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Tonight we will be going live at 10 PM EST, covering UFC 71: Liddell vs Jackson with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

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UFC 71: Liddell vs Jackson

Main Card Bouts:

Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Jackson
Karo Parisyan vs Josh Burkman
Ivan Salaverry vs Terry Martin
Keith Jardine vs Houston Alexander
Chris Leben vs Kalib Starnes

Preliminary Bouts:

Din Thomas vs Jeremy Stephens
James Irvin vs Thiago Silva
Wilson Gouveia vs Carmelo Marrero
Alan Belcher vs Sean Salmon

- We are live folks!

- The show opens with a huge announcement. PRIDE Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson will be coming to the UFC. He will also be facing the winner of tonight’s bout between Chuck Liddell and Quinton Jackson. Wow…

- The first bout of the night will be Chris Leben and Kalib Starnes.

- Mike Goldberg reveals during Starnes’ entrance that he has been training with American Top Team for this fight…

- Leben’s entrance includes some Tupac and some ice hanging down from his neck. He’s also sporting a new tattoo that covers his back.

- The referee for this bout is Mario Yamasaki.

Chris Leben vs Kalib Starnes

Round 1

Leben starts early with combinations and a high kick. They clinch and wrestle around before separating. Leben connects with a knee and Starnes responds with a right. They go back and forth with a mix of kicks and punches. Leben slips after attempting a high kick but quickly gets back up. Starnes clips Leben low with a kick, forcing Yamasaki to stop the fight and check on Leben. The fight continues and Leben throws wild shots while Starnes backs away. Leben continues to be aggressive. They clinch again but quickly separate. Leben misses with a kick and Starnes takes him down. Starnes stays in Leben’s guard until the final seconds where he stands up and throws a flurry just before the bell.

Round 2

Leben starts the round aggressive once again. Starnes connects with a big right that stuns Leben and allows him to take him down. Starnes pounds on Leben until Starnes stands up and Leben gets back up. Both look very fatigued. They slowly exchange strikes until Leben picks up the pace. They continue go back and forth with shots standing up until the round ends.

Round 3

They continue to exchange strikes to start the round. Leben catches Starnes with a kick to the stomach and Starnes bends over in pain. Starnes falls to the ground and catches Leben in his guard. Leben grounds and pounds Starnes until Starnes is able to reverse position and get on top. Starnes connects with a big elbow followed by a big right. Leben throws small shots from the bottom while Starnes tries to improve his position. Starnes stands up and hits Leben with a right that allows him to gain side control. The two exchange strikes from the bottom until the round ends.

Winner: Kalib Starnes - Unanimous Decision

- Next up is Jardine vs. Alexander.

Keith Jardine vs. Houston Alexander

Round 1:

They come out and exchange early. Alexander shoots in and Jardine nails him with a few. They get up and begin to exchange and Jardine rocks Alexander with a bomb. Alexander is hurt but he begins to fire back with knees and bombs that rock Jardine’s world. Jardine eats some deadly uppercuts that leave him face down on the canvas as the ref separates the fight.

Houston Alexander - Winner KO

- Huge win for Houston Alexander, Jardine had no idea where he was after the fight.

- Up next is Terry Martin vs. Ivan Salaverry.

Terry Martin vs. Ivan Salaverry

- Martin is the first to come to the octagon walking to “Billy Jean”.

- Salaverry comes out next with Tito Ortiz walking by his side.

Round 1:

Salaverry comes out and tosses a high kick that misses. Martin moves forward and eats a kick for the groin. They stop momentarily but quickly restart. Martin misses with a combo as Salaverry backs away. Salaverry throws a high kick that misses as he slips. Good low kicks from Salaverry. Martin eats another low kick but comes forward with two hard rights as he pins Salaverry against the cage. They work from the clinch as Martin throws some knees to the legs. Martin picks Salaverry up and slams him on his head. Salaverry immediately covers up and begins to eat numerous hammerfists to the back of the head as the ref jumps in the call the fight.

Terry Martin - Winner TKO

- Up next is Karo Parisyan vs. Josh Burkman.

Karo Parisyan vs. Josh Burkman

- Burkman is the first to walk out sporting an American flag and a Team Punishment shirt while Joe Stevenson follows behind him.

- After a lengthy entrance Parisyan makes his way out sporting an Armenia flag and an Affliction shirt while he walks to Remember the Name by Fort Minor. Joining Parisyan’s corner is UFC heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture.

