Two Sides of UFC 73: Stacked

Days before UFC 73: Stacked the chatter continues from Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans.

Ortiz makes an appearance on ESPN to discuss his keys to victory (video, 6:56 length).

Evans, trying to avoid all trash talk, still discusses how he views Ortiz as on

“I really try not to define people, but to be honest, I see Ortiz as a little something different than what he used to be,” said Evans when asked which Ortiz he sees now, in 2007. “To say that he can’t be a champion again, I don’t know – if I’m there he ain’t gonna be champion (Laughs) – but right now he seems to have a little bit of everything else going on and I don’t know if he has the focus and the desire to do what it takes to win. He’s Hollywood right now, he likes the limelight and everything else like that, but where MMA started and where it is right now, it’s not one of those sports where you can be that Hollywood type of personality. It’s not for the pretty boys; it’s for the blue collar guy who goes in there and gets his work done. And if he has time for everything else, then he’ll do it, but he’s not gonna put that ahead of being a champion. I think Ortiz just wants the limelight a little bit more than being a fighter.”



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