UFC 67: All or Nothing Live Blog

Tonight I will be doing a ‘Live Blog’ for the evenings event. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments throughout the night…

- We’ll be live in 48 minutes folks, be sure to check back then!

- It’s that time folks, we are live.

- The broadcast started with the typical fighter highlight videos and now Mike Goldberg is speaking about Cro Cop, Rampage and the middleweight title fight being off.

- They interview Travis Lutter, he is quite pissed and looks pretty drained.

- Rogan joins the broadcast.

- Silva comes on and says “Lutter disrespected the title, the fans and him.”

Scott Smith vs. Patrick Cote

- Cote comes out first with UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre.

- Smith comes out next looking focused while he sports a black ‘Full Contact Fighter’ sweater.

- Bruce Buffer enters the octagon and introduces the respective fighters.

- Referee is Yves Lavinge.

Round 1

The fighters come out and touch gloves. Cote lands two good leg kicks early. They size each other up. Cote lands a good body shot followed by a right straight combo. Cote lands another leg kick. Smith charges forward with a combination ending with a left high kick. Cote comes forward with two punches and then he gains the clinch. Cote goes for a flying knee and Smith lands a big right. Smith lands a inside leg kick. Tries a high kick that misses. They come in with shots and then gain the clinch. Smith lands some good elbows while in the clinch. Cote gets in a left while pinned against the cage. Smith goes for a knee and Cote grabs it and slams him. Cote begins to land shots from the top and then Smith scrambles and returns to his feet. They regain the clinch and then break free. Cote lands a good low kick. Smith fakes a kick. Cote comes in with a left and then a good body kick. Smith misses a punch. Smith comes forward with a combo that misses. Smith tries a low kick that misses. Cote lands an inside leg kick. Smith then gets in a body kick. Round ends with Cote attempting a punch.

Round 2

They come out and size each other up early. Smith throws a low kick, Cote responds with two of his own. Cote comes in with a superman punch that is blocked. Smith charges forward with a combination landing a few punches. They clinch against the cage and Cote throws a few knees. He then ducks and looks for a double. Cote begins to knee the legs of Cote after losing the takedown. Ref separates them. Smith comes in and Cote nails him with a beautiful shot, Smith wobbles but Cote hesitates to charge. They laugh and then Smith throws a wild kick. Smith misses with a low kick. Smith tries a high kick that misses. Cote lands an excellent low kick. Smith throws a low kick that misses and then Cote throws a shot and gains the clinch. Smith throws two glancing blows. Cote breaks out of the clinch and lands an excellent low kick. Smith tries a high kick that misses. Cote looks confident tossing off shots. Smith misses with another kick. Cote lands another good low kick. Cote gets in another punch as Smith moves forward. They gain the clinch again and Smith attempts to throw an elbow. They break free from the clinch and Smith charges forward and throws a high kick but it misses and the round ends.

Round 3

They come out trading early and Smith lands some excellent punches but Cote gets in a few two. Smith then goes in for the single leg takedown but he gives up and gains the clinch. The ref separates them and then they meet in the middle. Cote lands an excellent leg kick. Smith tries charging forward with a combo again. Smith tries to throw a huge bomb that misses and he eats one from Cote. Cote begins to press the action landing some leg kicks. Cote lands a huge body shot and then an excellent combination of punches on the cage. Smith then charges forward with a combo and gets Cote against the cage. He works for the takedown but Cote stops it. The ref separates them from the clinch. Cote misses with a wild combo. Smith comes forward with an excellent combo including a kick and he lands a few shots that rock Cote. They then clinch against the cage and Cote tries a to get in a knee and elbow. Smith lands two shots while in close. Cote lands an excellent combo in the clinch. He then goes down for the double leg. Cote breaks free and lands an excellent combo before gaining the clinch. Smith misses with an elbow.

- All judges scored the fight 30-27 for Cote.

Patrick Cote - Unanimous Decision

- Up next is Rampage vs. Eastman.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman

- Eastman is the first man to come out with “Big” Eric Pele in his corner.

- Next up is Quinton Jackson looking very focused sporting his metal chain. Tiki is walking out with him while Quinton howls like a wolf.

- Very intense staredown.

