UFC 64: Unstoppable Live Blog

Tonight I will be doing a live blog for the evenings event. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments throughout the night…

T-minus 10 seconds until we go live folks!

- They are currently showing the pre-fight interviews. Silva and Franklin are both saying how much they respect one another and that they’re both ready to meet in the center of the octagon and trade.

- Mike Goldberg and Randy “The Natural” Couture kick off the broadcast previewing the main-event between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. No Joe Rogan tonight folks…

- The first fight of the night will be Spencer Fisher vs Dan Lauzon.

Spencer Fisher vs Dan Lauzon

- Fisher states that he feels Lauzon will collapse under the pressure and he’ll be on the end of a highlight reel knockout.

- Lauzon is the first fighter to make his way to the octagon sporting a shirt saying “Check Mate” with his brother Joe Lauzon in his corner.

- Fisher is the next fighter to make his way to the octagon accompanied by some Johnny Cash. He looks fairly calm and composed as he has current UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia and Josh Neer in his corner.

- The veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer is currently kicking off the broadcast by introducing the lightweight combatants.

- Of course in typical UFC fashion the broadcast cuts out just as the fight starts.

Round 1:

The broadcast kicks back in 1 minute into the round and Fisher is on the canvas with Lauzon working from his guard. Fisher attempts and up kick and then Lauzon starts firing off rights. Lauzon then sits into Fishers guard and tries to work. Fisher pushes Lauzon back but begins to take numerous shots as Lauzon postures up. Fisher has a small cut above his right eye. Lauzon passes to the full mount but Fisher quickly regains the half guard. Lauzon fires off a couple elbows and punches and then stands up again. He postures up in Fisher’s guard and then fires off shots. Fisher pushes off of him and gets back to his feet and they quickly get to the clinch. Lauzon takes it down again but hey get up and Fisher lands a beautiful flying knee that hurt Lauzon. Fisher starts teeing off and hurts Lauzon bad. Fisher nails him with an uppercut follow by a right which knocked Lauzon out.

Spencer Fisher wins by TKO at 4:38 of the 1st Round

- Both fighters show respect for one another afterwards as they embrace on another.

- Fisher tells Pulver the win is for him in his post-fight interview and he states that Lauzon is tough as nails. He also apologizes for all the BS that took place on the internet before the fight.

- They then show Gurgle and Franklin enter the arena followed by Franklin’s opponent Anderson Silva and his crew.

- They are now showing a preview for UFC 65: Bad Intentions which is headlined by Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia vs. Jeff Monson.

- The next fight of the night is Cheick Kongo vs Carmello Marrero.

Cheick Kongo vs. Carmello Marrero

- Marrero is the first to make his way to the octagon looking quite focused and ready.

- Kongo is the next fighter to come out looking shredded at wearing a Tapout shirt.

- Bruce Buffer makes his way to the octagon and introduces the fighters.

Round 1:

The fight starts slow with the two combatants circling each other. Kongo fires off a few kicks to keep him off of him but neither land. Kongo continues to work the leg kicks but Marrero remains composed. Kongo is able ot land two excellent kicks and then Marrero shoots and gets a double leg takedown. From there he moves to the side mount as Kongo has his head trapped. The fighters the scramble again but Kongo remains on the bottom. Marrero works the knees to the body from the side mount. Marrero continues to work from the side mount while Kongo desparetly looks for a way out. Marrero is able to land a few nice elbows followed by a knee to the body. Kongo scrambles again and he is able to pull guard. Kongo throws a few elbows from the bottom which have little effect. Marrero attempts a few shots from the top but Kngo does good job avoiding. Marrero ends the round strong attacking Kongo with some great ground and pound.

- I scored it 10-9 for Marrero.

- Of course my broadcast cuts out for the fourth time tonight…

Round 2:

The round starts with a few good kicks followed by a punch and then Marrero takes the fight to the canvas. Marrero then begins to work from the half guard. Kongo sinks in a guillotine from the bottom which looks to be in tight. Marrero looks fine while Kongo works to get back to his feet. Kongo then sinks it in deep and starts going hard. Marrero is in trouble desparately trying to get free. Marrero gets free and starts raining down bombs. Yves Lavinge moves in and brings the fight to the feet but Marrero shoots in right away and takes the fight to the canvas. He continues to work from Kongo’s guard while on the canvas. Yves Lavinge is telling the fighters to work and it looks as though Kongo is trying to get the arm. Lavinge stands them up again and Marrero is laying and praying. Kongo throws a knee but Marrero takes it down again.

- I scored the 10-9 for Marrero mainly for the takedowns.

