UFC 71: Liddell vs Jackson Preview

Here is a preview John and I put together for UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson.

Main Card Bouts:
Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Jackson
Terry Martin vs. Ivan Salaverry
Josh Burkman vs. Karo Parisyan
Houston Alexander vs. Keith Jardine
Kalib Starnes vs. Chris Leben

Preliminary Bouts:
Thiago Silva vs. James Irvin
Sean Salmon vs. Alan Belcher
Jeremy Stephens vs. Din Thomas
Carmelo Marrero vs. Wilson Gouveia

Also be sure to tune in at 10 PM EST as we’ll be doing one of our patented ‘Live Blogs’ for the PPV.

Chuck Liddell (20-3) vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (26-6)

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell is the current UFC light heavyweight champion and one of MMA’s pound for pound best fighters. Liddell strikes fear into his opponents with his deadly hands and sprawl.

The San Luis Obispo native made his UFC debut in 1998 and he has been with the organization ever since wreaking havoc upon the light heavyweight division. Liddell has a who’s who list of knock outs which includes the likes of Kevin Randleman, Renato Sobral, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Jeremy Horn, Alistair Overeem and Guy Metzger.

Liddell won the UFC light heavyweight crown at UFC 52: Couture vs. Liddell and since then he has defended the belt four times finishing all of his opponents with strikes. This fight will give Liddell the opportunity to avenge his final loss.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Tito Ortiz – TKO (Punches) – UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II
Win – Renato Sobral – TKO (Strikes) – UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral
Win – Randy Couture – KO (Punch) – UFC 57: Liddell vs. Couture III
Win – Jeremy Horn – TKO – UFC 54: Boiling Point
Win – Randy Couture – KO (Punches) – UFC 52: Couture vs. Liddell II
Win – Vernon White – KO (Punch) – UFC 49: Unfinished Business
Win – Tito Ortiz – KO (Punches) – UFC 47: It’s On
Loss – Quinton Jackson – TKO (Strikes) – PRIDE: Final Conflict 2003
Win – Alistair Overeem – KO (Strikes) – PRIDE: Total Elimination 2003
Loss – Randy Couture – TKO (Punches) – UFC 43: Meltdown

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a brawler who comes to “whoop that ass.” Rampage sports a MMA record of 25-6-0 with the majority of his fights coming with PRIDE in Japan. Rampage holds wins over the likes of Matt Lindland, Ricardo Arona, Igor Vovchanchyn, Kevin Randleman and Murilo Bustamente.

Known for his trademark slams, Rampage has a strong following due to his aggressive fighting style and charismatic personality. Rampage made his UFC debut at UFC 67: All or Nothing when he knocked out Marvin Eastman late in the second round. Afterwards Rampage stated he was very nervous entering the fight.

Jackson is on a four-fight winning streak and come Saturday night he’ll be looking to make it five when he faces “The Iceman” for the UFC light heavyweight strap.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Marvin Eastman – KO (Punches) – UFC 67: All or Nothing
Win – Matt Lindland – Decision (Split) – WFA: King of the Streets
Win – Dong Sik Yoon – Decision (Unanimous) – PRIDE 31: Dreamers
Win – Hirotaka Yokoi – TKO (Punches and Stomps) – PRIDE 30: Fully Loaded
Loss – Mauricio Rua – KO (Strikes) – PRIDE: Total Elimination 2005
Win – Murilo Rua – Decision (Split) – PRIDE 29: Fists of Fire
Loss – Wanderlei Silva – KO – PRIDE 28: High Octane
Win – Ricardo Arona – KO (Slam) – PRIDE: Critical Countdown 2004
Win – Ikuhisa Minowa – TKO (Punches) – PRIDE: Shockwave 2003
Loss – Wanderlei Silva – TKO (Strikes) – PRIDE: Final Conflict 2003

Ivan Salaverry (12-4) vs. Terry Martin (15-2)

Canada’s Ivan Salaverry is a well rounded mixed martial artist who sports a MMA record of 12-4. Salaverry’s UFC debut came at UFC 37: High Impact when he TKO’d Andrei Semenov. After that he had mixed results going 2-2 with wins over Joe Riggs and Tony Fryklund both who are no longer with the UFC. Salaverry was bested by Matt Lindland and UFC middleweight #1 contender Nathan Marquardt.

