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Tonight we will be going live at 10 PM EST, covering UFC 69: Shootout with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave comments throughout the night…

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UFC 69: Shootout

Main Card Bouts:

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra
Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck
Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia
Mike Swick vs. Yushin Okami
Kendall Grove vs. Alan Belcher

Preliminary Bouts:

Marcus Davis vs. Pete Spratt
Thales Leites vs. Pete Sell
Luke Cummo vs. Josh Haynes
Heath Herring vs. Brad Imes

Also check back at 3 AM EST as we’ll be covering PRIDE 34: Kamikaze.

- T-minus one minute!

- We are underway. They are showing the fighter highlights along with some pre-fight trash talking.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone to breakdown the main-event with his partner Joe Rogan.

- Rogan and Goldie discuss the situation with Diego and Koscheck. Apparently the shove was because of Koscheck leaving his glasses on…

- First up is Grove vs. Belcher.

Alan Belcher vs. Kendall Grove

- Belcher tells fans he is on another level compared to his opponent Kendall Grove.

- Kendall tells fans he hopes Belcher takes him lightly.

- Belcher comes out first with a smile on his face.

- Rogan hypes Belcher up as being a “future star”.

- Kendall Grove is the next fighter to come out sporting some Punishment Athletics gear.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Kendall with a wild shot that misses. They clinch for a moment. Kendall with a one-two combo. Good leg kick from Belcher. They clinch and Belcher secures a beautiful takedown. Belcher begins to work from side control. Grove throws an elbow from the bottom. Kendall reverses and they return to the feet. Grove throws a few knees. Kendall lands a straight right hands. They clinch along the cage and Kendall tosses a few foot stomps. Inside knees along the cage. Belcher reverses position and puts Grove against the cage. They then split. Body kick from Belcher. Grove comes forward and clinches. Throws a few knees and a good straight kick. Combo from Kendall and a good knee. They hit the canvas and Kendall begins to work from the top. They return to the feet. Belcher begins to work for the single. Kendall does a good job fighting off the takedown. Kendall tosses a few shots along the cage. Kendall puts Belcher along the cage and throws a couple of elbows. BJM separates them. Grove tries a straight kick to the head. Good combo from Kendall. Belcher fakes a combo to setup the takedown but the round ends.

Round 2:

Grove comes out with a straight that misses. Belcher begins to toss the leg kicks. Grove gets in a good knee. Belcher looks to work for the takedown again. Grove sprawlls and throws some shots to the body of Belcher. Belcher falls back and Kendall gets side control. Belcher is cut bad on the top of the head as Grove begins to throw down elbows. Grove elbows him to the body and then Belcher powers out and they stand. Good body kick by Belcher. Straight kick from Grove. Another good body kick from Belcher. Kendall lands an excellent right he follows that up with knees and punches as Belcher is rocked. Grove picks Belcher up and slams him to the canvas. Grove tosses a few elbows from the top as Belcher utilizes the butterfly guard. Belcher tries pushing off Kendall but he fails. Grove works for a head and arm choke. The first attempt fails but Grove goes for it again and this time he chokes Belcher out.

Kendall Grove - Winner by Submission

- Extremely impressive showing by Grove there. Like Joe Rogan was saying, Belcher is a rare talent as well and has huge potential. Team Punishment shows once again that cardio is one of the biggest factors in fights - Belcher was gassed after the first round while it didn’t even look like Grove was breathing heavily at all.

- Looks like the next fight is Mike Swick vs. Yushin Okami.

Mike Swick vs. Yushin Okami

- Okami comes out first gaining little reaction from the crowd.

- Houston’s Mike Swick is next to come out walking to “Ambitionz as a Rider” by Tupac.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Swick comes forward early with a low kick. Tosses a few jabs as Okami sits back. Swick continues to feather the jab out. Low kick from Swick. Okami with a couple straight lefts. Excellent body kick from Swick. Okami responds with a low kick. Okami with a straight right. Swick with a straight and Okami responds with an uppercut. High kick from Swick blocked. Swick tries coming forward with a knee that fails. They continue to feel each other out. Okami with a good jab. Another attempted high kick. Swick tries for a knee and Okami comes forward gaining the clinch along the cage. Okami uses his strength to take Swick down. Okami looks for a guillotine from the top. It fails. Swick gains half guard as Okami begins to throw from the top. Okami throwing short left as Swick looks to regain guard. Okami with a few body shots. Okami looking for the kimura. He begins to crank it. Swick looks ok but Okami gains the mount as the round ends.