Round 3:

Marrero shoots early but Kongo sprawls and he knows he is down two rounds to none. The fighters clinch up against the cage and Yves Lavinge reminds Kongo numerous times to let go of the cage. The fight hits the canvas and Marrero momentarily takes Kongo’s back but it returns to the guard. Lavinge then stands the fighters up again. Kongo starts stalking Marrero looking to land his shots. Kongo lands some big shots and looks to rock Marrero. Marrero lays back on the canvas and so Kongo jumps down into his guard. Kongo moves to the half guard and then moves for the kimura. Kongo goes for a kimura and then moves to side mount. Marrero moves and roles in for a takedown but Kongo does a good job sprawling. The fighter gets back to the feet momentarily until Marrero takes it down again. Marrero works from Kongo’s guard but he is doing very little. Lavinge stands them up. They get against the canvas and do very little. Both fighters look tired. Kongo throws a few knees but Marrero is doing a good job neutralizing Kongo. The round ends in the clinch.

The fight is scored 29-28 Marrero, 29-28 Marrero and 29-28 Kongo for the winner by Spilt Decision, Carmello Marrero.

- I scored it 10-9 for Kongo and the fight 29-28 for Marrero.

- Eddie Bravo had the fight scored 29-28 for Marrero.

- Judges scored the fight 29-28 Kongo, 29-28 Marrero and 29-28 Marrero.

- Marrero is declared the winner by split decision.

- Marrero looked excellent and answered everyones question they had coming into this fight, could he take Kongo down. The answer is yes and that won him the fight.

- Mike Goldberg takes the mic again and they do a little segment on Ken Shamrock retiring. Guys like Rich Franklin, Tim Syliva, and Matt Hughes all give their thoughts on Ken Shamrock and show loads of respect for him. Chuck Liddell chimes in at the end and calls him a legend.

- The next fight of the night is Fitch vs. Hironaka.

Jon Fitch vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka

- Hironaka is the first fighter to make his way to the octagon walking to a slick Japanese tune.

- Fitch is the next fighter to make his way to the octagon all while being praised by Randy Couture and Mike Goldberg. Middleweight contender Mike Swick is in his corner.

- Jon Fitch has a considerable reach advantage.

- Bruce Buffer introduces the fighters.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and touch gloves before Fitch lands a one-two combo and then clinches. Hironaka looks to have Fitch in a Judo position as Fitch works the knees from the clinch. Hironaka tries and inside trip which fails. Fitch then lands an excellent inside trip but Hironaka sinks in a deep triangle which has Fitch in trouble. Fitch looks like he is loose. Hironaka resets the triangle but he is on the wrong angle. Hironaka resets it again while pulling down on Fitch’s head. Fitch gets loose again but Hironaka continues to work for the submission. Fitch throws a few elbows while slowing moving out. Fitch gets out and settles in Hironaka’s guard. Fitch works some great ground and pound. Fitch works the elbows well while he has his opponent on his back against the cage. Fitch then takes Hironaka’s back. Fitch sinks in the hooks but Hironaka avoids the choke well while taking punches.

- I scored the round 10-9 for Hironaka.

- Hironaka has a huge lump above his left eye.

Round 2:

The round starts with a nice punch from Fitch followed by a high kick and then a nice slam. Fitch works the ground and pound from Hironaka’s guard. Fitch works some excellent ground and pound posturing up and landing hard punches and elbows. Hironaka went for the triangle again which misses. He is then able to regain guard before sweeping Fitch. Fitch regains top position and works to pass Hironaka’s guard. Fitch works to take Hironaka’s back again before getting back into guard and working some excellent ground and pound. The fighters stall so Mario tells them to stand up. Fitch comes in with a good combination followed by a head kick and then a double leg takedown. Fitch then gains the half mount. Fitch works some hard shots to the body followed by some effective elbows. Hironaka then rolls for an armbar which ends up being a trinagle. Fitch tries standing up while Hironaka continues to work for the submission. Fitch breaks free and fires off a few hard shots. Fitch ends the round strong with some excellent hard elbows.

- I scored the round 10-9 for Jon Fitch.

Round 3:

They come out swinging and both guys land some excellent punches. Fitch landed a nice body kick early and then Hironaka got in some good punches late. Hironaka then throws an excellent spinning kick follow by a leg kick. Fitch takes the fight down but blood is pouring from his face. They check the cut but it is on his nose so they restart the fight. Fitch continues to work some ground and pound while the blood pours from his nose. Fitch continues to work great ground and pound and Hironaka’s face is showing it with some swelling above the eyes. Fitch works some excellent elbows. He postures up and unleashes a flurry which creams Hironaka. Fitch is really taking it to Hironaka as his left eye is now swollen shut. Mario moves in and stands the fighters up. Both of Hironaka’s eyes are very swollen. Hironaka goes for a guillotine but then gives it up. Fitch continues to work from the top imposing his will on Hironaka. Mario stands them up again. The fighters end the fight slugging it out and Hironaka gets rocked. The round ends and the fighters quickly hug one another.