The fight with Marquardt spelt the end of Salaverry’s time in the UFC as the fight was televised live on Spike TV and neither fighter put it on the line fighting to a boring unanimous decision. After being dropped by the UFC, Salaverry spent nearly a year on the shelf before returning with the WFA. Salaverry looked impressive in his return running through Team Quest member Art Santore.

In an interesting turn of events, the UFC purchased the WFA which included the contracts of Salaverry, Quinton Jackson, Heath Herring and others. Salaverry’s fight with Martin will mark his return to the UFC since having his contract purchased.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Art Santore – TKO (Strikes) – WFA: King of the Streets
Loss – Nathan Marquardt – Decision (Unanimous) – UFC Fight Night
Win – Joe Riggs – Submission (Triangle) – UFC 52: Couture vs. Liddell II
Win – Tony Fryklund – Submission (Body Lock) – UFC 50: The War of ‘04
Win – Khaliun Boldbataar – Decision (Unanimous) – K-1: Beast 2004
Loss – Rene Rooze – TKO (Dislocated Finger) – K-1: Japan Grand Prix 2003
Loss – Matt Lindland – Decision (Unanimous) – UFC 39: The Warriors Return
Win – Andrei Semenov – TKO (Strikes) – UFC 37: High Impact
Win – John Ranken – TKO – HOOKnSHOOT: Overdrive
Win – Jason Rigsby – Decision – HOOKnSHOOT: Kings 2

Terry Martin sports a professional MMA record of 15-2 and a UFC record of 1-2. Martin’s UFC debut came at UFC 54: Boiling Point when he suffered a devastating flying knee knock out to James “Sandman” Irvin. Martin controlled the majority of the first round but made a costly mistake in the second which cost him the fight.

Martin’s next UFC endeavor came at UFC 59: Reality Check when he was KO’d by light heavyweight contender Jason Lambert. Since the two losses Martin has made the cut to middleweight where he has gone 3-0 with all wins coming by KO. Of those three wins, Martin was able to secure his first UFC victory with a quick KO of Jorge Rivera.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Jorge Rivera – KO (Punches) – UFC 67: All or Nothing
Win – Jason Guida – KO – XFO 13: Operation Beatdown
Win – Keith Berry – TKO (Strikes) – WEC 24: Full Force
Loss – Jason Lambert – TKO (Strikes) – UFC 59: Reality Check
Win – Trevor Garrett – KO – KOTC: Redemption on the River
Win – Ron Fields – Submission (Guillotine) – KOTC: Raging Bull
Loss – James Irvin – KO (Flying Knee) – UFC 54: Boiling Point
Win – Jerry Spiegel – TKO – Combat: Do Fighting Challenge 3
Win – Homer Moore – Submission – WEC 14: Vengeance
Win – Jerry Spiegel – TKO – Combat: Do Fighting Challenge 2

Karo Parisyan (16-4) vs. Josh Burkman (8-3)

Karo Parisyan is a world-renowned judo expert who sports a professional MMA record of 16-4. Parisyan made his UFC debut at UFC 44, submitting Dave Strasser with a kimura in the first round. He suffered an unanimous decision loss to future UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 46 in his next fight, but bounced back to defeat Nick Diaz, Chris Lytle and current UFC Welterweight title holder Matt Serra in consecutive fights. Parisyan was scheduled to take on Matt Hughes for the title at UFC 56 but was forced to pull out after sustaining an injury in training. Parisyan bounced back with a victory over Nick Thompson at UFC 59 before falling to Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 6. Parisyan won his sixth UFC Fight against Drew Fickett at UFC Fight Night 7 and now looks to continue his winning ways tonight.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Drew Fickett – Unanimous Decision – UFC Fight Night 7
Loss – Diego Sanchez – Unanimous Deicison – UFC Fight Night 6
Win – Nick Thompson – Submission (Strikes) – UFC 59: Reality Check
Win – Matt Serra – Unanimous Decision – UFC 53: Heavy Hitters
Win – Chris Lytle – Unanimous Decision – UFC 51: Super Saturday
Win – Nick Diaz – Split Decision – UFC 49: Unfinished Business
Win – Shonie Carter – Unanimous Decision – WEC 10: Bragging Rights
Loss – Georges St. Pierre – Unanimous Decision – UFC 46: Supernatural
Win – Dave Strasser – Submission (Kimura) – UFC 44: Undisputed
Win – Fernando Vasconcelos – Unanimous Decision – KOTC 22: Steel Warrior

