard knees. Another low kick. 10 seconds left. Both fighters try throwing but everything is blocked.

- I scored it 10-9 Forrest Griffin, 30-27 Forrest Griffin.

Forrest Griffin - Winner Decision (Unanimous)

- Main event time… UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture joins the panel to breakdown the main event.

Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami

- Coming out first is Japanese born fighter Yushin Okami.

- The lights dim as former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin makes his way to the octagon from the back of the arena. He walks out to a little ACDC - For Those About to Rock, We Salute You. Franklin looks very focused and ready for war.

- “Big” John McCarthy is the referee in charge of the action.

- Fighters are called to the middle, Okami is quite a bit taller.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Both fighters exchange jabs. Rich Franklin with a hard overhand that misses. Franklin firing out the jab. Okami misses with a jab. Combo by Franklin misses. High kick from Okami blocked. Jab from Frankling blocked. Both fighters very tentative. Franklin trying to work the jab. Good shot to the body by Franklin. Okami just sitting back. Body kick from Okami. Both fighters move in and land hard shots. Hard punch from Franklin as Okami tries to clinch. Franklin misses with a punch and Okami counters with a left. Franklin misses with two punches and Okami clinches. Franklin throws a knee. Franklin with double underhooks. Crowd booing as they clinch. Knees to the body from Franklin, they are separated. Hard leg kick fired off by Franklin. Good straight jab from Okami. Okami moves in and misses with a big right. Low kick from Franklin. Franklin misses with an overhand right. Right from Okami blocked. Franklin moves forward with a combo that misses. Franklin lands a punch followed hy a hard leg kick.

- Slow round, 10-9 Rich Franklin.

- Franklin tells his corner Okami isn’t that strong.

Round 2:

The second round begins with a glove touch. Franklin fakes a kick. Very slow paced… Good left from Okami. Franklin throwing the jab. Okami misses with a left. Franklin moves in and misses with some punches but ends the exchange with a good low kick. Both fighters get in lefts. Franklin comes forward with a combo and misses with a head kick. Okami with a body kick. Good leg kick from Franklin. Okami responds with a hard leg kick. Franklin attempts to throw a right and Okami ducks it and clinches. Franklin gets double underhooks and pins Okami against the cage. The clinch against the cage with little action, fight is separated. Both fighters miss with some punches. Low kick from Franklin. More missed punches. Franklin charges forward with a combo. Okami lands an excellent right off of a Franklin kick. Body shot from Franklin. High kick from Okami is blocked by Franklin. Franklin continuing to move forward. Jab from Franklin. Two shot combo from Franklin followed by a left kick as Franklin charges forward. High kick by Franklin misses. Franklin lands an excellent left as the round ends.

Round 3:

The third round starts with a flying knee by Okami that misses. Okami tries to land a kick but Franklin catches it. Both fighters beginning to exchange. Okami eats a leg kick from Franklin, good body shot by Franklin followed by a good body kick. Okami tried to move forward with a combo and they clinch. Okami secures a takedown and gets side control. Okami looking for the mount as Franklin tries to regain guard. Okami mounts him. Franklin is able to get out of the mount as Okami tries to work from the top. Elbow from Okami. Franklin’s got the butterfly in. Franklin reverses and they stand, Okami drops down for a guillotine. Franklin gets out and pins Okami against the cage. Okami stands up and Franklin secures a beautiful takedown. Okami going for a kimura. He’s got it. Okami cranking it. Franklin rolling, Okami has it in tight. Franklin gets out and postures up. Franklin lands a big shot from the top. Franklin working from the half guard. Round ends with Franklin on top.

- I scored it 10-9 Yushin Okami.

Rich Franklin - Winner Decision (Unanimous)

- Up next is Jason Tan vs. Marcus Davis.

Jason Tan vs. Marcus Davis

- Liverpool, England native Jason Tan makes his way to the octagon first sporting a Fighters Only t-shirt.

- Marcus Davis walks out next wearing a kilt.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Low kicks immediately from Tan. Davis moves forward as Tan lands another leg kick. Excellent leg kicks from Tan. High kick from Tan blocked. Another low kick. Davis comes forward and sneaks in a good uppercut. Good left from Davis. Davis follows it up with a hard right hook that drops Tan. Tan hits the canvas and Davis pounces landing unanswered shots as the ref jumps in. Tan continues to try to fight after the fight is over.

Marcus Davis - Winner KO


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