Round 1

Both guys combo out and toss shots early. Eastman throws a jab .They gain the clinch and then break free. Eastman tosses another jab. He then comes in with a combo that Rampage blocks. Eastman misses with a left. Quinton comesin and lands a good left. They clinch and then exchange knees along the cage. Eastman lands a body shot. Quinton gets in a good knee. Eastman lands a hard elbow in the clinch. Rampage throws an uppercut and then BJM separates them. Quinton comes in with a combo that misses. Marvin Eastman shoots in but the weak attempt is stuffed. They gain the clinch again in the middle of the octagon. They break free and then Eastman comes in with a combo. Quinton tosses a good left and then Eastman slips. Quinton lands a good leg kick.and then huge uppercut. Rampage then comes in with an excellent combo. Rampage looks for a trip but it fails. They clinch against the cage but then are separated. Eastman comes forward with shots and he sneaks in a right. Rampage lands a huge left towards the end of the first that rocks Eastman. They then begin to slug and Eastman gains the clinch to end the round.

Round 2

Eastman starts the round off with a jab that misses. Quinton comes forward and misses with a punch. Eastman comes in with two punches that miss. Rampage lands a good knee and punch to the body. They clinch against the cage Rampage misses with an uppercut. They break free and Eastman fires off a low kick. Rampage comes in with a left right combo and Eastman slips. Eastman then throws a 1-2. Eastman lands a right and Quinton responds with a left-right combo. Quinton misses with an uppercut. Rampage lands a big right that looks to rock Eastman momentarily. He then lands a body shot and they break free of the clinch. Eastman comes in with two hard punches Quinton blocks. Eastman then takes a hard punch. Eastman throws two jabs and then they clinch. He gains the Thai clinch but Eastman powers out. Eastman lands an excellent elbow. Rampage comes in with an excellent combo followed by three hard uppercuts that finish Eastman off. He falls backwards and hits his head off the canvas. Rampage pounces and lands two shots on the ground and then BJM splits them up.

Quinton Jackson - TKO (Strikes)

- Afterwards Quinton Jackson tells about how nervous he was coming into the fight.

- Just a little note, the UFC has not shown any clips about Cro Cop since the opening of the show but they’ve shown numerous clips of Lutter and Silva… You’d think Cro Cop would get a little air time.

Roger Huerta vs. John Halverson

- Halverson is the first fighter to come out. He looks fairly calm and relaxed.

- Huerta is the next to come out sporting some Xyience gear. Jens Pulver is walking out with Huerta.

Round 1

They come out and exchange jabs early. Halverson throws a kick which Huerta grabs and puts Halverson on the canvas. Huerta knees Halverson in the head on the canvas and he warned. The illegal knee hurts Halverson and he lays flats which allows Huerta to take his back and from there he rains down numerous bombs from the top and Yves Lavinge is forced to stop the fight.

Roger Huerta - KO

- Huerta says that he caught him in the shoulder not the head.

- They show a replay and it definitely looks like the knee hit him in the shoulder.

- They show a shot of Mirko Cro Cop and Eddie Sanchez in their respective corners warming up.

- Cro Cop vs. Sanchez is up next. Couture joins the broadcast crew.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Eddie Sanchez

- Eddie Sanchez comes out to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee.

- Cro Cop comes out next with the PRIDE FC theme music.

- Cro Cop gets a loud ovation.

Round 1

They come out and touch gloves. Sanchez misses with a wild combo. Cro Cop lands a hard left. They exchange punches. Cro Cop lands a hard kick to the body. Cro Cop lands a hard left. Sanchez lands a good right. Sanchez misses with a shot. Sanchez comes in wiht a combo that misses. Cro Cop lands anohter hard straight left. Cro Cop lands a hard body kick then head kick that is blocked. Eddie is able to get in two rights. They clinch and break free. Cro Cop lands a hard left. Hard low leg kick by Cro Cop followed by another huge low kick. Sanchez misses wtih a right. Cro Cop misses with a huge left. Cro Cop lands a glancing left high kick. He then lands a huge left. Sanchez falls to the canvas and Cro Cop mounts him. Cro Cop beings to rain down shots from the top. Cro Cop continues to rain down hard shots. Cro Cop lands huge shots from the top. Steve Mazzagatti calls an end to the fight.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic - TKO (Strikes from Mount)

- Afterwards Rogan interviews Cro Cop and he gives his one word answers. Cro Cop says he was frustrated that Sanchez would run from him.

- Up next is Silva vs. Lutter.

Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter

- Lutter is the first to come out as the lights in the arena dim.

- Silva is the next to come out. He looks very relaxed and composed.

- The meet in the middle and undergo an intense staredown.