The fight is scored 30-25, 30-27 and 30-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Jon Fitch.

- I scored the round 10-9 for Jon Fitch and the fight 29-28 for Jon Fitch.

- Eddie Bravo scored the fight 30-27 for Jon Fitch.

- The jugdes score it 30-25, 30-27 and 30-27 for Jon Fitch.

- In his post-fight interview Fitch states that he felt more comfortable on the canvas due to all of the blood coming from his nose.

- Jason Giambi is shown on the big screen and the fans crowd begins booing.

- Mike Goldberg takes the microphone again and they put another tribute to Ken Shamrock on the big screen.

- Goldberg and Couture exchange their thoughts on Shamrock and show a clip of Sean Sherk warming up in his room. That is followed by some clips from Saw III.

- Mike Goldberg makes his way to the crowd and interviews the star of Saw III.

- The next fight is Kenny Florian vs Sean Sherk for the vacant lightweight title.

Kenny Florian vs Sean Sherk

- Pre-fight interviews being shown and Couture and Goldberg give their thoughts.

- Florian is the first to make his way to the octagon sporting some spiffy Thai gear. Florain looks very focused while carrying two large swords by his side.

- Florian prays before entering the octagon.

- Sean Sherk is the next man to make his way to the octagon sporting some sick Jaws music. The crowd is cheering and Sherk makes his way to the octagon. He looks quite focused and angry.

- I am currently feeling very nervous for Mr. Florian.

Round 1:

Sherk comes out with an excellent hook followed by a great takedown. He begins to work from Florian’s guard. Florian looks to work for a triangle but Sherk shrugs it off and move to the half guard while working some ground and pound. Sherk works some good elbows. Florian regains guard and tries to work for a sub. Sherk works the ground and pound again. Sherk puts his head down and Florian sinks in a guillotine. Sherk luckily is able to break free. Sherk begins to rain down hammerfists while working for mount. Sherk gains the half guard. He cranks Florian with a few good shots from the top. Sherk breaks free of Florian’s guard and rolls for an armbar. Florian breaks free but Sherk quickly puts him back on the canvas. Sherk continues to pound on Florian from the top. Sherk lays in the guard doing very little for a moment and then he begins to unleash some good ground and pound.

- I scored it 10-9 for Sean Sherk.

Round 2:

The fighters start off with some good hooks and Florian lands a nice body kick. Florian then is able to and knee before Sherk took him down. Florian lands an elbow from the bottom and cuts Sherk. Sherk is bleeding badly. Florian tries rolling for an armbar and then they stop it to check the cut. They let the fight continue but it is stopped so they can clean Florain’s face off. Sherk is very disappointed. Sherk begins to ground some hard punches but Florian tries spinning for an armbar. Sherk moves to side control and the blood is effecting Florian’s vision as well. Sherk works the hammerfists. Sherk gets the full mount while sinking in the arm triangle. Florian gets top position and rains down some shots. The fight returns to the feet and Sean Sherk shoots in for a double leg. They stall against the cage while Sherk expends alot of energy. Sherk continues to work for the takedown. The round ends.

- I scored it 10-9 for Sean Sherk, besides the cut Florian did nothing.

Round 3:

Sherk starts out with a nice kick but Florian returns with some good cuts. Sherk shoots in and takes the fight down again. Florian tries to scramble but Sherk keep sidemount and lands a hard shot. Sherk works some good ground and pound from the side mount. Sherk begins to rain down some elbows. Sherk continues to work the elbows while the blood continues to leak from Sherk’s head. Florian keeps trying to get in weak elbows on the cut but Sherk neutralizes it and continues to ground and pounch. He gets side control and Florain tries to spin away. Sherk almost gets Florain’s back while punching from the back position. Florian rolls to guard and takes a few shots. Sherk continues to work the hammerfists. The ref stands the fighters up. Sherk is bleeding badly. Florian lands a nice body kick. Sherk lands three nice knees and they contine to go toe to toe and Florian ends it with a kick. They crowd goes wild.

- I scored it 10-9 for Sean Sherk.