Josh Burkman was a contestant on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter and sports a professional record of 8-3. Burkman’s first fight in the UFC was an impressive 21 second KO of Sam Morgan at the Ultimate Fighter 2 finale. Burkman then submitted Drew Fickett with a guillotine choke at Ultimate Fight Night 3 before being submitted by Jon Fitch at Ultimate Fight Night 4. Burkman bounced back with a pair of victories over Josh Neer and Chad Reiner at UFC 61 and UFC Fight Night 8 respectively.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Chad Reiner – Unanimous Decision – UFC Fight Night 8
Win – Josh Neer – Unanimous Deicison – UFC 61: Bitter Rivals
Loss – Jon Fitch – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 4
Win – Drew Fickett – Submission (Guillotine) – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 3
Win – Sam Morgan – KO (Slam) – UFC: TUF 2 Finale
Loss – Jeremy Horn – Submission (Choke) – XFC: Dome of Destruction 1
Win – Brian Wieber – TKO – IFC: Eve of Destruction
Win – Kyacey Uscola – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – SF 4: Fight for Freedom
Win – Drew Ellisor – Unanimous Decision – CFC 1
Win – Chilo Gonzalez – Submission (Guillotine) – SF 2: On the Move

Keith Jardine (12-2-1) vs. Houston Alexander (6-1-1)

Keith Jardine was also a contestant on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter and sports a professional record of 12-2-1. Jardine’s first fight in the UFC was against fellow TUF 2 participant Kerry Schall in which Jardine stopped Schall with leg kicks. Jardine then won an unanimous decision over Mike Whitehead at UFC 57. He dropped a controversial decision loss to Stephan Bonnar at Ultimate Fight Night 4. Jardine came back with an unanimous decision over Wilson Gouveia at the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 3. Jardine’s last fight was a surprising TKO victory over uber-popular Forrest Griffin at UFC 66.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Forrest Griffin – TKO (Punches) – UFC 66: Liddell vs Ortiz II
Win – Wilson Gouveia – Unanimous Decision – UFC: TUF 3 Finale
Loss – Stephan Bonnar – Unanimous Decision – UFC Fight Night 4
Win – Mike Whitehead – Unanimous Decision – UFC 57: Liddell vs Couture 3
Win – Kerry Schall – TKO (Leg Kicks) – UFC: TUF 2 Finale
Win – Arman Gambaryan – Submission (Armbar) – M-1 MFC Heavyweight GP
Win – Tom Elrite – KO – Independent Event
Draw – Keiichiro Yamamiya – Draw – Pancrase: Hybrid 8
Win – George Allen – Unanimous Decision – KOTC 24: Mayhem
Win – Allan Sullivan – TKO (Strikes) – KOTC 21: Invasion

Houston Alexander sports a professional record of 6-1-1 and will be making his UFC debut at UFC 71. Alexander fights out of Omaha, Nebraska and is a veteran of Extreme Challenge the Gladiators shows in Iowa. Alexander is primarily a stand-up fighter and owns 3 wins by either KO or TKO. Alexander owns wins over Jamie Webb, Chuck Purdow, Justin Butler, Brandon Quigly, Demian Decorah, and Jon Murphy in his career.

Last 8 Fights:

NC – Todd Allee – No Contest – Extreme Challenge 76
Win – Jon Murphy – TKO – Extreme Challenge 76
Win – Demian Decorah – Unanimous Decision – Downtown Destruction 1
Win – Brandon Quigley – TKO - Judgment Night 2
Win – Justin Butler – KO – Gladiators 20
Win – Chuck Purdow – Submission (Strikes) – Gladiators 17
Win – Jamie Webb – Unanimous Decision – Gladiators 16
Loss – Jason Medina – Submission (Choke) – Extreme Challenge 40

Chris Leben (16-3) vs. Kalib Starnes

Chris “The Crippler” Leben has had quite an interesting journey in the UFC. From his time on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ to his time in the ring, fans love to hate Leben. Coming off of the debut season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Leben looked impressive sending shockwaves through the middleweight division.

