UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II Live Blog

Be sure to tune in at 10 PM EST as I’ll be doing one of our patented live blogs for UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II.

- We are live folks!

- All of the fighters are currently doing the typical pre-fight promos.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone to provide his pre-fight thoughts on Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Goldberg is joined by his partner Joe Rogan.

- The UFC shows a new feature called the ‘Text Vote’ and Chuck Liddell has garnered 65% of the votes.

- The first fight of the night is Michael Bisping versus Eric Schafer.

Michael Bisping vs. Eric Schafer

- Schafer is the first fighter to come out wearing a black robe sporting his brown belt.

- Mario Yamasaki is the referee in charge of the bout.

- Bisping is the next to come out walking to “The Clash”. Bisping is visibly pumped cheering and saluting the crowd.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and Bisping throws a jab early. Schafer shoots in but Bisping is able to stuff it. Bisping is then taken down to the canvas. Bisping quickly returns to his feet but Schafer re-attacks the single leg. They break free and exchange some jabs. Bisping lands an excellent right hand. Bisping tries a knee which allows Schafer to take it to the canvas. Schafer moves to side control. Schafer sinks in the arm trianle which is locked tight. Bisping gets free and tries to stand. Schafer takes his back and then they fall to the canvas. Schafer then moves to mount but Bisping gets free. They return to the feet and clinch. Schafer lands a good knee. They back away and then Bisping lands a hard left head kick. They regain clinch and then Bisping lands an excellent combination. Bisping then gets taken down and Schafer momentarily takes his back. Bisping rains down some hard ground and pound and during the sequence Schafer almost locks on an armbar. Bisping breaks free and then he continues to pound on Schafer before finally Mario Yamasaki breaks the fight up.

- Michael Bisping is declared the winner by TKO.

- The UFC announces that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be fighting Marvin Eastman and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic will be making his debut on UFC 67. The announcement we were waiting for!

- They show footage of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz making their way into the arena.

- Next up is Marcio Cruz vs. Andrei Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio Cruz

- Marcio Cruz is the first to come out as the crowd provides him with a very dull reception. Renato “Babalu” Sobral is in the corner of Cruz.

- Arlovski is next to come out accompanied by a sick entrance song. He looks alot like the old Andrei sporting the big beard and shaggy hair.

Round 1:

They start with a glove touch. Marcio Cruz shoots and Arlovski stuffs it. Arlovski then falls into his guard. They get back to the feet and Cruz attacks the single leg takedown. Arlovski stuffs a few takedowns as he rains a few shots from the top. They continue to battle against the fence as Arlovski tries to stuff the single leg attempt. Cruz drops to the ground and both fighters start to roll for ankle locks. Arlovski kicks him in the head twice while they are down and Herb Dean steps in to warn him. As Dean walks away Arlovski lands a huge punch. The shot knocks out Cruz and his head goes down. Arlovski then rains down a load of shots to the back of the head before Herb Dean finally steps in to separate the fighters.

- Andrei Arlovski is declared the winner by KO in round 1.

- The UFC announces that UFC 67 can be purchased in high definition.

- The show a promo for UFC 67 with footage of “Rampage” from his fight against Matt Lindland at WFA: King of the Streets. Cro Cop’s opponent will be Eddie Sanchez.

- Next up is Jason MacDonald versus Chris Leben.

Chris Leben vs. Jason MacDonald

- Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald is the first to come out looking fairly confident.

- Leben comes out next with dumb look on his face. Chris Leben comes out Robert Follis in his corner.

- Steve Mazzagatti is the referee.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and touch the gloves. MacDonald goes for a kick and Leben grabs it and takes MacDonald down. Leben stands up and lands two shots from the top. Leben continues to work from MacDonald’s guard. MacDonald pushes away and they return to the feet. Leben misses with a few wild shots and then MacDonald throws a staight. MacDonald gains the clinch and pins Leben against the cage. Mazzagatti separates them. Leben tries a leg kick. Leben then throws shot as MacDonld continues to shoot. MacDonald gains the clinch against and pins him on the cage. MacDonald throws a few foot stomps. They separate and MacDonald lands a leg kick. MacDonald continues to attempt the shot as Leben throws punches. MacDonald pins Leben agains the cage against. Leben lands an elbow inside and a few punches. They are separated again and then Leben lands some hard left hands. Leben then gets in some hard knees to the face. MacDonald returns first with a few shots and then he goes for the double leg takedown. Leben throws a few body shots while pinned against the cage. They separate and Leben lands a few hard left as the round ends.

