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Tune in live at 10 PM EST as I will be going live for UFC 65: Bad Intentions. Check back often for round by round coverage and thoughts.

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- T-minus 20 minutes folks!

- T-minus 1 minute ladies and gentlemen…

- We’re live, the fighters in both title fights are currently doing the typical pre-fight interviews.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone and introduces his partner for the evening Randy “The Natural” Couture. Rogan is not present for the evening’s event due to other commitments.

- The first fight of the night is Joe Stevenson vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima

Joe Stevenson vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima

- Mishima is the first to come out wearing a devil mask, carrying a stuff animal and wearing an interesting coat.

- Stevenson is the next to walk down to the octagon accompanied by Marc Laimon.

- The veteran voice of the octagon, Bruce Buffer, introduces the fighters. Mario Yamasaki is the referee.

Round 1:

Mishima kicks the first round off earlier with a judo throw that puts Stevenson on the canvas. Stevenson quickly responds by getting Mishima in a very tight guillotine. Mishima’s face literally turns purple and it looks as if he is done but he breaks free and moves to side mount. Mishima tries working from the top but Stevenson is able to sink in the guillotine choke once again and this time Mishima taps out.

Joe Stevenson - Winner by Guillotine Choke at 2:07 of the First Round

- The Iceman gets shown on the big screen and the fans grace him with a round of applause.

- Mr. Frank Mir is shown training out back before his fight.

- They show a little segment to hype up UFC 66: Ortiz vs. Liddell II. Tito states that he feels he can strike with Liddell and getting thumbed in the first fight is what ended it for him as all he could see was pitch black.

- Up next is Vera versus Mir.

Brandon Vera vs. Frank Mir

- Vera is the first to make his way to the octagon looking very calm and focused.

- Mir is the next to come to the octagon looking very confident and ready.

- Suprisingly everything is about equal except for the weight. Mir has about 20-25 pounds on Vera.

Round 1:

Both fighters come out early and size each other up. Each fighter throws a few shots then Vera lands a huge hook followed by a hard straight right that wobbles Mir. Vera quickly pounces with two hard knees to the face which send Mir to the canvas, breaking his nose in the process. While on the canvas Mir tries to recover but Vera continues to work from the top throwing some hard shots. Eventually enough was enough and the ref pounced and broke them up.

Brandon Vera - Winner by TKO

- They show Hughes’ lockeroom and everyone is clinched together praying.

- More hyping for Chuck-Tito.

- Alessio Sakara versus Drew McFedries is up next.

Alessio Sakara vs. Drew McFedries

- Drew McFedries is the first to come out accompanied by the song Flat on the Floor by Nickelback.

- The Italian boxer Alessio Sakara is the next to make his way to the octagon.

Round 1:

McFedries comes out early and lands some good punches with his explosive style. Sakara lands a nice knee to the body from the clinch. They break free and McFedries lands a shot that rocks Sakara and puts him to the canvas. Sakara quickly recovers. Sakara lands a huge body shot that rocks McFedries, he follows that up with huge combinations the knock his mouth guard out. They get up against the cage and Sakara continues to tee off landing huge shots. McFedries responds with some shots of his own. They pause the fight so McFedries can get his mouth piece back. McFedries throws some lazy kicks and then he gets tagged. Sakara then lands some huge left hooks. McFedries gets the body lock and takes the fight to the canvas. The fight gets back up… Sakara lands another huge shot followed by a wild miss. Sakara lands some more hard shots against the cage. McFedries responds and rocks Sakara. Sakara drops to the canvas and then McFedries lands some huge shots from the top and they call the fight.

It was a big uppercut that caught Sakara and forced him to drop. McFedries then ended it which HUGE shots to the body and head.

Drew McFedries - Winner by TKO

- Next up is James Irvin versus Hector Ramirez

James Irvin vs. Hector Ramirez

- Ramirez comes out first sporting a Rampagesque chain.

- Irvin comes out next accompanied by a huge applause from the crowd.

Round 1:

Both fighters exchange some kicks early. They size each other up and then Ramirez gets a takedown. They quickly get back up. Ramirez secures another sloppy takedown as the fighters scramble. Ramirez takes Irvin’s back and works some shots from the back. Ramirez continues to work from Irvin’s back as the ref watches closely. Irvin begins to give up his nack as Ramirez works for the choke. Ramirez is very high on Irvin’s back. Ramirez loses the hook and they stand up. They begin slugging it out with both fights landing some big shots. Irvin tries two high kicks and he slips both times. The second slip allows Ramirez to work from the guard. Ramirez stands up and then pounces into the guard. Ramirez takes Irvin’s back and then throws some huges shots. Irvin gets up and throws a spinning backfist followed by a huge wild punch.

