UFC 65 Weigh-Ins Live Blog

Well I thought that I would do something a little different here. The weigh-ins are obviously a different beast than the actual event but they are always fun to watch anyway.

For anyone interested in watching them, Yahoo! Sports is streaming the event online. I’m not sure if Spike TV is broadcasting it either but I’ll find out shortly.

- I’m interested in seeing what kind of shape Frank Mir is in. As we all know, he looked horrible in his last fight against Dan Christison. In an interview earlier this week, Mir said that he was in great shape and his opponent Brandon Vera also said that Mir had his six pack back.

6:06 PM: The event is only being streamed on Yahoo! Sports, so no Spike TV. First up it looks like it’s going to be the undercard fights…

6:10 PM: This thing is moving along pretty quickly so I’ll try to keep up.

- They are starting out first as always with the undercard…

Josh Shockman - 235 lbs
Jake O’Brien - 232 lbs

- Dana White went with a different look than usual with his weigh-in shirt tonight. Similar style but different material. Why am I mentioning that? I don’t really know…

Hector Ramirez - 203 lbs
James Irvin - 205 1/2 lbs

- Irvin looks to be in great shape as always for his return to the UFC.

6:14 PM: Just in case anyone is wondering, they had Bruce Buffer do the weigh-in announcing instead of Joe Rogan this time around. Rogan won’t be the color guy at UFC 65 since he has a comedy show that he has to do, so that might be the real reason, not because the UFC listened to the fans and know that they need a good voice.

Antoni Hardonk - 242 1/2 lbs
Sherman Pendergarst - 247 1/2 lbs

- Pendergarst was very animated during the staredown, he didn’t stop moving and it got a laugh out of Dana…

- Now it’s time for the main card

Joe Stevenson - 155 lbs
Dokonjonosuke Mishima - 154 1/2 lbs

- Mishima had an interesting choice of socks on - They were tall and had gray and white stripes…

- This is the first weigh-in that I’ve noticed where commission officals are instructing the fighters on how to step up onto the scale.

- I just remembered that this event is in California, that might be why…

- I just got really excited and then let down again - They showed the graphic for Brandon Vera-Frank Mir but it turned out to be Drew McFedries and Alessio Sakara weighing in instead.

Drew McFedries - 202 lbs
Alessio Sakara - 204 lbs

- I still don’t get why fighters come in regular clothes like jeans if they know that they are going to have to get undressed anyway.

- Sakara looks to have even more tattoos than usual…

6:18 PM: It’s time for the better half of the card.

Frank Mir - 254 lbs
Brandon Vera - 204 lbs

- Mir weighs a lot more than usual - I swear I remember him fighting around 240 when he had the belt. Anyway he lost all of that extra fat and looks to be in great shape. Vera was right - he does have his six pack back.

Nick Diaz - 171 lbs
Gleison Tibau - 171 lbs

- Both fighters were just at the limit in terms of weight.

- Diaz came up the stairs doing his usual cursing at the camera. I don’t think that Tibau understands English very well as he was having trouble following instructions on the scale.

- I wish they would slow down, this is getting really hard to keep up with. At this pace the weigh-ins are going to be over at 6:30. I’m guessing that the UFC only got a half hour to do things which sucks.

6:20 PM: The two championship fights…

Jeff Monson - 237 1/2 lbs
Tim Sylvia - 262 1/2 lbs

- Sylvia always barely makes the limit of 265 lbs. I think I actually remember an event where he was over and they just let it go for some reason…

- Both fighters were actually booed some. Monson probably got booed by Sylvia’s crew. Sylvia, well he was probably booed because very little fans seem to like him these days. Sylvia got it the worst out of any fighter so far, people were screaming things at him the whole time.

- Sylvia stuck his arm out at Monson’s face and Monson couldn’t even get within two feet of Sylvia for the staredown. A sign of things to come? Monson tried to pose with an uppercut but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to reach Sylvia without Monson bumping into his arm. Interesting…

6:30 PM: Now the fight that everyone and their mother wants to see…

Georges St. Pierre - 169 lbs
Matt Hughes - 170 lbs

- St. Pierre probably got the biggest amount of cheers from the females in attendance.

- Hughes probably got the biggest applause out of all of the fighters, well if you count the ‘Huuuuuughes’ that people were screaming.

6:32 PM - The event was only a half hour long and it seemed a lot shorter then that.

- Before and after they showed the little previews that always show for the fights. The one that they showed before the weigh-ins however looked to be a piece that was new and only put together a couple of days ago.

Biggest Applause - Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Frank Mir, Nick Diaz, Joe Stevenson
Most Boos - Tim Sylvia, Jeff Monson
You Could Hear Crickets - Gleison Tibau, Drew McFedries
Best Shape - James Irvin, Georges St. Pierre
Worst Shape - Tim Sylvia
Best Staredown - Nick Diaz and Gleison Tibau


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