Leben (16-3) was able to rack up five straight wins defeating the likes of Luigi Fiorvanti, Jorge Rivera, Edwin Dewees, Patrick Cote, and Jason Thacker. Just when it looked like Leben was getting close to a shot at Rich Franklin the UFC decided to provide him with a shot against current MW champion Anderson “Spider” Silva. For the first time we saw someone come out and break through Leben’s defense knocking out the Team Quest fighter quickly in the first.

Since the loss to Silva Leben has gone 1-1 with a win over Jorge Santiago and a loss to Canadian middleweight Jason MacDonald. After this fight with Starnes, Leben will be making the move to Hawaii to coach at the new Icon Sport gym.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Jason MacDonald – Submission (Guillotine) – UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II
Win – Jorge Santiago – KO (Punches) – UFC Fight Night 6
Loss – Anderson Silva – KO (Knee) – UFC Fight Night 5
Win – Luigi Fioravanti – Decision (Unanimous) – UFC Fight Night 4
Win – Jorge Rivera – TKO (Strikes) – UFC Fight Night 3
Win – Edwin Dewees – Submission (Armbar) – UFC Fight Night 2
Win – Patrick Cote – Decision (Split) – UFC Fight Night
Win – Jason Thacker – TKO (Strikes) – UFC: Ultimate Fighter Finale
Win – Benji Radach – TKO (Injury) – SF 4: Fight for Freedom
Loss – Joe Doerksen – Decision (Unanimous) – Freestyle Fighting Championships 9

Canadian middleweight Kalib Starnes got his shot in the UFC thriving off of the fame from ‘The Ultimate Fighter 3’. Sports a MMA record of 7-1-1, Starnes UFC debut came against Danny Abbadi at The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale. Starnes made easy work of Abbadi submitting him early in the first.

Next up for Starnes was a clash with middleweight contender Yushin Okami. Okami proved to be too much as he TKO’d Starnes early in the third round to take the victory. The BJJ specialist has spent a lot of time working on his hands and he’ll be looking to get back on track Saturday night when he faces Chris “The Crippler” Leben.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Yushin Okami – TKO (Strikes) – UFC 64: Unstoppable
Win – Danny Abbadi – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) –Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale
Win – Jason MacDonald – TKO – National Fighting Challenge 5
Win – Mike Yackulic – Submission – WFF 9: Wild West
Win – Jason Zazelenchuk – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – National Fighting Challenge 3
Win – Gerry Elliot – Submission (Arm Triangle) – WFF 8: Dominance
Win – Ramin Astaseare – TKO – National Fighting Challenge 2
Win – Wayne Atkinson – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – AFC 1
Draw – Leonard Carter – Draw – Ultimate Warrior Challenge

Sean Salmon (9-2) vs. Alan Belcher (9-3)

Sean Salmon is a decorated record who sports a MMA record of 9-2. Salmon’s UFC career got off on the wrong foot… literally. Rashad Evans fed Salmon a high kick to the face in his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 8 which sent the wrestler to the canvas in a heap. Salmon will be looking for redemption when he faces Belcher Saturday night.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Rashad Evans – KO (Kick) – UFC Fight Night 8
Win – Matt Hershberger – Submission (Strikes) – Fightfest 8
Win – Bobby Martinez – Submission (Keylock) – Legends of Fighting 9
Win – Lucas Lopes – Submission – Fightfest 6
Loss – David Heath – Submission – FF 5: Korea vs. USA
Win – Hans Marrero – Submission (Keylock) – DFC 1
Win – Danny Sheehan – TKO – FFP: Untamed 5
Win – Jim Bundy – Submission (Armbar) – Fightfest 3
Win – Bryan Zanders – TKO – KOTC: Redemption on the River
Win – Jerry Spiegel – Decision – KOTC: Raging Bull

Alan “The Talent” Belcher is a Team Voodoo fighter who sports a MMA record of 9-3. Belcher’s game consists of excellent striking and mediocre submissions. Belcher lost his UFC debut to Yushin Okami at UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral but he came back in impressive fashion KO’ing Jorge Santiago with a head kick at UFC Fight Night 7.

Most recently Belcher fought Kendall Grove in a losing effort. Belcher is stepping up and facing Sean Salmon on short notice after it was announced that Salmon’s original opponent Eric Schafer was injured and forced to withdraw from the fight.