Round 1:

Referee Herb Dean calls the fighters to the middle for the customary staredown. Both guys touch heads and have to be separated.

The fight begins with some wild strikes from both fighters. Parisyan and Burkman both fire off some good shots. Parisyan eats a big leg kick from Burkman but moves forward into the clinch. Burkman tries for a takedown against the cage but fails. They move back to the middle and begin swinging for the fences. Huge shots missing from both fighters. Burkman eats a right but moments later responds with one of his own. Parisyan fires off a leg kick. Burkman comes forward with a left but Parisyan nails him with a good right. Burkman misses some more big shots moving forward. Excellent low kick from Parisyan. Burkman with a good leg kick and then Parisyan throws a right that allows Burkman to shoot and put Karo on the canvas. Parisyan stands up and they exchange some punches. They exchange punches and then Parisyan lands a big judo throw. Parisyan gets ahold of Burkman’s neck while both fighters are on their knees. They return to the feet and Burkman fires a right that misses as Parisyan counters with a good right. Parisyan lands a good left right combo followed by a high kick that misses. Wild right from Karo as Burkman shoots. Burkman pins him against the cage as Parisyan looks to work for a kimura. Burkamn gets free and works hard for the takedown but he is unable to get it as the round ends.

Round 2:

The second round starts with a glove touch as they meet in the middle. Parisyan throws a good right hand, Burkman attempts to counter but misses. Parisyan fires off a good body shot as Burkman backs away. Parisyan with a jab, Burkman misses a big uppercut. Good right leg kick from Burkman. Parisyan responds with a right hand and then follows it up with some more punches. Parisyan tries a high kick but its blocked. Burkman lands a huge right that rocks Karo. Parisyan begins calling Burkman on. Parisyan then responds with a good right to the body followed by a right that looks to stun Burkman. They move back to the middle and Parisyan lands some more hard rights. Parisyan moves forward and lands another right. They clinch along the cage and Parisyan lands a great knee. They back away and both fighters land rights. Burkman tosses a lazy jab and then moves forward with a weak combo as he begins to slow. Parisyan tries to land but Burkman goes for the takedown and it’s stuffed. Parisyan lands a good right, Burkman tries the big uppercut again but fails. They clinch again and Karo puts Burkman against the fence. Parisyan lands some more hard punches as Burkman counters. Good leg kick from Parisyan followed by two excellent right hands. Parisyan with a good right leg kick, round ends.

Round 3:

They round starts with both fighters attacking. Burkman comes forward with a big right followed by a knee. Burkman with a combo that is blocked. Karo lands a good right and then Burkman attemps to land with a wild bomb. Parisyan nails Burkman with a couple of rights. Burkman continues to throw wild bombs that miss. Burkman clinches and pushes Karo against the cage. Karo reverses and puts Burkman against the cage before being reversed again. Burkman picks Karo up and lands an excellent double legged takedown. Karo gains guard as Burkman lays doing very little. Karo attempts to roll for an armbar and then he explodes out and returns to his feet. Karo gets ahold of Burkman’s arm and rolls for a kimura. They hit the canvas for a moment but then return to the feet. Karo gets the body lock and pins Burkman on the cage. He then moves away with some punches. Burkman comes forward wtih a good right. Karo attempts a high kick that is block. Excellent left from Karo. Burkman with a lazy jab. Both guys miss with rights and then Karo attempts a wild high kick that misses. Burkman attempts to shoot but fails. They clinch in the middle of the octagon for a moment but quickly break free. After a few missed shots Burkman shoots again but Karo stuffs it. They break free and Burkman attempts to come forward with a combo but fails as the fight comes to an end.

Karo Parisyan - Winner Unanimous Decision

- Parisyan begs for a title shot after the fight.

- A little undercard action before the main-event. Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens is up…

Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens

- Stephens is the first to come out looking pumped and excited as he bounces around hitting himself in the face.