Round 2:

MacDonald comes out with a high kick early followed by a low kick. Leben then grabs a kick and lands a punch as he takes MacDonald to the canvas. MacDonald goes for a triangle and Leben breaks free gaining side control. MacDonald attempts to roll but he fails. MacDonald then goes for a kimura and in the process he gets the sweep which allows him to stand up. MacDonald then again attacks the single leg takedown. They clinch and then they ref separates them. MacDonald lands a good straight right and then Leben lands a knee. MacDonald secures the takedown and begins to work from Leben’s guard. MacDonald throws a few shots to the body and then head. Leben does his best to hold on while on the bottom. Leben attempts a sweep and MacDonald sinks in a tight guillotine. Leben desparately attempts to get out of it before eventually being choked unconcious. 

- MacDonald is declared in winner in the 2nd round via the guillotine.

- Afterwards Leben is interviewed and Leben says he feels like shit. Leben says he made a technical mistake.

- They show Tito preparing in his locker room with Justin McCully. They then show Chuck walking around listening to some tunes.

- Next up is Forrest Griffin versus Keith Jardine.

- Randy Couture joins the broadcast crew.

- They are currently showing the pre-fight interviews with Jardine and Griffin. Both guys are expecting a war.

Keith Jardine vs. Forrest Griffin

- Keith Jardine is the first to come out looking very focused, bagpipes playing in the background.

- Next up is Forrest Griffin. Walking out to “Lets Go” by Lil’ John, Griffin jogs to the octagon.

- “Big” John is the referee.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and circle early. Jardine comes in with a hard combo that misses. Forrest throws a good leg kick. Jardine returns with a leg kick and Griffin lands a good right. Jardine comes in with a combo and Forrest ends it with a good straight. They exchange again and Forrest lands a hard right. Forrest goes for the leg kick and Jardine throws a 1-2 combo. Jardine gets in a straight and then Forrest throws a 1-2. Forrest lands a good leg kick. Both fighters then exchange a 1-2. Forrest moves in with another hard leg kick. Jardine returns fire with another. Forrest then lands a right. They continue to exchange very hard punches as Jardine lands some hard low kicks. Jardine comes in with a combo that misses. Jardine lands a left. Both fighters then throw combinations, Forrest landing better. Jardine lands a straight left. Jardine then tries a right high kick that catches Jardine’s shoulder. Forrest continues to move forward with straight shots. Jardine lands a hard low kick. Jardine then lands a straight punch. Jardine lands a hard combination that rocks Forrest Griffin. Jardine then charges forward and throws a flurry of punches as Forrest tries to pull guard. While on the ground Jardine lands some devastating punches on the ground. Jardine gets in 4-5 hard looping rights on the ground that finish Griffin.

- Jardine is declared the winner by TKO.

- Up next is Thiago Alves vs. Tony DeSouza.

Thiago Alves vs. Tony DeSouza

- DeSouza is the first to come out.

- Alves is the next to make his way to the octagon.

Round 1:

The start the round with a glove touch. The fighters spend the first 20-25 seconds circling one another. DeSouza shoots in for a takedown but Thiago stuffs it. Very little action throughout the first minute. DeSouza shoots for another takedown which Alves stuffs. DeSouza charges in again for a single leg which he almost secures. Alves shows great balance as he stuffs is. They begin to exchange and then Alves lands a huge right that rocks DeSouza. DeSouza drops and Alves charges into his guard where he rains down some punches. DeSouza secures guard and then Alves backs out and brings the fight back up. Alves attempts a hard left kick. DeSouza throws a sloppy left hand followed by a right jab. Alves throws a hard high kick that misses. Alves then lands a hard punch. DeSouza shoots in but Alves displays an excellent sprawl. They clinch along the cage and DeSouza secures an excellent judo trip. DeSouza ends up on the bottom and Alves begins to rain down some vicious ground and pound. DeSouza rolls to his back as Alves continues to pound away. Alves then gains the pound and again back ground all while raining down hard punches.

Round 2:
Alves starts the second round stalking DeSouza. DeSouza then shoots in and fails. DeSouza lays on his back before the fight is back up. DeSouza attempts to land a flying knee but in the process he eats an uppercut. Alves charges in with big knee followed by some ground and pound.