Last 10 Fights:

Loss – Kendall Grove – Submission (Brabo Choke) – UFC 69: Shootout
Win – Jorge Santiago – KO (Kick) – UFC Fight Night 7
Loss – Yushin Okami – Decision (Unanimous) – UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral
Win – Evert Fyeet – Submission (Toe Hold) – WEF: Orleans Arena
Win – Buck Meredith – Decision (Unanimous) – Raze MMA: Fight Night
Win – Marcus Sursa – TKO – WEF: Orleans Arena
Win – Ron Fields – TKO (Injury) – Titan Fighting Championships 1
Win – David Franks – Submission (Strikes) – EFL: Battle at the Brady 3
Win – Roger Kimes – KO – EFL: Battle at the Brady 3
Win – Travis Fowler – TKO – EFL: Battle at the Brady 3

Carmelo Marrero (6-1) vs. Wilson Gouveia (8-4)

Carmelo “Fury” Marrero is a heavyweight turned light heavyweight who sports a MMA record of 6-1. Marrero’s UFC debut came at UFC 64: Unstoppable when he took a split decision over dynamic French striker Cheick Kongo.

Marrero’s next UFC appearance came at UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II when he faced the UFC’s heavyweight # 1 contender Gabriel Gonzaga in a losing effort. Gonzaga walked through Marrero and after the fight Marrero decided he’d make the cut to the light heavyweight division. This fight with Gouveia will mark Marrero’s light heavyweight debut.

Last 7 Fights:

Loss – Gabriel Gonzaga – Submission (Armbar) – UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II
Win – Cheick Kongo – Decision (Split) – UFC 64: Unstoppable
Win – Petrus Walker – TKO (Doctor Stoppage) – CFFC 1
Win – Dale Carson – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – MFC: Boardwalk Blitz
Win – Sherman Pendergarst – Decision (Unanimous) – Reality Fighting 9
Win – Chris Volo – Decision (Unanimous) – Reality Fighting 8
Win – Chris Dippolito – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Reality Fighting 7

American Top Team member Wilson Gouveia sports s MMA record of 8-4 and a UFC record of 2-1. Fighting out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Gouveia made his UFC debut on The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale when he went to war with Keith Jardine. Gouveia put up one hell of a fight but it wasn’t enough to take the decision over “The Dean of Mean”.

Gouveia’s next UFC stint came at UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral when he got back to his winning was choking out Wes Combs early in the first round. He followed that up with another impressive submission win over former heavyweight Seth “Silverback” Petruzelli.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Seth Petruzelli – Submission (Guillotine) – UFC Fight Night 9
Win – Wes Combs – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral
Loss – Keith Jardine – Decision (Unanimous) – Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale
Win – Kazuhiro Hamanaka – KO – Euporia: USA vs. Japan
Win – Mike Delaney – Submission (Strike) – Freestyle Fighting Challenge 15
Loss – Rory Singer – KO (Knee) – KOTC 32: Bringing Heat
Win – Ron Faircloth – Decision – AFC 6
Loss – Ron Faircloth – TKO (Corner Stoppage) – AFC 4
Loss – Hirotaka Yokoi – TKO (Punches) – HOOKnSHOOT: AFC 2
Win – Jon Fitch – TKO (Knee) – HOOKnSHOOT: AFC 1

Din Thomas (19-6) vs. Jeremy Stephens (8-1)

Din Thomas is a UFC veteran with a professional MMA record of 19-6. Thomas made his UFC debut at UFC 32, losing to BJ Penn during Penn’s remarkable run to a UFC Lightweight Title fight. Thomas bounced back with a decision win over Fabiano Iha at UFC 33. Thomas’ next UFC bout took place at UFC 39 where he lost an unanimous decision to Caol Uno. Thomas rebounded with a razor close split decision win over current UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra in what would be his last UFC fight until 2006.Thomas competed on the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter and fought on the show’s finale, submitting Rich Clementi with a rear naked choke. Thomas continued his winning ways in his last fight at UFC Fight Night 8, earning an unanimous decision over Clay Guida.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Clay Guida – Unanimous Decision – UFC Fight Night 8
Win – Rich Clementi – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – UFC: TUF 4 Finale
Loss – Luciano Azevedeo – Unanimous Decision – WCFC: No Guts No Glory
Win – Dwayne Shelton – Submission (Armbar) – BP: Pride and Glory
Loss – Tyrone Glover – Majority Decision – DEEP: 20TH Impact
Win – John Strawn: Submission (Armbar) – Absolute Fighting Championships 11
Loss – Amar Suloev – TKO (Strikes) – Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 Festival
Win – Steve Berger – Unanimous Decision – Absolute Fighting Championships 4
Win – Matt Serra – Split Decision – UFC 41: Onslaught
Loss – Caol Uno – Unanimous Decision – UFC 39: The Warriors Return