- Thomas comes out next with PRIDE middleweight Denis Kang holding the American Top Team flag.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch and then both fighters begin to work their jabs. Thomas fires of a jab and then shoots off and secures a beautiful single. Stephens utilizes the closed guard as Thomas works from the top. Thomas works body-head. Thomas passes to half guard and moments later side control. Thomas goes for a kimura and then Stephens gets free and regains guard. Thomas works the elbows from the top as he passes Stephens’ guard again. Thomas throws some elbows from side control. Thomas throws a few more shot elbows. Stephens rolls and gives up his back. Thomas sinks in the hooks and then begins to work for the choke. Thomas gets the body triangle while on Stephens back. Thomas continues to work for the choke as Stephens defends. Thomas fires off some shots while working for the choke. Finally Stephens gets free and top position. Stephens begins to rain down some huge bombs from the top. Thomas does a good job of weathering the storm. Stephens backs away and tells Thomas to stand. They stand and exchange some punches and then the round ends.

Round 2:

They come out and get to work early. Excellent spinning backfist by Stephens.  Thomas throws out the jab and then Thomas eats a hard left. Stephens misses with a big left. Thomas goes for a body shot. Stephens throws a good inside leg kick followed by a kick to the body. Thomas fires off his jab. Stephens comes forward with a combo that misses. Excellent jab from Thomas. Stephens lands a good leg kick followed by a grazing left. Stephens throw a combo and then Thomas shoots in and gains guard. Stephens throws an elbow from the top. Thomas rolls and secures a beautiful armbar, Stephens tries to get out as he picks Thomas up and slams him. Thomas still has the armbar and he has it extended, Stephens is in trouble so Big John calls the fight.

Din Thomas - Winner Armbar

- Joe Rogan is now interviewing the director of Hostel II. The interview is followed by a showing of the trailer for Hostel II.

- Here we goooooooo!!! Main event time folks!

- They begin to show the celebrities predictions, four “celebrities” asked, four picked Liddell.

- Randy “The Natural” Couture has joined the broadcast team to breakdown the main event.

Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Jackson

- The crowd raises to their feet as Quinton Jackson’s entrance music rains through the arena. Rampage makes his way out of the backroom looking very focused. Rampage begins to howl as he walks out. Rampage looks like a man possessed.

- Chuck comes out next as the crowd goes absolutely insane. Chuck walks to DMX as always with Jon Lewis and John Hackleman walking by his side. God damn Liddell looks ready to rock and roll.

- Big John McCarthy is the referee in charge of watching the action.

- Both fighters are brought to the middle for the customary staredown. Rampage gets in Chuck’s face and Chuck smiles.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Rampage coming forward as Chuck throws a jab followed by a low kick. Chuck working the angles as Rampage chases. Rampage throws a left. Chuck comes in with a right that misses. Liddell backing away. Chuck comes forward with a left. Chuck comes forward with an uppercut and Rampage counters with an excellent uppercut. Chuck throws a shot to the body and eats a huge shot from Rampage. Liddell hits the canvas and Rampage pounces immediately landing numerous hammerfists as the referee steps in and stops the fight.

Quinton Jackson - Winner KO

- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

- Looks like Dan Henderson and Quinton Jackson is next for the UFC light heavyweight strap.

- Joe Rogan interviews Liddell after the fight and he tells his kids he’s ok. He says he got caught and there is nothing else he can say. Says obviously he wants a rematch.

- Rogan talks to Rampage again and calls Dan Henderson into the octagon, Henderson walks in with his PRIDE welterweight and middleweight belts.

- Henderson states he is friends with both Quinton Jackson and Chuck Liddell. He says even though they are both friends, it’s a business and he’s happy to make money with friends.

- Henderson says its great for the fighters and fans so they can finally see who the best fighter in the world is. Rampage tells Henderson to take his front teeth out in a comical tirade.

- Couture states that Chuck Liddell will definitely be back, he’s been in this situation before and he’ll come back strong.

- Up next is Wilson Gouveia vs. Carmelo Marrero.

Carmelo Marrero vs. Wilson Gouveia

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Gouveia bounces around as Marrero attempts to shoot in. He fails as Gouveia begins to stalk him. Gouveia lands a kick as Marrero continuously attempts to shoot in. Excellent leg kick from Gouveia. Gouveia with a right, Marrero answers with a low kick. Good low kick from Gouveia. Good left jab from Gouveia, Marrero comes forward with a weak combo as he eats a counter punch. Marrero eats two HUGE leg kicks that buckle Marrero’s legs. They stand up and Marrero eats another huge leg kick. Gouveia follows it up with punches and knees as they hit the canvas. Gouveia locks on a tight guillotine as Marrero struggles to get free. Unable he finally decides to tap.

Wilson Gouveia - Winner Guillotine

- That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks for following along.


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