- Thiago Alves is declared the winner by KO.

- Up next is the main-event of the evening.

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

- Pre-fight trash talk is currently taking place.

- The lights dim as Tito makes his way out to “Mosh” by Eminem. Tito looks focused as Justin McCully and Ricco Rodriguez walk out with him.

- Tito runs around the octagon with is signature flag.

- Chuck is the next to come out walking to “Intro” by DMX. John Lewis and John Hackelman in his corner.

- After the introductions the fighters come to the middle for a staredown.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and touch gloves. Chuck lands a leg kick early. They exchange a few jabs early. Chuck lands a good hard combo. Tito shoots in but Chuck stuffs it. Tito throws a hard shto that misses followed by a high kick. Tito fakes a shot. Tito throws a looping right that lands. Both fighters land straight rights. Chuck comes in with a jab. Tito attempts a low kick that misses. Tito lands a good combo. Chuck comes in and Tito misses with a big shot. Tito lands an inside leg kick. Chuck tries to go to the body. Tito lands a leg kick. Tito tries a high kick. Tito goes for the leg kick again and then a body kick again. Chuck throws a good straight right. Tito’s left eye is bleeding. Chuck is stalking Tito. Chuck is looking for the kill. Tito tries a high kick. Chuck throws a good one two followed by an overhand right. Chuck lands a body shots followed by an overhand right. Chuck rocks Tito s he falls to the canvas. Chuck follows him down and lands some vicious ground and pound. Chuck lands some huge shots on the ground and then lets Tito up. Chuck lands a huge uppercut and as Tito’s head bleeds hard. They give each other a hand shake at the end of the round.

- It was the huge left hook that put Tito down.

Round 2:

Tito comes in with a big right hand early.Tito shoots in for a takedown but he fails as Chuck stuffs it. Chuck comes in with a good 1-2. Tito tries a low kick. They continue to jab and Tito attempts a body kick. Tito comes in with a 1-2. Tito lands a low kick. Chuck comes in with a straight followed by an uppercut. Chuck lands a low kick and then Tito throws a jab and big right that miss. Tito tries a right that misses. Chuck ducks and throws two big rights that go wide. Tito lands a good jab. Chuck comes forward with a combo. Chuck lands a jab. Tito tries a looping right and he follows that with a kick. Tito shoots in for takedown which Chuck stuffs. Tito attempts a few punches and then a high kick that misses. Tito misses with a left. Tito shoots in and takes Chuck’s back. Tito momentarily takes Chuck’s back. They then split as Chuck lands a big elbow.

Round 3:

The fighters touch gloves at the beginning of the round. Tito lands an inside leg kick. Tito shoots and fails. Chuck lands a combination. Liddell lands a good kick of his own. Tito attempts to shoots but stops in the process. Tito lands a good kick to the stomach of Liddell. They circle as both fighters toss some jabs. Tito lands a good leg kick. Chuck lands two hard rights to the body. Another hard one to the body. Chuck tries a huge punch that misses. Tito shoots and takes an uppercut. Tito lays back and from the top Chuck throws some punches. He then tells the ref to stand them up. Chuck ducks a shot from Tito and just misses with a right. Chuck lands a jab as Tito misses with a shot. Chuck throws a jab followed by a right. Both guys begin to exchange and Tito lands a big right. Chuck responds with some huge shots and then it goes to the canvas. Chuck begins to pound on Tito while he is on the canvas so Mario Yamasaki steps in and calls the fight.

- Chuck is the winner by TKO.

- Rogan asks Liddell about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Liddell says he can’t wait for the rematch.

- Tito is very emotional afterwards and he says Chuck is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

- Tito has nothing but good things to say about Liddell after the fight.

- Afterwards they show Liddell in his locker room with his entourage.

- Undercard time…

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Carmelo Marrero

Round 1:

Gonzaga lands a good shot early and then the two clinch and fall to the canvas. Gonzaga easily moves to the mount and then he goes for an arm triangle. Gonzaga moves to full side control and then back to mount. Gonzaga throws some shots to the body. Marrero tries rolling but he fails. Gonzaga throws some more shots from the mount. Marrero rolls and Gonzaga quickly scrambles and regains side control. Gonzaga secures a high mount and then he goes for an americana. Gonzaga goes for an armbar which he secures. Marrero taps out moments later.

- Gonzaga is named the winner by armbar.


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