Round 2:

They come out and touch gloves. Swick attempts a kick as they size each other up. Okami fires off a body kick. Sizing each other up as they both miss with some punches. Okami with a good left. They continue to fire off random shots that miss. Okami begins to move forward as they look for openings. Okami comes in and gains the clinch. Swick avoids the first takedown. Okami puts him against the cage. Okami gets the takedown. (Rogan just stated a BIG announcement regarding the PRIDE deal tonight). Okami stands up as Swick lays on the canvas. Okami tosses some shots from the top and then falls into Swicks guard. They are stood back up. Both fighters land glancing punches. Swick moves forward and lands an excellent combo. Okami weathers the storm and gains the clinch again. Okami gets another takedown as he begins to work from Swick’s guard. Nice shoulder shots from Okami. Okami throws some shots from the top which Swick avoids. They are stoodback up. Both fights lands some excellent shots. Swick hurts Okami. HUGE punches from Swick. Okami rocked as he shoots and then round ends. Big finish for Swick.

Round 3:

Glove touch to start the round as they come out slow. Swick fires out a few jabs as Okami tosses the left. Swick comes forward and eats a right from Okami. Okami shoots but Swick sprawls. Swick misses with a few shots. Okami looks tired. Inside leg kick from Swick. Swick eats another right. Swick comes forward again and nails Okami with some shots. Okami returns fire with an excellent left. Okami gets the takedown. Okami moves to mount. Okami begins to fire away from the top. Swick attempts to roll but he fails. Okami continues to fire away. Okami continues to fire away. Swick trying to cover up. Swick gives up his back. Swick lays back down as Okami punishes him. Okami continues to dominate from the top. Swick is hurt. Okami fires away from teh top. The fight needs to be stopped. Swick gives up his back as Okami continues to fire away. Swick rolls out WOW. Swick gets top position. Okami whips out the rubber guard. Okami keeps it locked. Swick gets out and throws a punch. Swick passes and throws a short elbow. Round over.

Yushin Okami - Winner Unanimous Decision (29-28 X 2, 30-27)

- Very impressive showing by Okami. Just like Swick’s fight against Stephan Bonnar, he was overpowered and had no answer for the ground and pound. He made a decent comeback in the second round with his strikes and it was pretty obvious that he would be able to take Okami’s best and then keep going. Unforunately for Swick, Okami got a takedown in the third round and Swick never got back up to his feet.

- Dana White enters the octagon to make a big announcement. We’re getting the Super Bowl of MMA.

- Here is another signing, Former PRIDE heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

- Nogueira says he is very excited to be in the UFC to showcase his submission skills. Crowd gives him a good reception as Dana and Nog leave the octagon.

- Next up is Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia.

Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia

- Garcia comes out first, enters the octagon and says a prayer in the middle.

- Huerta comes out next looking calm and composed.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Garcia misses a low kcik early. Huerta moves forward and hits Garcia with a good punch. Garcia attempted takedown and they scramble. Both guys firing shots at a frantic pace. Garcia goes for a guillotine. Huerta gets out and gains top position. Huerta pushes him against the fence and works from the top as Garcia looks for a submission. Huerta takes Garcia’s back and works for the rear naked choke. He then mounts Garcia. Garcia scrambles and swings wildly. Huerta lands a hard straight kick. Garcia sinks in a deep guillotine and starts smiling. Huerta is able to get out. He lands an excellent elbow from the top. Huerta continues to land some beautiful shots from the top. Garcia throws a body shot. Huerta tosses some hard shots from the top. Garcia scrambles and they return to the feet. Huerta goes for a takedown which is stuffed. Garcia works for a kimura. Huerta and Garcia stand and exchange some huge bombs. Huerta takes the fight down again and it looks like Huerta is cut. Huerta postures up and lands some huge shots from the top. Again Garcia shows tons of toughness scrambling and gaining top position. Huerta with an elbow from the bottom. Round ends.