Jeremy Stephens sports a professional record of 8-1 and will be making his UFC debut at UFC 71. He is a talented wrestler and currently trains out of the Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts Academy. He is a well-rounded fighter and is equally talented on the feet and on the ground. Stephens is a veteran of Midwest Cage Championships and owns wins over Vern Jefferson, Chris Mickle, Doug Alcorn, Kendrick Johnson, Sharome Blanchard, Chris Caleb, and Tad Worthington in his career.

Last 9 Fights:

Win – Vern Jefferson – TKO – Full Contact Fighting 3
Win – Chris Mickle – KO – MCC 5: Thanksgiving Throwdown
Win – Doug Alcorn – Submission (Armbar) – Full Contact Fighting 1
Win – Chris Mickle – TKO (Referee Stoppage) – MCC 4: The Rematch
Win – Kendrick Johnson – KO – Midwest Cage Championships
Win – Sharome Blanchard – Unanimous Decision – XKK: Des Moines
Loss – Chris Mickle – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Downtown Destruction 3
Win – Chris Caleb – KO – Downtown Destruction 2
Win – Tad Worthington – KO – Downtown Destruction 1

James Irvin (12-3) vs. Thiago Silva (9-0)

James Irvin is a dangerous striker that sports a professional record of 12-3. Irvin currently trains out of the Capital City Fighting Alliance along with WEC Bantamweight Champion Urijah Faber. Irvin made his UFC debut at UFC 51 where he was knocked out by Mike Kyle. Irvin dropped down to 205 lbs and then knocked out Terry Martin with a highlight reel flying knee at UFC 54. Irvin lost his next UFC fight to Stephan Bonnar, being forced to tap out to a kimura at Ultimate Fight Night 3. Irvin was then temporarily released from the company before being signed again just before UFC 65 where he stopped Hector Ramirez with strikes.

Last 10 Fights:

Win – Hector Ramirez – TKO (Strikes) – UFC 65: Bad Intentions
Win – Gary LaFranchi – Submission (Armbar) – Showdown at Cache Creek II
NC – Bobby Southworth – No Contest – Strikeforce: Revenge
Win – William Hill – Unanimous Decision – IFC: Caged Combat
Loss – Lodune Sincaid – Unanimous Decision – WEC 19: Undisputed
Loss – Stephan Bonnar – Submission (Kimura) – UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 3
Win – Terry Martin – KO (Flying Knee) – UFC 54: Boiling Point
Win – Doug Marshall – KO (Knee) – WEC 15: Judgement Day
Loss – Mike Kyle – KO (Punch) – UFC 51: Super Saturday
Win – Houssain Oushani – KO – WEC 12: Halloween Fury 3

Thiago Silva will be making his UFC debut at UFC 71 and sports a perfect MMA record of 9-0. Silva trains out of the always dangerous Chute Boxe team from Brazil along with Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua, and a number of well-known fighters.. He is a veteran of Shooto, Pancrase, and the Fury Fighting Championship who is well known for his devastating strikes. He has 7 KO/TKO victories out of his 9 fights.

Last 9 Fights:

Win – Tatsuya Mizuno – KO (Soccer Kick) – Pancrase: Rising 2
Win – Vitor Vianna – TKO – Fury FC 2
Win – Claudio Godoi – KO – Fury FC 2
Win – Dino Pezao – TKO – Show Fight 5
Win – Dave Dalgliesh – Submission (Ankle Lock) – Fury FC 1
Win – Claudio Godoi – Unanimous Decision – Show Fight 4
Win – Rodrigo Gripp de Sousa – TKO (Doctor Stoppage) – Shooto: Brazil 9
Win – Flavio Polones – KO – Arena Combat Cup 2
Win – Rubens Macula – TKO – Predator FC 1


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