Round 1

They come out and touch gloves and then Silva begins to circle. Lutter throws a weak jab that misses. Lutter fakes a shot. Lutter goes in with a very poor shot. He tries again and fails. Lutter fakes a right. Silva throws a high kick that is blocked. Silva lands a huge flying knee. Lutter takes the knee and gets Silva to the canvas. Lutter begins to work from Silva’s guard. Silva throws some punches from the bottom. Lutter postures up but quickly goes back down. Lutter throws some shots to the body. He tries to pass and Silva kicks away. He gets up but Lutter quickly gets a single leg and takes it back down. Lutter postures up again and ANderson goes for an armbar. Silva throws some hard up kicks to keep Lutter away. Lutter falls back into the guard. Lutter passes the guard and moves to side mount. Lutter goes fro the mount and Silva gets half guard. Lutter gets the mount and rains down hard punches. Lutter goes for a sloppy armbar and Silva gets free. He stands up and throws and an axe kick. Lutter then lays on his back and Silva stands there and watches.

Round 2

They come out and touch gloves. Silva throws a leg kick and Lutter shoots off it securing the double leg takedown. Lutter postures up and Silva lands an upkick. On the way down Silva locks on a tight triangle choke. Silva continues to pull as hard as he can. Silva continues to press with the tight triangle. Lutter looks to be alright as it is very loose. Silva begins to land huge elbows from the bottom while he has Lutter in the triangle choke. The elbows have a huge effect and Lutter taps out.

Silva - Triangle/Elbows from the bottom

Next up is Frank Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin

Tyson Griffin vs. Frank Edgar

- Tyson Griffin comes out to “Eye of the Tiger”.

Round 1

They come out and touch gloves. Edgar comes in with a combo and a good right. Griffin then moves forward with some good punches. They then clinch but moments later break free. Edgar throws a right and Griffin responds with two punches. Edgar lands a good right and then he fakes a takedown and lands a couple move. Griffin moves forward with a some bombs and punches. Edgar takes Griffin down but Griffin secures a guillotine but Edgar breaks free. They stands and then Griffin gets a huge takedown. They then switch but Griffin gets him up against the cage again. Edgar lands some good shots to the body but they get back on their feet. Griffin comes over the top with a good right. Griffin lands two more punches and then they continue to exchange. Edgar shoots but fails. Griffin misses with a few shots. They exchange jabs and then Edgar gets in a right. Griffin moves forward with a wild three shot combo. Griffin misses with a jab and then takes a jab from Edgar. Griffin lands a knee and then Edgar takes him down. Edgar lands a hard knee and then a few shots from the top. He continues to rain down shots and then he takes Griffin’s back for a moment and they returnt o the feet. Griffin lands a knee just as the round ends.

Round 2

Griffin comes out with a combo early and Edgar responds. Griffin misses a body shot and then he throws a jab. Edgar misses with a big low kicka as does Griffin. Griffin then lands a huge uppercut. They clinch along the fence and Griffin goes for the takedown. Edgar holds the fence and gets a warning. Griffin continues to work for the takedown. He gets warned about grabbing the cage again. They then reverse positions and Edgar tooks for the takedown. They separate and move the the middle. Griffin misses with a jab. Edgar lands a good shot and Griffin answers with a great combo. Griffin misses two big shots and then he lands two low kicks. Edgar grabs the second kick and takes Griffin down. Griffin goes for a kimura but Edgar moves out. Edgar begins to land some great shots. They stand back up. They stand in the pocket and land some excellent punches. Griffin lands two hard low kicks. He throws another that takes Edgar to the canvas. Griffin throws another and Edgar takes him down. Griffin immediately goes for a kimura. Edgar gets the half guard and then Griffin takes him down. Griffin takes his back on the canvas and then Edgar reverses it and takes the mount. From there he begins to rain down good shots but eventually Griffin gets free. The round then ends.

Round 3

Edgar comes out with a good low kick. Griffin responds with a hard low kick. Griffin lands another hard kick. Edgar then goes for a takedown but he fails. Griffin throws a hard left right combo. Edgar fakes a kick. Griffin misses with another 1-2 combo. Griffin lands a good right and Edgar responds with a hard combo. Edgar gets in two good uppercuts. Griffin lands another hard leg kick. They clinch and Edgar lands a few knees. One goes low and Griffin is hurt. Edgar then takes advantage and langs some huge punches. He takes his back and lands some more hard punches. Griffin continues to eat punches against the cage and then Edgar takes him down. Edgar goes for a guillotine. They break free and Edgar lands a hard combo against the cage. Edgar secures another beautiful takedown. Griffin lookes for the kimura again. Edgar lands another great comon. Edgar takes Griffin down but Griffin rolls to a hard kneebar. Edgar cringes in pain but he fights through it. He is limping terribly after.

Frank Edgar - Unanimous Decision

- Excellent fight!

Terry Martin vs. Jorge Rivera

Round 1

They come out and touch gloves. Rivera lands a good leg kick followed by a high kick which Martin grabs and then lands a huge shot to the temple. Once they hit the canvas Martin landed two big shots which finished the night for Rivera.

Terry Martin - KO


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