Round 2:

They touch to start the second. Low kick from Garcia. Huerta comes forward with some hard punches as they exchange. Huerta tosses and kick and then clinches along the cage. Huerta secures the takedown and lands some elbows from Garcia’s guard. Huerta lands some hard shots from the top. They scramble and return to the feet. Huerta with a straight kick as he eat a right. Garcia with a good right as Huerta responds with some hard punches. Garcia lands another hard one. They begin to exchange along the cage. Both guys throwing BOMBS. Huerta comes forward with a very hard combo. Garcia looks rocked. Huerta continues to tee off but Garcia continues to fight back with bombs of his own. Huerta takes the fight down and he mounts Garcia. Huerta lands some hard clubbing shots from the top but Garcia is able to regain guard. Huerta lands some hard elbows and punches from Garcia’s guard. More hard elbows and punches from Huerta. They stand back up. Garcia nails Huerta with a big right. Garcia stumbles as they misses. Huerta and Garcia go toe to toe along the cage. Bombs being exchanged. Huge punches. Huerta comes in and secures a big takedown. Good body shot from the bottom by Garcia. Huerta momentarily gains the mount but Garcia gets the guard back. Huerta continues to land hard shots from the top. Garcia is still smiling as the round ends.

Round 3:

They touch gloves to start the round. Garica shoots immediately as once again they begin to trade bombs. Huerta lands some bombs. Huerta is able to secure a takedown where he throws some good shots from the top. Garcia secures guard and raises his legs looking for a sub. Huerta powers out and lands some hard elbows as he gains side control. Huerta looking for a kimura. Garcia regains guard as Huerta fires away from the top. Good elbow to the body from Huerta. Huerta gains the mount again but Garcia quickly puts it back to half guard. Huerta gets to side control again. They scramble and Garcia gets Huerta’s back. Garcia with a big right hand from Huerta’s back. Garcia gets in one hook as he continues to work. Garcia throws a good right. Garcia gets another hook but Huerta rolls and regains guard. Huerta lands some huge punches from the top. BOMBS from Huerta as he works from the top. Garcia showing tons of heart as Huerta continues to throw bombs. Garcia grabs on to stop Huerta’s onslaught. Huerta looks for mount but fails. Huerta fires off some hammerfists followed by a few good rights. Huerta firing from the top and Garcia from the bottom. Round ends as both fighters meet in the middle and show a great deal of respect for one another. They raise each others arms in the air and walk around the octagon.

Roger Huerta - Winner Unanimous Decision (30-27)
- Up next is Josh Koscheck vs. Diego Sanchez.

Josh Koscheck vs. Diego Sanchez

- Pre-fight highlights and trash talk going down. Hyping up the fight.

- Lights dim as Koscheck makes his way out of the back of the arena. Koscheck looks focused.

- Big John McCarthy is the referee in charge of the action.

- Lights dim again as Diego prepares to walk out. Diego receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as some Mexican band comes out…

- (Hurry up) Diego comes out doing his stupid praying.

- Staredown time, both guys very intense.

Round 1:

No glove touch baby. They come out and size each other up. Koscheck tosses out a jab. High kick from Koscheck that is blocked. Straight right from Koscheck as Diego comes forward. Diego tries coming forward with a combo but Kos avoids it. Koscheck lands a good right hand. Diego misses with another punch. Diego tries coming in with a knee followed by a punch but both miss. Koscheck tosses a few jabs. High kick again from Koscheck that is blocked. Koscheck hold his hands low as Diego comes forward with another wild combo that is off target. Koscheck misses with a straight. Koscheck moves forward with some more punches. Koscheck with a great straight right hand. Again Deigo tries coming forward but to no avail. Diego tries an uppercut running forward but misses. They exchange, Koscheck takes a glancing shot. Koscheck gets in a jab. Good leg kick from Koscheck. They continue to feel each other out. Good leg kick from Diego. Diego tries a wild front kick. Koscheck fakes a combo and secures a huge double leg. Diego reverses him but Koscheck stands as Diego attempts taking his back. Round ends before Diego can do anything.

Round 2:

The second round starts as they continue where they left off. Diego comes forward as Koscheck throws a right. Diego beginning to get more aggressive as he moves in with a combo. Koscheck attempts an uppercut but fails. Diego again runs forward with a failed combo. Koscheck sits back and waits a for an opening. They exchange leg kicks. Koscheck throwing some combos. Diego attempts to go to the body but fails. Koscheck lands a huge straight right hand. Koscheck with another right hand. Left jab followed by a high kick that is blocked. Diego comes forward again but to no avail. Koscheck throws another straight right. Diego comes forward with an uppercut and right that misses. Excellent leg kick by Koscheck. Diego runs forward again and throws one punch that fails. Good leg kick by Sanchez. Koscheck throws another hard right. He follows that up with a very hard overhand right. Koscheck with two left jabs. Again he comes forward with a with the jabs. Koscheck fires off a combo catching Sanchez a few times. Sanchez responds as they separate. Sanchez tries a high kick that fails.

