TUF 7: The Quarterfinals Begin

This week’s show features a pair of quarterfinal bouts between members of Team Forrest: Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown and Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera. Right off the bat, Dana White asks Forrest to make a decision in terms of who will be cornering each fighter since they are all on his squad. He can’t do it so they decide to flip a coin. It’s decided that Forrest will corner Jesse and Amir while Rampage will work with Matt and Dante.

Rampage meets with Matt and Dante and says that he doesn’t have a problem with either of them. Jesse talks about his eating habits and how bad they are. His teammates, especially Tim Credeur agree. Dante is shown training with Juanito Ibarra, who knows Dante from previous fights in the past, while Rampage sleeps on top of a heavy bag. Jesse then decides to cut some weight by putting on plastics and playing ping-pong. He ends up getting himself below 185 lbs which is absolutely ridiculous.

Jesse then decides to piss his pants outside of the hot tub right before jumping in. Dante gets in as well, oblivious to the fact that he is resting in pee. Anyway it’s time for the fight. Both guys are going into the fight pretty confident, maybe Jesse the more eager to win between the two. Both intend to put their friendship aside and go to war.

Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera

Round 1: Jesse scores an early takedown and works some ground-and-pound while Rivera struggles to pull guard. Dante can’t do much to help tie up Jesse and he continually takes punishment for hit, including three straight right hands that land directly on his chin. Jesse lands two more right hands flush to Dante’s face before moving to side control. Dante finally achieves guard with three minutes left in the round. Jesse postures up and continues to land bombs. Referee Josh Rosenthal asks Jesse to improve his position which is odd since he is being so active on the ground. More ground-and-pound from Jesse until Rivera pushes him away with his feet. Jesse stands up and then dives back into Rivera’s guard, being grazed by an upkick on his way down. Jesse controls Dante until the end of the round. Dante did absolutely nothing. 10-8 Jesse.

Round 2: Much of the same in the second round. Dante stuffs an early takedown attempt by Jesse before being slammed down to the mat anyway. Jesse works some ground-and-pound while Dante pulls guard. Dante finally throws his first punch of the fight from the bottom. Rampage tells Dante that he has to stand up and he nods his head. However he isn’t able to do so until Rosenthal stands them up due to a lack of actions. A wild right hand from Dante allows Jesse to score another takedown. Jesse lands some more heavy punches. The round ends with Jesse in Dante’s guard pounding away. 10-9 Jesse.

Winner: Jesse Taylor - Unanimous Decision

After the fight, members of Team Rampage complain that Team Forrest was catching every submission attempt that Rivera was setting up for and yelling it out to Jesse. Dante is pretty upset about his performance while Jesse is content but not that happy since he didn’t finish the fight.

The focus switches to Matt and Amir, who even though they are friends, intend to have an all-out war in the cage. Forrest talks about the up-swing Amir’s confidence has taken since the start of the show while Rampage discusses why he believes Matt has a fighting spirit. The rest of the house expresses their excitement about seeing Matt and Amir go at it. Matt believes that he has an edge over Amir in terms of overall skill and based on his level of experience, he’s right on paper. Let’s move on to the fight.

Matt Brown vs. Amir Sadollah

Round 1: Both come out of the gate throwing a mix of kicks and punches. Brown seems to be the more aggressive of the two, backing Amir up against the cage with combinations. Brown lands a nice knee to the body and follows up with more punches. Amir is working the kicks. They go into a wild exchange before clinching. Amir muscles Brown into the fencing and they exchange positions while Amir fights off takedown attempts from Matt. Brown finally breaks from the clinch and throws a knee and some punches that starts off a nice exchange on the feet between the two. They clinch again for a short moment before breaking. Brown lands a nice left hook. Amir lands a solid jab and nearly knocks down Brown with a leg kick. Amir starts picking Matt apart with punches before Matt scores a takedown just seconds before the round ends. Too close to call first round.

Round 2: They start the round on the feet banging once again. Brown comes heavy and hard at Amir who looks like he might be in trouble until he lands a counter left hand that forces Brown to step back. Amir lands the left again and follows it up with a knee. They clinch for a short moment. Brown comes up just short with a knee and Amir connects with a high front kick to Brown’s forehead. Brown connects with looping lefts and rights before Amir trips him to the mat. Brown raises up for a triangle but Amir gets out of it. Not much work from Amir on top. Brown kicks Amir off but Amir hops back on top of him and starts raining down blows. Amir achieves guard but a scramble quickly allows Brown to get on top. However Amir quickly locks on a triangle from the bottom and forces Matt to tap out.

Winner: Amir Sadollah - Submission (Triangle)

White was happy with the bout and commented on how solid Amir’s chin was. Amir admitted that Brown hurt him a few times on the feet, especially with a knee to the body. Brown stated that he wasn’t dissappointed about losing because his friend was victorious and he was able to go out there and give everything he had. Next week’s show looks good as Jeremy May pisses off Jesse, the other quarterfinal fights are apparently solid, and the semifinal matchups are announced.


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