Round 2:

They size each other up early and then Ramirez tees off against the cage landing numerous shots. Irvin responds with a shot and then they take the center again. Irvin throws some good kicks. Ramirez throws a hard left hook. Irvin lands another hard kick. Irvin follows that up with a nice superman punch. Irvin throws some more low kicks that miss. Irvin almost lands a nice body kick. Irvin then out of nowhere lands a huge straight right land that drops Ramirez. Irvin puts his lands up and then ref fails to come in so Irvin quickly runs kicks Ramirez in the body and follows that up with some hard shots on his confused opponent.

James Irvin - Winner by KO

- Up next is the heavyweight title fight…Sylvia vs. Monson.

Tim Sylvia vs. Jeff Monson

- Monson comes out first accompanied by the tune Imagine by John Lennon. Monson looks somewhat nervous, almost as if he is crying… Monson currently has tears in his eyes. Josh Barnett is with him.

- Sylvia comes out next walking to Jesus Walks by Kanye West. Sylvia looks very ready.

- Brucie B is currently introducing the fighters.

Round 1:

Monson shoots early, almost gets a takedown. Monson shoots again and Sylvia sprawls. They are on the ground as Monson works like an animal. They pause for a bit doing nothing…Monson begins to take some shots. Big John stands them up. Sylvia lands a shot as they continue to size each other up. Monson shoots again but Sylvia avoids it. Monson goes for the clinch but Sylvia tosses him aside. Monson lands an excellent jab and then shoots. Sylvia stands up. Sylvia misses with a jab. Sylvia goes to the body and Monson replies with a head shot. Monson has a mouse around the left eye. Sylvia works the jab. Monson tries a big shot that misses. Sylvia continues to work the jab. Monson almost gets in a good shot but his height plays against him. Monson lands an excellent overhand right. Sylvia tries a head kick at the end of the round and misses.

Round 2:

Sylvia works the jab early. Monson shoots but Sylvia sprawls. Monson tries another overhand but misses. Sylvia is moving forward. Monson goes to the body. Sylvia works his jab more and more. Monson shoots for a single leg and works but Sylvia breaks free. Sylvia stands over Monson and begins to kick his legs. Monson returns some kicks from the ground. Sylvia is able to land a nice hook when they stand up. Monson shoots again but Sylvia sprawls. Sylvia throws a left hook - straight right. Sylvia comes in with another glancing combo. Monson throws a big overhand that catches Tim’s shoulder. The crowd is chanting “Monson, Monson, Monson!” Sylvia continues to stalk Monson as both miss some shots. Sylvia lands a nice straight right. Sylvia tries a combo and Monson shoots. Crowd is booing as the round ends.

Round 3:

Wow, Monson shoots early and gets a nice takedown! Monson begins to work from the guard throwing some hard body shots. Monson works some good shots from the top as Tim punches from the bottom. Monson postures up and Tim lets go of the guard tries to get up but Monson pounces and keeps him down. Sylvia lands a nice elbow from the bottom. Monson breaks the guard again looking to work for a submission. Monson lands a good shot from the top. Monson postures up and throws some shots but he is having alot of trouble with Tim’s height. Monson passes to side control. Sylvia almost gets up and Monson goes for the guillotine. Its back down with Monson is side position. Monson begins to go for the guillontine again. Sylvia rolls and gets on top. Sylvia pushes away and they stand them up. Jeff has a bad cut under his right eye. They are back up and Sylvia is firing jabs. Monson tries and overhand. Sylvia sontinues with combos. Sylvia lands two big knees and the round ends with Monson on his back.

Round 4:

Sylvia starts round 4 with some jabs. Sylvia sneaks in a straight right hand. Monson fakes the shot. Monson begins to fake the combos. Sylvia throws a shot and Monson shoots for the double leg. Sylvia falls into Monson’s guard and moves into side control. Sylvia throws some short choppy elbows. Monson moves and grabs ahold of Sylvia’s leg. Almost gives up the mount. Half guard is given to Sylvia. Sylvia is doing nothing but smoothering Monson. Sylvia begins to work for an americana. It fails as Sylvia works some more choppy elbows. Monson rolls underneath and gains top position. Monson loses his mouthpiece. Monson postures up and tries some weak shots. Sylvia sinks in a triangle choke but Monson gets free. He continues to work from the top.