Round 3:

Diego coming out frantic. Koscheck sits back and throws a few jabs. Koscheck with an overhand right. Diego attempts a flying knee that fails. Koscheck firing out the jab as he nailed Diego with another overhand right. Diego with a low kick. They then exchange a couple of punches. Diego gets in a glancing straight as he comes forward. Koscheck misses with a wild right. Diego comes running forward again but fails to secure anything. Diego comes forward and almost gains the clinch. Koscheck fakes a low kick. Diego attempts to charge forward again. Koscheck firing off some more shots that fail to get through. Koscheck fakes the shot. They begin to exchange but separate. Deigo comes forward with another wild combo. Koscheck does a good of avoiding. Koscheck then comes forward with some jabs and rights. Diego again missing with combos. Koscheck fires off the jab. Excellent left jab from Koscheck. Koscheck continues to avoid any strikes from Sanchez. Diego gets in a glancing shots. They clinch and both guys land a couple of shots. Diego again throws sloppy combos. Koscheck attempts two high kicks. Another high kick. Fight ends with Koscheck throwing his hands in the air. Crowd boos.

Josh Kosheck - Winnder Unanimous Decision (30-27 X3)

- Next up is the main-event between Georges St. Pierre and Matt Serra.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra

- Lights dim as Matt Serra makes his way out to the octagon. He looks focused and ready.

- Lights dim for St. Pierre and the crowd goes wild. He walks out to Samourai by Shurik’n. “The Crow” David Loiseau standing by St. Pierre’s side as he sports his white gi. He shows off the WAY towel and then throws it to the crowd.

- St. Pierre has Loiseau, his Russian striking coach (forget the name) and Greg Jackson in his corner.

- Respectful staredown and glove touch.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Serra comes forward quickly but St. Pierre avoids it. St. Pierre tosses a high kick. Body kick from St. Pierre blocked. They circle and St. Pierre fires off another high kick. Good low kick from Serra. St. Pierre misses with another high kick. Serra comes forward with a combo but slips. St. Pierre tries a side kick. Another low kick from Serra. St. Pierre hits Serra with a left. High kick from St. Pierre. Serra comes forward with a couple jabs. They exchange some shots. Both fires miss again. Low kick from Serra. Serra coming forward with hard right hands. St. Pierre throws a hard left low kick followed by a right low kick that Serra grabs. St. Pierre’s left high kick misses.Serra rocks St. Pierre with a combo. St. Pierre is rocked, Serra charges forward and lands bombs. Serra lands bombs, St. Pierre is shook, St. Pierre is OUT. Serra finishes St. Pierre. It’s over.

Matt Serra - Winner by KO

- Serra very humble afterwards. Happy to have to title coming home to Long Island.

- St. Pierre says he was beaten by the better fighter. Says he trained very hard for the fighter and Serra was the better fighter.

Luke Cummo vs. Josh Haynes

Round 1:

No glove touch to start the round, Cummo with a good combo early. Both guys exchange a few hard shots. Haynes moves forward with an off target combo. Haynes gets in a good right. Body kick from Haynes answered by an excellent combo from Luke Cummo. Haynes takes the fight down and begins to work from the top. They return to the feet and exchange before quickly clinching. Haynes throws an elbow which is answered by a wild combo from Cummo. Both guys toss a few punches that miss. Cummo fires off a few front kicks. Good low kick from Cummo. Cummo cranks Haynes with a huge left hand. Haynes comes forward and attempts the takedown. Cummo attempts a trip and they then both fire off wild shots. Haynes cheek very swollen. Cummo paws with the jab as Haynes comes forward. Cummo gets Haynes against the cage as he fires off a barrage of punches. Haynes comes forward with a wild combo and then they clinch. Round ends.

Round 2:

The second starts after Quarry chirps the shit out of Haynes during the intermission. Cummo moves forward looking for an opening. Haynes misses with a wild combo. Cummo answers with some hard punches. Cummo and Haynes clinch and Haynes breaks free with an elbow. Both guys attempt kicks and clash legs. Cummo with some excellent punches to the body. They exchange a few and Cummo catches Haynes with a hard one. Both guys eat a few punches. Cummo misses with a combo as he continues to move forward. Haynes just misses with a bomb. Cummo quickly answers with a punch that knocks Haynes senseless.

Luke Cummo - Winner by KO


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