UFC 72 Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

The Wrestling Observer has posted some interesting tidbits of information from yesterdays post-fight press conference for UFC 72: Victory.

Tap-out of the Night – Ed Herman
Knockout of the Night – Marcus Davis
Fight of the Night - Clay Guida vs Tyson Griffin

I asked Dana whether the Quentin Jackson vs Dan Henderson match will be for both titles and he confirmed that that would be the case. Champion vs Champion.

Dana confirmed that Phil Baroni could be in the UFC if he defeats Frank Shamrock. He didn’t call him Frank Shamrock though. ‘Goofball’ was mentioned.

Dana commented that Dan Henderson will fight at 205 and that’s the way Dana likes it. He’s not too keen on a guy holding two weight classes.

Confirmed that Rich Franklin will fight against the winner of Silva vs Marquardt

I asked if there were any further negotiations between UFC and both Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. He said they hadn’t spoken to Lesnar but just that they had been speaking to Angle. White said Angle would be destroyed in MMA if he didn’t learn the skills needed. He couldn’t go right from ‘WWE’ to UFC and expect to be successful. Someone commented that Ken Shamrock did to which Dana replied ‘exactly’.

I asked also if there would be a Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz rematch happening in the near future to which both Forrest and Dana agreed they would like to see.

Dana said that the Pride situation was a mess right now and that the ‘Superbowl of MMA’ was still scheduled for sometime in the future.


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