Round 4:

The fighters touch gloves. Florian lands a leg kick early followed by two more kicks. Sherk stays composed and he quickly shoots but Florian scrambles and avoids it. The fighters remain on the feet and then Sherk takes the fight to the canvas. Sherk starts working some ground and pound from the top and then he goes for a kimura which quickly fails. Sherk goes to the side mount and rains down hard punches. Florian tries to stand up but Sherk bring him back down and pins him against the cage. Sherk continues to work ground and pound. Sherk lands a hard combination. Sherk works from the side mount providing all the action. Sherk gains the side mount again. Florian tries to use the cage to roll out but he fails. Florian throws an elbow from the bottom but Sherk responds with some damaging ground and pound. Sherk lands hard punches off the side of Florian’s face. The ref stands them up. Sherk is bleeding bad still and Florian lands a hard body kick and then the round ends.

- I scored it 10-9 for Sean Sherk.

Round 5:

Florian throws a kick and then gets slammed by Sean Sherk. Sherk continues to work from Florian’s guard again. Sherk rains down some hard hammerfists. Florian rolls for an armbar but they are too slippery. Sherk lands two hard elbows from the top. The ref stands the two fighters up. Florian tries a superman punch which misses. Florian throws two high kicks. Florian with another high kick follwed by a body shot. Sherk takes it down and gets in a guillotine. Sherk tries hard to regain his breath. Sherk picks Florian up and goes slam him, Florian grabs the fence and the ref slaps him arm off and Sherk unleashes the hard slam. Sherk moves to the full mount. Florian tries to get free but he is slammed again. Florian goes for the guillotine again. Sherk ends it with some great ground and pound and then the round ends. The two fighters hug each other.

The fight is scored 49-46, 49-46 and 50-48 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Sean Sherk.

- I scored the round 10-9 for Sean Sherk and scored the fight 50-45 for Sean Sherk.

- In his post-fight interview Sherk says nothing was going to stop him in the fight as this was his dream.

- Next up is the main event between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva for the UFC middlewight title.

Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva

- Silva is the first fighter to come out looking very calm.

- Franklin is next to come out accompanied by AC/DC - For Those About to Rock. Jorge Gurgle is walking by his side as usual along with UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. Franklin is sporting a nice black eye.

- Franklin looks very ready as he is staring at the octagon and the octagon only on his way out.

- Bruce Buffer makes his way into the octagon and does the fighter introductions, Big John is the ref.

- The fighters come to the middle and stare each other down.

Round 1:

The fighters come out and touch gloves. They fighters size each other up. Both guys showing lots of respect. Silva throws a very hard leg kick. Franklin throws a lazy leg kick. They begin to exchange shots. Silva lands a straight kick. Franklin lands a one two combo. They begin to exchange hard shots. Silva works the Thai clinch. Silva lands hard knees. Anderson Silva is hurting Franklin. Franklin took a knee to the face. He is HURT! Frankling is in trouble! Silva lands a huge knee followed by a head kick and another knee. FRANKLIN IS OUT!!

Anderson Silva puts Rich Franklin out with a devastating Muay Thai. Franklin’s nose is clearly broken afterwards. Anderson Silva is the winner by TKO at 3:58 of the first round.

- Silva showed his striking is at another level.

- Franklin apologizes to the crowd in his post-fight interview. Franklin’s nose looks terrible.

- Next up is a battle between Justin James and Clay Guida.

Justin James vs Clay Guida

The two fighters meet in the middle and exchange a few shots and James tags Guida a few times. James works from the clinch and lands a few good knees. The ref separates them and James continues to work his strikes. James hits Guida a few times and Guida continues to look for the shoot. James rocks Guida with some good punches and shots. Guida is having tons of trouble taking it down. Guida gets the fight to the canvas. Guida begins to work some strong ground and pound. James continues to take shots from Guida. Guida continues to rock James with some hard shots from the top. James tries rolling but to no avail. Guida continues to ground and pound with barrages of elbows and punches. James secures a tight armbar but Guida sneaks out. Guida gets side mount and then ends up back in guard he continues to ground and pound.

- I scored the round 10-9 for Clay Guida.

Round 2:

The fight starts out with some lazy shots and then Guida gets the fight into James guard. Guida throws a few hammerfists from the guard and then he takes a few upkicks. Guida begins to work from the guard again. Guida continues to pound away and he lands some good body shots. Guida lands some double punches. James throws a few upkicks. Guida continues his ground and pound landing punches and elbows. Guida lands a hard shot from the top. He follows that up with some more hard shots. Guida a hard shot that hurts James. Guida works the body some more and then he throws some more short elbows. Guida lands another hard shot. Guida then rocks James with some hard shots. James gives up his back and Clay Guida sinks in the rear naked choke and taps him out.

Clay Guida is the winner by rear naked choke at 4:42 of Round 2

- The submission of the night goes to Clay Guida and of course the knock out of the night goes to Anderson Silva.


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