Round 5:

Monson’s eyes are swollen shut as they touch gloves to start the 5th. Monson shoots and Sylvia stuffs it. Sylvia goes for the north-south choke and then he stands up. Sylvia continues to toss the odd jab as Monson bounces around in front of him. Crowd begins to boo… Sylvia works the jab continously looking very tenative. Big John steps in and tells the two guys the must fight, they’re in a fight. They fighters return to action. Sylvia throws some more jabs. Monson tries an overhand right and then he shoots but Sylvia stuffs it. Monson lays on his back and Sylvia stands over him kicking his legs. Big John steps in and stands them up. Sylvia tries a weak combo and Monson shoots again. Sylvia stuffs it and stands over him doing nothing. Sylvia throws some jabs and the round ends. The crowd is booing very loudly.

Tim Sylvia - Winner by Unanimous Decision

- Sylvia states in his post-fight interview he wanted to fight Mir but since he lost he is going to knock out Vera.

- Up next is the main event!!!

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre

- Wow, St. Pierre is fricken ready. He looks focused as hell. Quick enterance with Loiseau in his corner. Hugs his corner guys and makes his way into the octagon.

- Hughes comes out next to his patented song “A Country Boy Can Survive”. Hughes looks focused with his bother at his side sporting the mullet.

- Hughes makes his way into the octagon and gives a St. Pierre a glance in his corner.

- Brucie B does the official introductions. The two fighters then come to the center for a staredown and St. Pierre gazes right into Hughes’ eyes this time.

Round 1:

Round is underway… They size each other up and St. Pierre goes for a high kick. He lands a good jab also. Hughes tries a hook which is blocked. St. Pierre lands two beautiful punches. Hughes goes for a shot which misses. St. Pierre with a good shot. “GSP!” chant in the crowd. Hughes tosses the jab. St. Pierre just about lands the spinning back kick. Hughes goes to clinch but they quickly break free. hughes tosses a few jabs. St. Pierre with a low kick. Both guys land a jab. Hard low kick but St. Pierre, it hits the leg and slips up. Catches Hughes low. They touch them up. Another hard low kick and Hughes says it was low again. The foot keeps sliding up. St. Pierre comes out with a jab. Another stiff jab. St. Pierre tosses another jab and a good shot. They go to the clinch. St. Pierre gets in a knee to the gut. Hughes kicks, St. Pierre catches the foot, lands a punch and works from the guard. St. Pierre passes to half guard and works from side. St. Pierre lands a hard knee. Hughes throws a few jabs. Hughes shoots in and GSP stuffs it! Hughes smiles. St. Pierre just misses with a high kick. St. Pierre lands a superman punch, drops Hughes, he is out and the ref jumps in but the bell goes!!! The fight is still on!! If the bell wasn’t gone it was over!!

Round 2:

Hughes comes out with some jabs. St. Pierre attempts a few kicks. Hughes shoots again but St. Pierre stuffs it again. St. Pierre lands a low kick. Another low kick by St. Pierre. St. Pierre throws a low kick that sweeps Hughes feet out. Tosses another jab. St. Pierre lands a stiff jab. St. Pierre throws a headkick, Hughes it OUT!!! St. Pierre pounces, ground and pounds and the ref stops the fight!!!

Georges St. Pierre is the new welterweight champion. The elbows are what finished the fight!

Georges St. Pierre - Winner TKO

- St. Pierre is very emotional after, he can’t believe he has finally reached his dream. He says he can’t even cry he is so emotional.

- Hughes and St. Pierre embrace after the fight.

- Hughes states that he didn’t think it would go down that way. He says he didn’t even know it was a headkick that hit him. He said he thought it was a punch.

- The Fertitta’s just told St. Pierre his next defense would be in Montreal.

Antoni Hardonk vs. Sherman Pendergarst

Round 1:

Pendergarst shoots in early and Hardonk lands some good knees in the clinch. Pendergarst gets to the half guard as he works some shots. Pendergarst continues to work on the ground as the crowd boos. Pendergarst works some hard shots from the top and then Hardonk pushes him away. The fight is stood up, Hardonk lands a hard jab followed by a high kick. He then throws a combo followed by a low kick that finishes Pendergarst.

Antoni Hardonk - Winner by KO

- Stevenson earns the submission of the night.

- Thats all she wrote folks, I’m done for the evening as the event is officially finished!


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